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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by miguelfcp, 19 April 2018.

  1. PRO_TOO

    PRO_TOO Team Heffernan

    25 May 2003
    Rego Park, Germany
    Team Heffernan
    What da....?! Never seen this.
    All the goals look sooo PESish! :D
  2. loco

    loco Schaduwspits

    12 December 2002
    Yeah, the weirdest of facts! Really prophetic from Konami.
  3. WhoAteMeDinner

    WhoAteMeDinner PES Puritan

    28 April 2018
    Nice one @PRO_TOO , football was like PES back then as PES WAS FOOTBALL.

    btw: what is Team Heffernan ?
  4. Fabri55

    Fabri55 Conference

    26 September 2016
    Hi guys, I'm looking for a very good pes 6 patch, 2007-2008-2009 period.
    What's your favourite one?
  5. du0

    du0 Quietly brilliant

    10 October 2008
    Shollym for any given year.
  6. PRO_TOO

    PRO_TOO Team Heffernan

    25 May 2003
    Rego Park, Germany
    Team Heffernan
    I made that up in relation to my avatar pic, Douglas Heffernan, from one of my favorite comedy series “the king of queens”.
  7. Fabri55

    Fabri55 Conference

    26 September 2016
    For sure, but I can't find any link alive :CRY:

    Can you share it?
  8. WhoAteMeDinner

    WhoAteMeDinner PES Puritan

    28 April 2018
    AHH ok, did not know his character's name before, not watched it much. Heffernan is an Irish name. That is why
    I was curious.

    You can guess by my avatar what my all-time favourite show was.

    Last edited: 11 April 2019
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  9. MadbaLL

    MadbaLL Interista per sempre!

    11 February 2008
    "Curva Nord"
    Inter Milan
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  10. fmicablues7

    fmicablues7 Premiership

    15 July 2013
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  11. mattmid

    mattmid Champions League

    15 December 2011
    Time for the Amador International Championship to get underway.

    The Groups have been drawn.

    Group A

    Group B

    Group C

    In a wide open competition the favourites are believed to be Spain with the Irish, Welsh and Italians in with a real chance too. But, if the team hexagons are to be believed, it could be a very tight competition and wide open.

    First Round of Fixtures:

    The game seems to organise a bit of a bizarre next round with 12 teams where the winners of one group play a second place and the other two second places play each other before a semi final so I'm not going to do that. The groups will play out and then I'll set up a semi finals with the three Group winners and the best Second placed team.
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  12. Chenghis.Khan

    Chenghis.Khan WE9

    1 August 2009
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  13. fmicablues7

    fmicablues7 Premiership

    15 July 2013
    I think so, yes. These were the settings i used for PES 2008 a few months ago :

    I have modified some settings since then: now, i play with Direct3D 11 (Hardware) instead of OpenGL (Hardware), 4x Native Resolution (more stable), "Large framebuffer" ticked and 16x Anisotropic Filtering.
    The game looks great with these settings, close enough to the PC versions. The only annoying thing i can not manage to fix is the hair and numbers flickering, but well it's a minor issue.

    Choose the japanese bios though, if not you'll not be allowed to launch WE10.

    You'll find a dedicated editor for WE10 here :
    I guess you know how to export/import the save from pcsx2 ? If not, let me know, i'll gladly explain.
  14. Chenghis.Khan

    Chenghis.Khan WE9

    1 August 2009
    thanks again. I was already using the settings from your old post and everything worked fine for pes 2008 but unfortunately still no widescreen for WE10. Game looks good to me too, just wish the camera could zoom out some more, I've been spoiled by pc games with camera tools.

    editor works fine, now I'm downloading a copy of ps2 we9 for the OF to see if I can import my we9 pc OF into ps2 WE10.

    It's instantly noticeable how much better the AI is in possession compared to WE9 and it doesn't suffer the dribbling fetish that bugs me in PES08. I reduced speed & agility quite a bit and it seems to nerf the AI a lot though, so I don't know... maybe just live with everybody being super arcadey fast and agile and just pretend it's the 80's and they all sniffed a bag of coke before the game?

    Ball control sure is easier than in WE9 but defense still seems powerful, so that's fine. I'll play a bit
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  15. WhoAteMeDinner

    WhoAteMeDinner PES Puritan

    28 April 2018
    That was not just the eighties @Chenghis.Khan , the Bianconeri have a retro sniffle or two I would say. Serie A is just one club walkover for the last eight seasons.

  16. fmicablues7

    fmicablues7 Premiership

    15 July 2013
    That is weird. If i understand correctly, you still have a 4:3 aspect ratio in WE10 even though you set it to 16:9 in the settings ? Yeah, I also miss the camera tool, but well, it's gameplay before anything for me...

    I'm not sure it is possible to import your WE9 OF into WE10.

    Yeah, i also feel the attacking pattern from the CPU are more varied than in PES 2008. I like the fact that the physical play is still there unlike PES 2008 onwards, you can get a lot of fouls in some games. It's funny, i also tried to make global adjustments and came to the same conclusion. The CPU plays much better without the global stats adjustments. At first, i was also put off by the speed of the game, but now after playing about 20 games exclusively on WE10, it doesn't annoy me anymore. It might be "unrealistically" too fast compared to the reality, but as a game it works IMO.

    I came across this, might be worth a try :
  17. mattmid

    mattmid Champions League

    15 December 2011
    Amador International Championship
    (All games Cpu v Cpu)

    The first three games have been played and the tournament is now well under way.

    Portugal v England
    2 mins first chance Garden heads wide for England

    12 mins Niven scores! 1-0 England A cross from the right is headed in by Niven. Pestana gets his hands to it but can't prevent it going in.

    14 mins Dangermen Texeira and Futre combine to play in Oliveira who shoots from a tight angle, saved by the keepers legs rolls across the six yard box but cleared

    17 mins Garden fires in another shot, well saved by Pestana

    28 mins A good ball in but Oliveira heads wide

    31 mins A great body swerve from Texeira takes him past his man and he lets fly from the edge of the box, bringing a great diving save from to prevent what looked like being the equaliser as Portugal begin to get well on top

    41 mins Texeira, making an early claim for player of the tournament, wins a free kick out wide. The kick is swung in but Lopes heads over.

    Half Time. England took a deserved early lead after dominating the opening passages of the game but are now hanging on to that lead as the Portugal midfield begin to control the match.


    50 mins A ball across the box nearly goes in as it deflects first of a defender and then off the back of Pestana in the Portuguese goal only to be hacked clear.

    53 mins A jinking run from Garden sees him send a dangerous looking shot just wide of the post as the early parts of the second half mirror that of the first.

    57 mins Watson does well to beat his man before sending over a cross that is met by Garden with a diving header that cannons off the bar!

    67 mins Jordan sends a shot well wide for England as Portugal begin to throw caution to the wind in an attempt to find an equaliser.

    71 mins A lovely move from Portugal ending with a 1-2 between Futre and Fidalgo that produces a routine save from the England keeper who probably should have been made to work a bit harder there.

    81 mins More good work from Futre but Oliveira is crowded out as he receives the pass on the edge of the area

    84 mins More good play from Portugal leading to a long range shot blocked then after picking up the rebound Oliveira fires a shot wide that he really should have done better with.

    86m mins Fidalgo gets down the right, whips in a cross but Oliveira can only head it in the air and it's catching practice for the keeper

    Full Time Despite constant pressure in the last 25 mins England hold on for the victory.

    MOM J. Congreve (England)

    A great opening game to the tournament


    Spain v Italy

    6 mins and it's the first card of the tournament as Baeza of Spain gets booked for scything down De Brasi.

    14 mins Ruiz of Spain robs Fierro but is forced wide by Semararo. He manages to work a cross but it's headed safely away.

    16 mins Now it's the turn of Orsi of Italy to rob the last defender, he manages to get clear but rushes his shot and sends it wide.

    19 mins Furlan plays it in to Orsi who is crudely brought down. The free kick is sent just over the bar though.

    22 mins Gradi works some space in the area but can only send his shot into the crowd. A good chance wasted their for the tournament favourites.

    26 mins Di Mauro gets in a header for Spain but it's easy for the keeper.

    27 mins Another foul by Spain on the edge of their own box and De Brasi crosses but it evades everyone and goes out for a goal kick.

    33 mins Strong play from Sanchez as he steals the ball in midfield and then sends in a drive that flashes just wide.

    35 mins Libbi gets back brilliantly for Italy to nick the ball off the toe of Navarro who was ready to strike for goal.

    Half Time 0-0 Spain probably just about edging things but finding the Italian defence a tough nut to crack.


    49 mins Delmas heads at goal from a Spain corner but it's straight at the keeper.

    53 mins Baeza sends a long shot wide as Spain start the second half brightly

    55 mins Libbi gets on a loose ball in the Spanish area and hits a good shot on the turn but it's held brilliantly by Cortes

    58 mins A great run by Ruiz who then feeds Navarro, his control lets him down at first but he does get his shot in only to be thwarted by the legs of the keeper.

    62 mins Spain threaten again as Italy have to dig in.

    64 mins The Italian back four holding firm as Spain come at them in numbers

    66 mins Ventura sends a cross over that misses everyone before it gets sent back from the other side only for Ruiz to then head wide. He then gets booked for an earlier tackle to add to his misery.

    74 mins Italy finally get some respite with a free kick they can put into the box. It's met by Furlan but he heads wide.

    76 mins A silly trip by Baeza and he's off!! A second yellow for a needless foul outside the Italian box. Can Italy make Spain pay now?

    80 mins Spain still pushing forward dsepite having 10 men. A shot from sub Blanco is blocked for a corner. The corner breaks to Blanco who beats a man and sends in a powerful shot that brings a great save from Orazi! The rebound is headed goalwards by Ruiz but Di Mauro somehow gets a block on it, however it's still heading goalwards as Semeraro just reacts in time to clear!

    83 mins The first booking for Italy now as Sorrentino picks up a yellow as tempers begin to flare.

    85 mins Italy finally mouting some pressure but can't get into the Spanish box

    89 mins Palmieri fires in a shot that Cortes has to grasp at the second attempt as Italy finally threaten the Spanish goal.

    FT 0-0 What a second half as Spain laid siege to the Italian goal only to go down to 10 men.

    MOM Jiminez (Spain)


    Germany v Belgium

    6 mins Engelbrecht crosses for Beckenbaur who heads over

    8 mins Willems strikes a good shot for Belgium after finding some space but it's well held

    11 mins Willems in behind his full back again crosses for Dereere, who gets in a shot that is deflected wide.

    15 mins A long range shot from Leicher is easily saved as the game goes from end to end

    19 mins A lovely ball over the top from Swaegers find Van Den Voorde but his shot is saved by in the German goal who was out quickly to the striker. The loose ball is hacked away.

    20 mins Two corners in succession for Belgium as they threaten again but can't find a way through the German rearguard.

    22 mins Belgium getting a lot of joy down their right as another cross comes in and is headed away.

    34 mins Crosses continue to rain in at both ends but Centre backs are on top in the air so far

    38 mins Beckenbauer gets his head to another cross but it loops over

    40 mins Beckenbauer again as he hits a drive from the edge of the box that is well saved down low to the keepers left.

    42 mins And it's a moment Van Den Voorde will not want to see again. Willems in again down the right, squared it to Van Den Voorde more or less on the penalty spot and he completely scuffed his effort slowly wide.

    45 mins Gillain in down the right now but drags his shot well wide

    HT 0-0 A wide open game but Germany have to sort out their left side as they could easily have been 3 or 4 down if Belgium had made the most of it.


    54 mins and Goal of the tournament was almost won already there as Engelbrecht swings in a cross that Beckenbauer meets with an overhead kick that strikes the bar with the keeper beaten!!

    55 mins Beckenbauer turns and hits another shot but it's charged down

    57 Now Belgium almost go ahead as Dereere powers a head narrowly over. How this is still 0-0 I don't know.

    60 mins Panic in the Belgian defence as they hack the ball out for a corner under heavy pressure. Schuneman sends over the corner and it's Marz who rises to head home! 1-0 Germany!

    61 mins A half chance for Van den Voorde but his shot is blocked and it's a corner. It drops loose and Van den Voorde tries an overhead kick of his own that just goes over!

    63 mins Willems gets a cross in for Belgium, yet again from the right, Jaric miscues his header and looks very relieved as it finds the keepers hands instead of the net.

    76 mins Englebrecht, despite standing knee high to a grasshopper, does well in the air but the ball is cleared

    81 mins Belgium still causing problems down Germany's left and Picard is played in only to be brought down on the edge of the area. And he's OFF! A straight red for Kolb of Germany who only came on as sub 10 minutes ago. The ref had no choice with Picard clean through. The free kick is wasted though as it's sent high into the crowd.

    84 mins Can Belgium find an equaliser against the ten men of Germany?

    86 mins Englelbrecht dows well again, plays it to Beckenbauer whose shot on the turn is blocked.

    89 mins Picard in down the left, but it's cleared with two Belgium player's waiting either side of the defender.

    FT Germany hang on for a 1-0 victory! Belgium will be rueing their missed chances although

    MOM Maderthaner (Germany)
    Injuries Picard (Belgium) 1 game


    Shots 63 (21)
    On Target 19 (6.33)
    Goals 2 (0.67)
    Fouls 27 (9)
    Corners 13 (4.33)
    Yellows 4 (1.33)
    Reds 2 (0.67)
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  18. Chenghis.Khan

    Chenghis.Khan WE9

    1 August 2009
    Well they do build the clear best squad every year and combine that with rock solid coaching. They do love to get themselves some relentless balls of energy to decorate their midfield, Vidal, (Tevez), Khedira, Matuidi, Can, Stuaro. They love themselves some hard nosed ball winning mids. Felipe Melo & Momo Sissoko before that, Vieira & Emerson in PES6 times and Chiellini's been there the entire time and played with all of them. Somehow they never had Gattuso or Roy Keane. Maybe some need a little sniff just to keep up with that intensity in the locker room?

    thanks for that link! just cutting fps down to 90% makes it absolutely playable with default speed stats.
    Well with the 16:9 setting the screen is stretched wide which looks and especially feels bad. I'd rather play with black bars on the sides. it's ok.
    The OF import didn't work. I have a real ps2 WE9 OF, but WE10 pretends it doesn't exist. I do have many of the 2006 top teams in my OF, though, so it's at least possible to get better stats for some players.

    I mean I get somewhat grossed out seeing 2006 Zidane twisting and turning in circles at the speed of light but better than everyone being a wooden stiff. Speaking of wood, it's soooo vital for me to have these wood chopping AI DMs & CBs that just kill you and happily take the ball once you commit even a small mistake and leave them with a little opening. Football games lose all fun when it's too easy to protect the ball which sadly is the case with later PES titles but here defense is solid, no idea if as good as WE9 but definitely good enough to make me sweat for now.
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  19. WhoAteMeDinner

    WhoAteMeDinner PES Puritan

    28 April 2018
    What PES edition did it become too easy to keep the ball forever ? WE 11 / PES 7 or something ?

    I did not play any PES titles after PES 6 for years, even PES 6 keeping the ball was a bit too easy compared to earlier frenetic games. When I finally started playing PES 2009 (on PC) and PES 2010 (on PlayStation 2), could not believe how Konami had bolloxed up the possession / turnover balance so much.

    Was this a gradual car crash as I suspect ?

  20. Chenghis.Khan

    Chenghis.Khan WE9

    1 August 2009
    started with PES6 iirc, haven't played in about 10 years though.
    Recently tried PES 11 and it was way too easy passing through teams and getting to the edge of the area. Scoring itself was difficult but I want it to feel like an accomplishment when I pin a team back and dominate territory. That was not the case.

    I just played a few games in WE10 with the default ML squad against lower tier Serie A teams from the 2006 season. It's effin' impossible to circulate the ball a bit in the opponents half and I believe I only scored on goalie errors/weak goalkeeping efforts so far. Even with much better teams like Juve I have to both fight and be creative to keep the ball within the final third, although team tactics of that time play a role here.

    Like you I never gave any PES after 6 much of a chance. I played some 09, 10, 11, 13 & 17 but never stuck with any of those for long. 09 & 10 I only played when they were new so I don't remember anything about them really.
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  21. fmicablues7

    fmicablues7 Premiership

    15 July 2013
    Nice to know that ! Is the game easier with this slower speed though ? Well, i'm accustomed to WE10's default speed now, i don't think i really need to use this tweak tbh.
    So maybe i also don't get a "real" 16:9, but it doesn't look/feel bad for me.

    Default Konami Zidane statsheet is overrated anyway. :P But yeah players are maybe a bit too much nimble, but it actually has a great benefit, CPU-controlled players like Messi/Iniesta/Hazard/Neymar/etc... are now really dangerous. I always believed that strength was overpowered compared to dribbling/technique stats in earlier PES editions (PES3/4/5)
    The defense is more solid than in later PES editions, but definitely not as much as in PES5/WE9. Anyway, i still prefer the balance in WE10 than the over-defensive WE9.

    That is a real problem about all the PES since PES 6, PS2/PC/PS3 versions all included.
    I'm really glad you like this game. Have you tried to input some tactics yet ? I believe possession-based tactics will be easier to adapt in this game than in WE9. CPU teams always seem to out-possess me in my Premier League with Chelsea. I left tactics untouched for now.
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  22. miguelfcp

    miguelfcp WYL | Porto

    27 June 2009
    Great stuff there @mattmid. That first German shot on the Germany - Belgium match would have been a contender for the best goal of the competition...
    By the way...what's the stadium? Looks lovely.
  23. mattmid

    mattmid Champions League

    15 December 2011
    @miguelfcp Layer Road, Colchester, it's in rechi's downloads. I thought it was in at the time!
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  24. MafiaMurderBag

    MafiaMurderBag Purist

    3 November 2009
    Liverpool FC
    I think actually once they introduced passing assistance settings last gen it became easier to keep the ball. With PS2 engine passing which basically lasted until PES 2010, passing was still calculated based on stats on context so there was still an element of timing, patience and a little bit of randomness to the possession play which simulated the ebb & flow of a match to be honest. Once they started to give the user a lot more control over the passing with assistance settings and power bars, It's more down to the skills of the player with the controller, more about it being an actual game then a football simulation.

    I never used to have the patience to play the modern games on manual as i found it to dissatisfying but once i started lowering the difficulty and increasing the match length, I found pure manual to be the best way to play the modern games as it presents more of a challenge and you CAN lose possession and you can't score in 3 passes with your eyes close.

    That is, on PES 2019 until the AI get's possession and it's guaranteed counter attack city but that's another story.
  25. WhoAteMeDinner

    WhoAteMeDinner PES Puritan

    28 April 2018
    @MafiaMurderBag , thanks for the excellent feedback on later PES editions, which I stayed away from almost totally.
  26. slamsoze

    slamsoze Premiership

    28 September 2010
    Still my wet dream is, watch you streaming some MyClub/FuT, offering people redeem codes for PES/FIFA coins!!! :P :P
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  27. WhoAteMeDinner

    WhoAteMeDinner PES Puritan

    28 April 2018
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  28. slamsoze

    slamsoze Premiership

    28 September 2010
    You know, they are these online modes, with fictional Trading Card Game teams, where people crowd in the same starting XI: Pele, Maradona, Zidane,Henry, Ronaldo (phenomenon), C. Ronaldo, Neymar, Messi, Luis Suarez, Mbappe, Sane, Mane, Salah, Ronaldinho ,Bale etc :P :P :D :SHOCK:
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  29. miguelfcp

    miguelfcp WYL | Porto

    27 June 2009
    The day I see the Dinner doing such thing, is the day retro-PES dies. Close the Corner, pack your bags, we're done folks :D
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  30. WhoAteMeDinner

    WhoAteMeDinner PES Puritan

    28 April 2018
    @miguelfcp , thanks mate. I would like to think and in fact am certain that many of us here simply wanted PES to evolve vertically in terms of gameplay depth and not in the broad and totally
    skin deep manner it has recent years.

    This is a point I have often made here but will put in more collective terms now. How many of us have finished dead bottom of a Division 2 Master League in many PES saves and thought a Division 3 would be a good addition to the game and be some sort of extra element to squad management as well as onfield tactics ?
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