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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC, PS2, PSP, Wii, DS' started by jammiedodger, 22 August 2011.

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  1. jammiedodger

    jammiedodger Premiership

    26 February 2009
    Now that pes2012 demo has been leaked. Can whoever has played it give it a rating out of 10. Try and play at least five full games before posting your verdict. Not gone below five as if you think it deserves less you're an idiot.
    Last edited: 23 August 2011
  2. nikolapfc89

    nikolapfc89 P.F.C

    7 December 2008
    Novi Beograd
    Partizan Belgrade
    9 For me.
    But i must say.Gameplay,AI,Sound-PERFECT!
  3. RockyJJP

    RockyJJP FIFA fan, PES lover

    24 April 2006
    Johannesburg, South Africa
    Manchester United
    I'd give it more if it wasn't for the inconsistent shooting and wonky goalkeepers
  4. greenmachine

    greenmachine League 1

    5 November 2003
    can't wait for the final version demo
  5. sincover

    sincover Championship

    16 August 2010
    1 point deducted for the shoddy keepers and some issues with the refs.
  6. StayingPower

    StayingPower Premiership

    2 April 2006
    Manchester United
    Great gameplay but poor performance on my high-end pc, hopefully the final version runs better
  7. Deluxe

    Deluxe Championship

    2 September 2005
    Last edited: 23 August 2011
  8. saintric

    saintric Premiership

    9 October 2007
    Hated every next gen version till I just played this its fucking brilliant!

    9/10 only gripes the same as everyone that the shootings a tad too floaty
  9. Flavioggl

    Flavioggl Serie A Tim

    11 December 2007
    Bari, Italy
    9, 2-2 first game at top-player level
  10. pepper63

    pepper63 Nice N Sleazy

    19 May 2005
    Your Sisters Bedroom
    Only One Man Utd.
    Not able to play it properly without a controller but this is a great demo.
  11. Lami

    Lami Niche Football Staff

    28 May 2007
    Man Utd, Vecchia Signora
    Frigging keyboard don't do at all eh. Not sure how to get my 360 or PS3 controller working.
  12. Kashinoda

    Kashinoda Non-League

    23 April 2006
    Best PES since 6... very, very impressed. Well done Konami.
  13. Honome

    Honome The Hated Chatbox Murder

    16 April 2003
  14. DagsJT

    DagsJT Retired Footballer

    29 November 2005
    Wired 360? Just plug it in. Wireless? Buy a wireless receiver, cost me £8 from eBay and works perfectly. In fact the demo is aimed at people using the 360 controller.
  15. Lami

    Lami Niche Football Staff

    28 May 2007
    Man Utd, Vecchia Signora
    Thanks guys. Don't have a wired 360 but managed to use my PS3 controller thanks to motionjoy :)
  16. TjaardA

    TjaardA Conference

    21 July 2005

    Finally a PES on the next gen that I really like. PES 2011 was a good step on the right direction but this one is great ! But they need to fix the goalkeepers(really bad) and the shooting.

    I lost 6 of my 7 games. This one is the first one I managed to score and not to lose.

    I'm Napoli and I play against AC Milan:
    Last edited: 23 August 2011
  17. DagsJT

    DagsJT Retired Footballer

    29 November 2005
    9 for me. Lost marks on goalkeepers being quite poor, shooting SLIGHTLY off and refs very slightly off but expecting all to be improved for full game.
  18. Zakov

    Zakov Championship

    13 June 2004
    I'd probably give an 8/10 so far. Still got some niggles here and there with the keeper and the ref. But still time for KONAMI to fix all that. :D

    Expecting the 2nd demo or full game to rectify the mentioned above, surely then a 9/10.
  19. jonneymendoza

    jonneymendoza Legend

    1 January 2004
  20. superleeds1

    superleeds1 72 Veteran Staff

    16 July 2004
    Gods County
    LUFC O.K.
    8.5 for me, but that will improve once I am less useless at it.
    Have had some real thrashings.Its a very different ball game now.
    What a base to build on.
  21. campeador

    campeador League 2

    12 January 2009
    8 for me. I dont think this game is "perfect". perfect is when we dont talk about shooting and goalkeeping. And many more.
  22. pes2012gonbegood

    pes2012gonbegood Banned

    16 August 2011

    Some really nice things added, the gameplay feeling is much better, everything looks much more realistic and soccer alike, only a few issues remain:

    -Player turning speed vs Ball speed is not balanced, one realistic on -1 and the other on 0-1.
    -No feeling of player acceleration, seems like when the player reacts they start running on top speed instantly, very odd
    -Lob shoots need to be higher

    Thats about it

    PES 2011 was a 5 btw, finished full game too.
  23. shoemaker

    shoemaker Banned

    3 October 2010
    Shooting is one of the main things about the game which needs to be good :(
  24. Thypari

    Thypari League 2

    5 October 2009
    I give it a 7.

    Positive aspects:
    - plays much better than pes2011

    Negative aspects:
    - fast players who can dribble (e.g. Robinho) are nearly unstoppable if you can handle them.
  25. drag

    drag Non-League

    23 August 2011
    way overrated, get back to peS6 and realize how itS Still much SMother and feelS right, in peS2012 you dont feel you control the ball and player, it juST doeStn feel right for SOme reaSOn, i really tried to like it, but i juST played 2 gameS and quit...juST like 2011, 10,09, 08... Sadly itS the Same faulty engine
  26. VaskeKtz

    VaskeKtz Non-League

    3 August 2010
    Belgrade, Serbia
    Red Star
    Animations, graphic, cut scenes, formation menu, reefere,sound - 9

    AI - 10

    Goal keepers - 5
  27. mr_man

    mr_man League 1

    20 October 2008
    Wow, nostalgia has you in chains bud.
  28. drag

    drag Non-League

    23 August 2011
    Well, i bet you have not played peS6 for years, you probably forget how it used to be like...
  29. shoemaker

    shoemaker Banned

    3 October 2010
    I played PES6 the other day and it feels as old as it is. Dated.
  30. kouroux

    kouroux I have no imagination

    24 July 2005
    Manchester United
    7 due to the poor shooting and retarded keepers.Other than that, very good stuff

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