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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by Lami, 28 August 2018.

  1. broxopios

    broxopios mind the trap

    14 February 2004
    AEK Athens
    Yeah i agree about turf. I don't like it too.

    But fortunately (i'm on pc too), i use a turf mod from editing section ( and it works for online games. Not only friendlies but ranked MyClub too. Moreover work scoreboard and ball mods.

    Sorry for the tiny offtopic.
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  2. Emroth

    Emroth Champions League

    18 August 2018
    I think turf should be dynamic. If its too green and too ideal it doesnt look good either. It should wear down over time, around GK area especially. Smaller stadiums and smaller leagues should have a bit worse pitch conditions than big teams. Seasons should affect it too.

    But hey, let them sort out the game first before we focus on cosmetics.. by the looks of it there is only 3 of them working on the game and one rang in sick.. :LOL:
  3. Lami

    Lami Niche Football

    28 May 2007
    Man Utd, Vecchia Signora
    Rising shuutoooooooooo!
  4. Lami

    Lami Niche Football

    28 May 2007
    Man Utd, Vecchia Signora
  5. Dennis_87

    Dennis_87 Championship

    27 September 2017
    I don't know man..i don't see something extraordinary in these clips sorry..
    The only thing you could say is that some long shots go in more easily but that's just because the goalkeeper reacts slowly and a bit unrealistic in my opinion.And in some cases he ducked!! lol
    Also to me everything from movement to the way they shoot just looks much more stiff and limited.
    It reminded me why i was playing more Fifa 16 over Pes 17 back then.

    I agree that in 19 it's more difficult to score from far mainly because they did the goalkeepers very good.
    But it's still possible especially with good players.I have a very good team in myClub and i've scored many screamers.
    In 19 when i see a shot on replay in slow motion i see the ball curves more to a side many times and goes wide.It feels more free.I'm talking about normal shoots,not with R2.
    Here every shoot looks like a straight bullet.
    Not to mention the nets physics which make a goal much more beautiful and satisfying in 19.

    I don't know if it's the bad youtube quality but that just looks poor to me and makes me appreciate the smoothness and fluidity of 19 even more honestly.
    But anyway,everyone has his preferences and if it's better and more enjoyable for you then all good.

    Also @Emroth ,about the dipping shots you say you see in 17,are you reffering to when the ball comes to you in mid air after the opponent clears a corner for example and you shoot it first time or after a chest control?Because yeah these exist in 17 and previous also.But i was talking about dipping shots when the ball is on the ground.Kinda like Rashford shoots many times in real life.I'm pretty sure that these particular ones are implemented in 19 for the first time.These are the ones that they refer as Dipping Shots that they added in 19.The other ones where the ball is in the air when you hit it are in the game for many years now.
  6. Dennis_87

    Dennis_87 Championship

    27 September 2017
    How do you add this?With sider?So is it true that mods added with sider work online also?
    Or you add it over some official konami cpk?
    Because if you add it as a normal unofficial cpk in download folder with dpfilelist generator,then it doesn't let you find opponents online and you can't play.
  7. tosser

    tosser Conference

    10 June 2018
    Fair enough if you don't like the goals I can't change your mind. Yeah there's a lot of straight power shots in there but there's also at least 2 finesse shots and 2 dipping shots so I think i've showed my point well enough.

    Next question is how many of those spots would you expect to score from in PES19? 0 would be my conservative estimate.

    I've lost count of the times I've been bearing down on goal with a 90+ player under no pressure whatsoever while the defence retreats almost to the goal line inviting the shot, which somehow still manages to pick the keeper out or go just wide. Shooting from outside the area is 9 times out of 10 just a waste of possession. Also played 4 seasons and never scored a rising or dipping shot. Never seen a single one taken by the AI either
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  8. Emroth

    Emroth Champions League

    18 August 2018
    @Dennis_87 yes, I was referring mostly to volley shots. So you might be right about shots from the ground.
    Nonetheless, like our previous colleague noticed, they are so rare in Pes19 that I cant really see a reason to count them as something special. I havent scored one either, not to mention AI who never even attempted one.

    As for @tosser goals compilation - id say half of them are near to impossible on Pes19, especially R2 curles from long distance. But its not really the goals that make 17 special to me. Its the failures, the flops and unpredictability when you take the shot. Sometimes seeing players bottling the shot completely is more fun to watch than a goal. And you dont get many of those on 19..
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  9. broxopios

    broxopios mind the trap

    14 February 2004
    AEK Athens
    Read the instructions. I didn't touch the cpk file.
  10. superleeds1

    superleeds1 72 Veteran Staff

    16 July 2004
    LUFC O.K.
    No more PC modding discussion in this thread please.Why do that.
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  11. slamsoze

    slamsoze Premiership

    28 September 2010
    Anyone else tried ML after DP5?Gameplay wise?
    Installed it last weekend but it messed a lot in my OF in Asia section and since next week there will be DP5.1 or whatever, I am lazy as sheet to start working to fix teams,leagues,rosters etc.
    Seems I will wait until end of a May, when they will stop LU support.
  12. PRO_TOO

    PRO_TOO Team Heffernan

    25 May 2003
    Rego Park, Germany
    Team Heffernan
    yeah, would like to know that too!
    just cant find time to play 2019. always busy with the cowboy game or the 2 year old version of PES.

    would love to see more AI variety in ML... if it happens now ill go back and play it. otherwise ill stick with the cheap version i got a few days ago.

    edit: is there an option to comment "@all" and all our users get a notice!? :LOL:
    just kidding! ;)
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  13. Absep

    Absep Non-League

    23 September 2018
    So earlier on in the year, I got sick of 19, after about a month. I thought that Fifa was better. But they patched that and made it not so good again.

    I came in and out for a few games, between red dead and Spiderman.

    I came back to pro last week when the patch came. I find this game too easy on professional. Anything above and it is just so frustrating. I understand that a game needs to be hard on the higher levels. But the implementation of this is so annoying . The level of scripting on this game is insane. The ai score the same goals over and over. It's so frustrating because I a few good moments in games. Scored some nice goals only for the ai to score the same low cross goals late in games almost every time I'm winning. I can't play more than three games at a time without getting annoyed and turning it off. Games are supposed to be fun not rage inducing.

    That with the same stale boring ml and bal make the game shocking for the year 2019.

    I will for the first time waiting to read people on here's thoughts on the game before i buying this year. And I have been buying it day one since the PS1 days
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  14. Alx1234

    Alx1234 Championship

    26 July 2018

    When I was on PESfan I used to think that konami might just read the forum so I set about creating some polls like :
    "Will you buy PES 201x?" or tallying up reports of lag cheaters to try and help konami understand where they could improve.

    It turned out I was kind of correct about there being konami influence on the forum
    1. curdstar announced his ties to Bhatti
    2. instead of working with the feedback/ideas on the forum, pesfan got shutdown (users were highly critical of pes at the time)

    I wonder if some similar poll (or an at-a-glance visual reference of player's opinions) would work well as this seems to be an independent forum and I think many players have congregated here following the shutdown of their forums?
  15. Rodchenko

    Rodchenko Championship

    12 November 2009
    Berlin, Germany
    FC Bayern
    One more thing on that, if I may: I do understand that modding discussions shouldn’t be had here. That said, I never understood the separation into separate PC/console threads. I am a PC player but I mostly hang out here because that’s where people talk about gameplay mostly and not just technical stuff. And gameplay-wise (vanilla at least) there is almost no difference between platforms.

    A split into online/offline discussions would appear much more logical to me as these two are clearly different experiences and player types

    Just sayin’
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  16. Rodchenko

    Rodchenko Championship

    12 November 2009
    Berlin, Germany
    FC Bayern
    Question to those of you who have different MLs running: do you sense a difference in gameplay between individual leagues? I am having the feeling that Serie A is much slower than Premiership but it could be either placebo, different stages in the campaign or the difference in tactics.
  17. Absep

    Absep Non-League

    23 September 2018
    I was a member of wenb. They had feedback sections for all the games. Bhatti was saying that they would be sent to Konami because he had links to them. But none of it ever made any changes to the game. Either Konami wouldn't or couldn't implement the changes. Some of which were basic stuff that had been broken for years. In my eyes they won't make the changes because the stupid micro transaction my club is making tjem money. If those modes get banned then I think they will stop making it.

    In terms of modes. I have the ao tennis game. The gameplay is not great but they do have the following:

    1 download any tennis player from the community within the game.
    2. Download any stadium from the same place in the game.
    3 trophy presentation when you win .
    4. Coin toss

    Since pes 14 the stadium creator has been gone. Adam said they got a cease and desist from ea. Which I think is bull. What really happened was that they had the new engine and they couldn't implement it. So they blamed ea.

    The games from 2011 to 13 were the best and most in-depth modes we have had .Since the new engine, they have all been empty and boring.

    I habe also been playing F1 2018 a but and thay career mode has more depth in the first few hours with interviews cutscenes and more. When that came out a few years ago on the PS4 it was a bare bones but they added to it every year and now it's unreal.

    Mean while we have modes that were better on the PS2. We have a game with no penalties. We have a game getting worse every year, where basic broken things have not been fixed .it's not because they can't it's because they won't change it.
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  18. Emroth

    Emroth Champions League

    18 August 2018
    I personally dont think there is any difference. I played ML in spain, italy, holland, fake bundesliga, england and Scotland. It might feel bit slower or more physical at the start (felt it most in scotland), but when AI momentum/script/boost/insanity hits - its all the same. Same goals, same ping pong passing, same 90th min AI goals.
    There is no difference between Barcelona and Dundee.
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  19. losslesscompression

    losslesscompression Championship

    1 December 2010
    I think the game is bit weightier and the pass is less precise after the latest patch, which is good thing IMO.
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  20. gabe.paul.logan

    gabe.paul.logan Golden Boot Winner

    7 January 2007
    I think just to talk about any hardware/opsys related issues.
  21. LGuitar

    LGuitar Non-League

    3 March 2019
    Is it possible to unlearn a player skill once a player has acquired the said skill. I want Pogba to have Cut Behind & Turn but I can't give it to him as his player skill slots are maxed out.
  22. slamsoze

    slamsoze Premiership

    28 September 2010
    If we are talking about ML , no, it is not.
  23. Alx1234

    Alx1234 Championship

    26 July 2018
    Just out of curiosity - what is the limit on skill slots?
  24. slamsoze

    slamsoze Premiership

    28 September 2010
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  25. Emroth

    Emroth Champions League

    18 August 2018
    As I usually play with crap teams and players - i didnt even know something like "skills limit" exists.. thats ridiculous.
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  26. Rodchenko

    Rodchenko Championship

    12 November 2009
    Berlin, Germany
    FC Bayern
    Yeah, I get that, but this could perhaps be delegated to a specific “tech” forum.

    Thing is, I learned most of the things about the game and how to play it from the console thread. If I would have stuck to the PC discussion in tune with my platform of choice, I would probably not play it anymore.
  27. Emroth

    Emroth Champions League

    18 August 2018
    I see @Rodchenko point there.

    From pure gameplay perspective there is equally big gap between online and offline, as it is between PC and consoles.
    On the other hand - where do we draw the line? People playing with all the mods would see AI behaving differently and would like to discuss it.
    So personally id leave it as it is, have PC and Consoles thread, but I would add offline/online threads.
  28. vxcmplx

    vxcmplx League 1

    11 May 2011
    As I've been playing I forgot about this too lol

    The ball spin is so impressive. I remember seeing this in FIFA 17 demo. By ball spin, I mean if the ball takes a deflection and flies away high above, when it hits the ground, u can now actually see that the spin would transfer into the contact and the ball would change direction unpredictably. This is SO WELL DONE. Organic deflections are great in this game. Tho I only noticed this upon the winter update.
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  29. Elanimator

    Elanimator Fool Manual

    5 November 2017
    Ball physics is good majority of the time..:TU:
    but when scripting/shit kicks in, physics and logic are ignored!:TD:

    I know these are just bugs and some are less extreme than others, but happens too often.
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  30. slamsoze

    slamsoze Premiership

    28 September 2010
    No physics when you are destined to concede a goal son! Sorry! :)
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