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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by Lami, 28 August 2018.

  1. rojofa

    rojofa League 1

    15 September 2017
    For me the mode is still a shit idea that list is useless unless you add one more thing to it;

    - No coins/microtransactions to help acquire players (directly or indirectly).

    Completely unrealistic to expect that with the way football games are going, but to me it's an absolute disgrace that we have allowed them to be able to get away with making this normal.

    Let people pay for cosmetics like stadiums/kits/boots/balls if they want, but any pay-to-win elements should never be accepted.
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  2. jameslv1986

    jameslv1986 League 2

    4 November 2009
    I went back and played PES 2017, and as posters have said it’s single player is far more enjoyable than PES 2019, the AI actually dribble against you and shoot from range etc and also make good runs. It’s a bit quicker but I dropped the game speed done.

    It’s by no means perfect but compared to PES 2019 it’s far better.
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  3. Emroth

    Emroth Champions League

    18 August 2018
    Best part of 17 is that it grows on you over time. Been playing it over a month now and it just gets better and better.
    Ball physics and feeling on the ball - things that are very solid on 19 and initially feel worse on 17 are fading over time. Once you get used to dribbling and player response again - as a package its far superior game to 19.
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  4. chiefrocka4real

    chiefrocka4real Champions League

    30 August 2013
    many :)
    Agreed. But since EA with BF 2 and some other games like Rainbow Six, CS:GO, where you can only upgrade cosmetics like weapon skins etc, there might be a change anytime in the future sooner or later.
    Belgium already made a start, didn´t they?

    But seeing how big the FUT market of the other game is, it´s logic that KONAMI wanted to get on the same track.
    Bummer though, as I really liked the original Master League online, which came with PES 2011.
  5. elloco

    elloco League 1

    19 November 2013
    read so many about PES 2017... will give it a try, any chance to get actually rosters ?
  6. hitmanuk

    hitmanuk International

    23 October 2002
    Ive downloaded the PS4 crypter tool and theam editor tool. It must be a lot quicker in EXCEL compared to in game editor so going to give it a go. PES 2017 is superb - this was the year i switched back to PES and i can see why - it is so repsonsive, so physical too and it has much more random things happening on the pitch. Last night i scored two deflected goals against Barca and the whole situation leading up to them wouldnt happen at all in 19
  7. rogers150862

    rogers150862 League 2

    29 March 2006
    Man Utd
    Please can you share link for these tools
  8. MafiaMurderBag

    MafiaMurderBag Purist

    3 November 2009
    Liverpool FC
    I'm very tempted to go back and give 17 a try. At least it'll be very cheap now, maybe no more than a couple of quid.

    17 was probably the last time i was truly blown away by the variation and AI in modern PES. '18 & '19 have had decent improvements, sure but definitely seemed watered down in terms of dramatic feeling and the AI feeling like a real player.
  9. hitmanuk

    hitmanuk International

    23 October 2002
    one of them is in the pes 2017 editing section on this forum. The decypter i just searched on google
  10. Chuny

    Chuny GFX MOD Staff

    I find it quite ironic how the best part of PES 2019 is the one they never talked about. They never mentioned it as a feature or as an improvement and whatnot: Ball Physics.
    I know it has been discussed a lot in here but I think they've knocked it out of the park in this regard, really. It's impressive to see how realistically the ball behaves.

    Isn't it ironic that the features they announce with chimes and bells and get talked about so much pre and after E3 and Gamescom aren't so good or even notorious at all? - Sometimes they aren't even in the game (*cough*Dynamic Weather*cough*) yet arguably the best one (because it's so well executed, something so simple yet so hard to study and predict as a ball) since they moved to FOX Engine in PES 2014 was never really payed attention to, in terms of spotlight?.
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  11. Chuny

    Chuny GFX MOD Staff

    Sorry, I forgot to say one of the main reasons I wrote my previous post:

    If you play PES 2017 then 2018 and finally 2019, two or three matches at each game you can how far they've come with ball physics. I don't think they could have done that without real determination beforehand. Like "OK, we need to take THIS to the next level for PES 2019". The difference in just that aspect alone is HUGE between 2018 and 2019. They couldn't just have done that by chance. It had to be something they focused on when laying out the strategy and brain storming before they started working in PES 2019. Yet they weren't vocal about it. They said nothing.

    I'm sorry, this might be a small thing to you but it's very interesting to me.
    They announced brand new shooting-mechanics based on body positioning as one of the main new features (on the official website, at E3, at Gamescom, with videos, etc). But when you play the game you can barely spot the difference. Yet something so important and vital as how the ball behaves was probably too small for them to brag about.

    I think it's very telling...
    We should think about all this when things start to unravel in just a few months.
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  12. Emroth

    Emroth Champions League

    18 August 2018
    Sorry, @Chuny , whats your point?
    I agree with you, 100%, ball physics was improved and the things they bragged about were mostly useless or already present in previous versions.
    But what does it tell me? Apart from the fact that Konami doesnt know how to sell their own game, or even understand the biggest strenghts of their own product.
  13. Chuny

    Chuny GFX MOD Staff

    It should tell you where NOT to look, which is whichever way they want you to look at.
  14. Jimi_Zuko

    Jimi_Zuko Jimi Zuko

    20 January 2003
    That’s why what ever they say from now on you can’t believe them, that’s not right to give false information to get preorders bunch of crooks and a spit in the face to the fans.
  15. Dennis_87

    Dennis_87 Championship

    27 September 2017
    Man i hate these fucking ugly yellow spots and scratches all over the default pitch that they've added this year.
    Pitches in real life,at least for good and medium leagues,never look shit and damaged like these unless there was a very heavy weather or something but that's rare.

    I remember last summer when they announced the Schalke deal,they showed some pics where their people went to Schalke's stadium to take pics of the pitch to implement into the game.This was in winter because they all wore heavy clothes in the pics and the stadium pitch was damaged from heavy weather.
    So i guess they just took that and implemented it in every stadium in the game.If they just went there in spring,we wouldn't have this issue now lol.

    I'm on pc so i can use other pitch for offline but what about online which i play the most?
    Because if i add a cpk in Download folder then i can't play online.
    Anyone knows if i open the cpk in Data folder which contains the pitch files and replace them with others,will this work for online?Because i know that you can have faces and tattoos for online if you add them in this way or if you add them in an official dlc cpk.But unofficial cpks don't work online.Has anyone tried this with the pitch?

    Also anyone knows if you add these things with sider,can you have them online then?I think that i read somewhere that sider is online compatible but i don't know as i'm using dpfilelistgenerator only.Anyone know if it works or not?

    Sorry for posting here and not in pc section,but i wanted to make a general statement also about the pitch this year that's why i posted it here.

    The pitch in 18 was much better for my taste.The good thing is that they tend to change these things a little like pitch and player models every year,so i hope they'll improve it for 20.
    I want better beautiful pitch without ugly marks and more athletic less fatass player models with big waist and hips.
    In general they look good but they made the waist and hips-butt area bigger that it should.Also it doesn't help that the shorts look and behave like they're made out of cement and barely move or bend.They should really introduce some proper cloth physics ffs at some point.
  16. Emroth

    Emroth Champions League

    18 August 2018
    I dont know who makes marketing decisions, PR decisions and all other decisions in this company.
    You are definetely right about ball physics.
    Altho I wouldnt say Huge difference, coz Pes ball physics was always one of the strongest points in the game. But stuff they bragged about is borderline laughable. Even if we dismiss the things that werent delivered at all, like dynamic lightning..

    Pre Season tournament? First of all - it was in Pes18. Second of all - absolutely ridiculously implemented feature, as you play these huge teams regardless of what team you pick

    Dipping shots/rising shots? Both present on 18 and 17, just unnamed. Plus you can see them much more frequently on 17 or 18 due to better shot variety

    Penalty specialist? Wow, fucking awesome. Now I have a specialist, who I can use for something that doesnt exist in the game..

    Basically the only thing, that was worth mentioning and that made the difference, was visible fatigue, as we finally started getting in-game injuries.
    (Unfortunately even that was nerfed with patches)

    I remember that I was really confused, when I was reading all the "new features" of 19. I thought it was just poor translation and they are trying to describe some new things, just dont know how to describe it.
  17. Dennis_87

    Dennis_87 Championship

    27 September 2017
    I don't remember seeing any dipping or rising shots in 17 or 18 personally.Maybe you can post a video?
    Also i think shot variety and trajectories are better and more realistic in 19 and there is more error also.
    It has improved in that aspect in my opinion.Not as much as i would want,but still.
    This Fox engine seems like it has strong limitations for things like shooting.
    I think we won't see serious improvement until a new engine arrives.
  18. Elanimator

    Elanimator Fool Manual

    5 November 2017
    I can't stand the default turf too.:BRICK:
    I play online friendly, and turf mods are playable. I use Endo enhanced turf installed via dpfilelist.
    Before DLC5, I can use ptepatch cpks so that I there are real kits for the top leagues in online friendly matches.
    On DLC5, I can't get the kits to work online, only offline.:RANT:
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  19. Emroth

    Emroth Champions League

    18 August 2018
    Unless its a really nice goal i dont record anything. Im not a big video editor/poster and using only my mobile. Its a pain in the hole to record and upload things.
    So you'll just have to believe me... or not.
    Im eazy either way.

    But if you think that shot variety and outcomes improved with Pes19, then maybe you can post video compilation of different shots and outcomes in Pes19 and 17/18.
    Coz this is one big bold statement and one of the main reason I play Pes17 for the last month, not Pes19.
  20. Dennis_87

    Dennis_87 Championship

    27 September 2017
    Yeah i guess it works with online friendly only as you say because it's not competitive and there's no points etc.
    But i only play myClub not friendly.And if you use normal cpk then it won't let you find an opponent to play.
    Some sort of anti-cheat measurement of Konami i guess but it's ridiculous.How would i cheat if i just add some faces,turfs etc?That's why i'm searching for a solution to this to be able to enjoy these things in myClub also.
    I think that if you add these things in official dlc cpks or in Data folder cpks then you can have them online normally because the game recognizes it as a part of an official cpk and not as an unofficial that maybe you added to cheat or something.
  21. kernowdoc

    kernowdoc Court In Session...

    13 November 2011
    Green Army
    What's the point of decent ball physics when the game play and shooting, in particular, is dull as ditchwater? Not to mention the farcical state of the players stats system that robs Pes of it's heart and soul.
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  22. Elanimator

    Elanimator Fool Manual

    5 November 2017
    I see. That might be the reason, I'm not able to enter some rooms(or other fails to connect with my room). There's an error.
    And one time, I was playing with someone and we always disconnect, he asked me if I use patch. I said yes, then he didn't say anything. Maybe he thought, I understood that it's the reason we're getting DC. haha.

    Will try to play without any patch and I'll know if it's the cause of error.
    But then, I'll be back to using the ugly pitch!:BRICK:

    Will also test adding in official CPK.
    Last edited: 11 April 2019
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  23. Dennis_87

    Dennis_87 Championship

    27 September 2017
    Yeah i'm also not a video editor guy and i never record anything myself.
    It's not a point if i believe you or not,it's just that i never saw that particular animation the player makes when he takes a dipping shot and the ball actually dips for example,before 19.And i've played hundreds of hours in 18.In 17 less but also many hours.Rising shots also.I'm pretty sure they've added this in 19 for the first time.But they don't occur very frequently in the game.

    Maybe because you only play the cpu and it always makes the same top corner shots etc it gives you the impression that there's no variety and outcomes.But i pay attention at my shots in replays and vs other users because i play 95% online and i'm seeing a bit more variety in trajectories than last years and surely more error.I remember last years you could only miss the target by centimeters most of the time,it was more assisted.Now i'm seeing the ball going wide 2-3 meters or even near the corner flag in some cases if you shot from very wide angle with bad body position and timing.
    It feels more free and stat based.Not by much as i said because there are engine limitations and general stiffness still.But there is a bit of improvement in my opinion.Kinda like the PA1 this year is a bit more free than last years.The same goes for shooting i think.
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  24. Emroth

    Emroth Champions League

    18 August 2018
    I think the whole shooting is more complex and it cant be summarised by simple "shot variety" statement.
    I agree with you that there is more animations on 19. I would also probably be inclined to agree that there is more trajectories, due to improved ball physics.

    But, IMO, they made it more complex and more simple at the same time.

    18 was a weird mutation between 17 and 19.
    So lets forget 18 and rocket shots for the moment (because I agree that there was far less error there) and focus on 17 Vs 19.

    And lets take initial stage of shot: Ball-Player contact.
    In 19 I feel I just have to press the button, and animation will do the rest for me. Most of the shots go on target, or close to it.
    In 17, if I dont press the button at the right time, I can have a total flop. I've seen complete misses, where player fell without even touching the ball, or sky high shots, that went almost straight up in the air.
    Due to better response and the ball being separate entity, shots are much more unpredictable on 17. You never know if you will have an absolute screamer, or an absolute fail.

    Then, on the other side you have end result. We all know how difficult is to score from long range on 19. After few patches long range goals just stopped.
    In 17 I feel like I can have an attempt from pretty much anywhere on the pitch. IF I hit it right, there is a decent chance for scoring a screamer, or at least forcing GK to parry it, giving me a chance to tap it in.
    (In 19 GK very rarely deflect the ball ahead, 90% of the time its out for a corner)

    Dipping shots might not have same animation, but ball trajectory, the actual "dip" of the ball was there before.

    I agree with you about more freedom in passing. But for some strange reason, the ball felt more free and random in 17. Especially when it comes to shots. The spectrum of possibilities and outcomes was much wider.

    They might look pretier on 19 and they might have more animations, but there is very little unpredictability there.

    And all this is only from user perspective.
    AI is another story, not even worth mentioning.

    But hey, this is all my personal opinion.
    The whole Pes mechanics are a mystery to me sometimes and all I can go by are my feelings there. This game is build out of some really weird elements..
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  25. rockstrongo

    rockstrongo World Cup Winner

    25 August 2006
    This is the freedom I want in Pes.
    I've tried this a billion times in Pes since probably 15.
    Always have been a no go,if you pull it off half decent,CPU will catch you as revenge/scripting.

    I've been close on FIFA recently,and I will pull it off sometime.
    It's not the trick itself,it's the freedom I'm after.
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  26. slamsoze

    slamsoze Premiership

    28 September 2010
    I think this involves much of individuality of a genius likes Dennis Bergkamp. What i share as a wish every year in promo-period, is a goal like this below, which i would like to see happen in PES, where the defending team did everything correct and still conceded the goal.
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  27. tosser

    tosser Conference

    10 June 2018
    If TIF would have continued it would be the best on the market now. The whole package had the feel of being created by true football fans.
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  28. tosser

    tosser Conference

    10 June 2018
    @Dennis_87 have to agree with old Emroth about the shooting. I wrote PES 19 off in November mainly due to the poor/limited shooting animations, trajectories and outcomes.

    Here are some of the best goals I scored in PES2017. I have never managed anything like them in 19.

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  29. rockstrongo

    rockstrongo World Cup Winner

    25 August 2006
    Holy shit!
    Proper goal!
    I Counter with a clip from my team Hammarby and Linus Hallenius (Puskas award nominee 2010)

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  30. PRO_TOO

    PRO_TOO Team Heffernan

    25 May 2003
    Rego Park, Germany
    Team Heffernan
    I paid 78 cents (shipping was 3 euro) not 2 weeks ago. Used, good conditions. When it arrived: not a single scratch.
    Best thing: ML against AI is fun!

    Have a look over here, the 2017 thread:

    Let’s take the discussion there folks!
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