FIFA 19 Demo Impressions

Discussion in 'FIFA' started by Redhat, 13 September 2018.

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  1. Bond!JamesBond!

    Bond!JamesBond! PS2 PES Greatness

    19 October 2013
    North America
    Chelsea FC
    the only thing i set to manual is player switching, i dislike full manual because i believe in purely stat based football games.
  2. Joonloop

    Joonloop FUMA

    27 March 2018
    Northern Ireland
    Then why do you play with assistance lol.

    Full manual is the only way to play pure stat based football in Fifa.

    People are so misinformed on this apparently..
  3. Bond!JamesBond!

    Bond!JamesBond! PS2 PES Greatness

    19 October 2013
    North America
    Chelsea FC
    how, explain if you're input comes into play, how does your football player have full impact of the outcome? like shooting press once to take shoot and again for accuracy, that's your input working with football players. Not purely the football players stats
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  4. Joonloop

    Joonloop FUMA

    27 March 2018
    Northern Ireland
    They don't. This is a video game and video games require user input, so user input will always have an effect to some degree.

    If you want truly "full impact" or truly "pure stats" then you would want to watch two AI teams play out a simulation match where you're just watching. That would be pure stat based in the most ultimate form, if you want to go that far. But I don't think anyone wants that, at least not in the realms of talking about video games.

    My point was just that full manual is more stat based than assisted, because there are less layers between the outcome of stats. Like this:

    Full manual: User input + stats = outcome

    Assisted: User input + assistance + stats = outcome

    So full manual is the purest, most stat-based method available in how to play FIFA.

    I don't understand what you mean by this.
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  5. yagami

    yagami Conference

    29 November 2003
    Well ... just played some games, first with some problems with the controller ( worked on 16, 17, 18 but not 19 ) and with VSYNC on. Found it was very weird and unplayable. Then fixed the controller thing ( with xbox controller emulator ) and disabled VSYNC. It was night and day .... from super weird animations, now they are very nice animations, really like it.

    Gameplay wise, loved it, but I played with SLOW speed and 8 minutes ( the locale.ini hack ). Just lost a game, where the AI team was paying 50-50 until it scored a corner goal. It was very noticeable the "park the bus" play and go for counter attack.

    Seen alot of things to like, but usually takes a few more games to find the bads ( although with 18 was much easier :P almost didn't played FIFA 18 and barelly touched PES ... hopefully this year wont be so bad).

    So far, definitly the best FIFA I ever played. So, seems this year going to FIFA for me ( started playing FIFA instead of PES in FIFA 16 )
  6. Bond!JamesBond!

    Bond!JamesBond! PS2 PES Greatness

    19 October 2013
    North America
    Chelsea FC
    full manual is the purest, not true because full manual overpowers the stats. passing with best passer in world on manual can still end up a bad pass every time if your a bad player. you can miss every shot with Messi if you try. My point is manual > stats.

    But i see your logic too.
  7. Joonloop

    Joonloop FUMA

    27 March 2018
    Northern Ireland
    I disagree. Full manual just gives full 360 degree options to the player, and the stats determine how well your choices are enacted.

    I would say that assistance overpowers the stats because it inherently limits your options. This leads to situations where, for example, in-game Messi is literally incapable of making the creative passes that he can make in real life due to the assistance limiting his options. Assistance literally restricts the best player in the world from playing the ball just to the left or right of his teammates, for example.

    Firstly, this is an argument about realism, not necessarily about stats.

    I agree a terrible user can make Barca play like they never would in real life. But that is just the natural concession of playing a video game with user input. And your argument does not only apply to passing nor even full manual, it applies to literally every element on the pitch and also assisted controls - do you argue against a bad user making bad dribbles with Messi? Making bad decisions and shooting from 50yards instead of passing to the open Suarez? Passing back to the goalkeeper when he facing an open net? Making stupid from-behind tackles and getting sent off in the first 5 minutes?

    If you extend your argument to it's logical conclusion then you would be arguing for taking away user control from everything so that the game plays out realistically. And this goes back to what I was saying earlier - if you truly want "pure stats" then you would want to not play the game at all and instead just have a simulation play out.
  8. Daisuk

    Daisuk Yiddo

    22 October 2002
    Tottenham Hotspur
    Been thinking the same.
  9. aussiepesfan

    aussiepesfan Premiership

    17 April 2002
    I definitely consider myself to be a pes fanboy n old school pes player since the snes n64 ps2 days. And although ill always buy each new ver of PES, and a huge supporter of KONAMI, its not to say im always happy with their product. Eg. Pes 15,16 and 17 were all versions i only played for about 3-4 months before going back to pes5 n 6 + updated patching. I do try fifa every demo wise ...and i ended up buying and sticking with fifa12 (which i much preferred to the look and feel of pes11 n 12 at the time), but i also got into the fifa16 demo...loved the female games in particular...loved the pace point i actually bought the game. Actually really enjoyed fifa 16..oh..n also ended up buying fifa 14. That was pretty good.

    Now..played fifa 17 n 18 demos. Hated both as both just didnt have the 'realistic' look n 'weighty' feel of players on the ball including ball physics. So..onto fifa19. Installed the ps4 version last night. .played 2 games. Deleted it, and immediately loaded up pes19 to get my fix...full manual superstar playing around.with the bundesliga OF..cant for life of me beat RB Leipzig..
    Anyways, nah, right away i know fifa19 is not for me. Only have time for one game and for me pes has the immediate fundementals at far greater level than fifa atm. Im saying pes has better more realistic player physics ...including movement, and ball physics...which provides a more realistic feel. I cant go past this fact, before even looking, tactics presentation liscensing etc. And before anyone says i need to give it more of a chance...well, i say not with the look n feel u dont of the games u dont. As u can biggest focal point for a football sim is how it plays on the pitch...particularly the control mechanics (ease, feel n response) to be able have max control in the ball, with this transferring to how the game also looks (animations, the way the ball responds). Seems to me Konami have a simpler system..that just feels good. Not as complicated as fifas. I think thats fifas problem...too complicated in its control scheme before actually getting the fundementals right. The frostbyte engine surely has something to do with it..but i also think it comes down to the development team.
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  10. broxopios

    broxopios mind the trap

    14 February 2004
    AEK Athens
    I said it before and the demo proves me right. FIFA still hasn't have dynamic gameplay. I'm not going to right an essay here, just to quote the paragraph that expresses me perfectly.

  11. NIK778899

    NIK778899 Premiership

    30 August 2013
    It has quite a bit going for it, to be fair.

    Everyone's doing it. That isn't to say I don't agree with you but no gaming company that uses microtransactions should be put on any higher pedestal than another. It's like picking your favourite shit, regardless of which one you pick it still stinks.

    Again, don't necessarily disagree however the offer a lot of ways to tailor the game to your own preferences. The default game is a break-neck speed ping-pong fest but once you slow it down and get your slidera right, it plays great (that's based on 16-18; not tried in 19 yet as restricted in demo)

    Graphics aren't terrible. I think that's largely unfair; they certainly nail every aspect of presentation.

    I'd say EA put more effort into their game than their competitors, year on year. That's not to see they're doing enough, but nobody is doing more.

    It could certainly have done more, but in terms of what you can do, it's the better game and has more longevity for me. I've said for a while:

    Default PES > Default FIFA
    Custom PES < Custom FIFA

    Same as the loot boxes, everyone is doing it. Doesn't make it right but Konami can't be held in any hogher regard for myClub than EA can for FUT.
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  12. P34SEMM

    P34SEMM @iam_emmo

    2 November 2011
    Liverpool FC
    I switched to fifa after the dreadful pes9. Went back to pes for the last real great one, pes10. Have bought most pes,s since bar 18 but haven’t liked them so I’ve stuck with fifa.
    It takes a while to get used to after years of one game so give it some time.
  13. P34SEMM

    P34SEMM @iam_emmo

    2 November 2011
    Liverpool FC
    With a join date of 04/09 it can be only one person. Just don’t feed the troll!
  14. Mikhail

    Mikhail Premiership

    10 August 2018
    Why would anyone feel the need to spend their spare time attempting to convince people that FIFA is trash whist PES 2019 is better than a night in with Mila Kunis?

    It’s so, sooooo sad.
  15. hitmanuk

    hitmanuk International

    23 October 2002
    For me EA have gone backwards since mid 2018 patch. It feels like school yard football everyone frantically chasing a ball.
    I'm honestly not comparing to pes or trying to and it has it's own issues but pes is far more considered in its approach, time to think and plan. It's a joy on the pitch to control after this
  16. Bearwithit

    Bearwithit League 2

    5 September 2018
    Complete opposite for me.

    This feels like football while PES feels like a clunky last gen effort. The only thing I'd take from PES is the passing and nets....thats it. Everything else from stadiums, players, AI, tactics, shooting, commentary, modes, attention to detail FIFA trumps.

    PES is broken and this isn't so really it's a no brainer for me
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  17. Lons


    Don’t agree with that. Not only nets and passing but grass,lighting, players models, ball physics, licensed stadia too and in my opinion collision. FIFA whole package is superb no doubt. Its good game as well. I like it.
    Last edited: 15 September 2018
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    RAMAXWY Premiership

    16 October 2006
    we must be blind mate.
    i tried the demo and honestly if there is a club where i can sign up and get paid to say i love FIFA 19 then please direct me to it.
    i'd do it for the money.

    the presentation is still topnotch, but there is were it ends.
    the animations and ball physics are cartoonish.
    have been reading about people complaining about the footplanting in's none existent in FIFA 19.
    sliding all over the place.
    the player models,......oh my goodness...the player models are, to use a descent word...crap.
    the lighting, the graphics are really poor.
    someone would really have to gift me this game cause i ain't paying for this.

    EA is a much bigger company then KONAMI and still al their resources seem to be put in getting licenses cause this ain't an improvement at all.
    i do like the detailed big pictures of the real players on my screen, that's class but not worth $60.
    the presentation is the only thing i would take and add to PES19 to make it better.

    i don't even think i could buy FIFA if i were drunk. there is nothing realistic about it. it doesn't resemble my favorite sport at all. sport games have to look and feel realistic if you ask me.
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  19. Ameppe

    Ameppe International

    23 December 2007
    SSC Napoli
    Remember when people complained that Pes animations were too robotic, rigid and unnatural with players sprinting and moving their legs like they were Sonic? Yeah, that is now in this Fifa 19 demo.

    I frankly agree with all of this. Also if the Pes demo or final game had this match speed or CPU playing like ultra fast tiki taka like in this demo Pes fans would be raging like crazy.

    Also, remember when we were analyzing every single snippet of Pes footage complaining how the ball seemed like a bowling ball with no bounce whatsoever, too fast to move from one player feet to the other? Everything like that is in this demo and much worse. You see that ball pinging around like a literal pinball. I see a big backward step in that element of Fifa even compared to Fifa 18.

    Pes has AI issues, but has correct basic, while this demo doesn't even have that. From my perspective this is far from what i expected when i wanted to give it a chance after Pes disappointed for off the pitch issues.
  20. DerleiPT

    DerleiPT Pes Master

    29 October 2009
    Chelsea FC
    to be honest pes player collision engine stuck in pes 6 era . Fifa is one level ahead .
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  21. bluewomble88

    bluewomble88 Championship

    26 September 2010
    Genuine question - do you really expect anyone to take you seriously after that kind of statement? You don't like it, that's fine, there's no law saying you have to. I can only assume your favourite sport is golf or something seeing as FIFA doesn't resemble it.
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  22. Ameppe

    Ameppe International

    23 December 2007
    SSC Napoli
    Ok, i don't like exaggerations like this. Fifa collision detection is great, but in reality it adds nothing to this kind of gameplay. 50/50 battles are cool in theory but in reality when a game is based 90% on quick passing and speed, physicality will never have a prominent role as it should have. Just compare the gameplay, pace of this demo to the real thing and you will notice that.
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    RAMAXWY Premiership

    16 October 2006
    so i ain't going crazy.....thank God.
    hey if it was better then PES, i'd buy it but since PES has spoiled me with good football games over the years and the latest is the best one yet since the ps2 days, FIFA has got to up its game cause at the moment it is no were near
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  24. Ameppe

    Ameppe International

    23 December 2007
    SSC Napoli
    In this demo you can slow down the pace if you pass the ball between your players, but the moment CPU has possession it goes straight into turbo mode.

    For me it's the first year without football games, seeing as both for different reasons won't provide me enjoyment.
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  25. Autogolazo

    Autogolazo League 2

    16 August 2010
    OGC Nice
    The hypocrisy of this post is hilarious
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  26. Nisoley

    Nisoley Premiership

    10 May 2005
    We get your point, you don't like the FIFA demo. If you want to compare it to PES please use the correct thread for it. I know comparing PES and FIFA is for many people an important thing but I'm sick reading in the PES thread that FIFA is much better and the other way around.

    RAMAXWY Premiership

    16 October 2006
    still it only seems to bother most lately when you diss FIFA.
    dissing PES seems to be cool nowadays
  28. DerleiPT

    DerleiPT Pes Master

    29 October 2009
    Chelsea FC
    don't say that because it's exaggeration ;) . I spend whole years with fifa 18 ( one or two games per day) and 50/50 makes difference. 99% users will play with sliders(pass speed , player speed and run frequency) that will reduce game speed and 50/50 will have even bigger impact on gameplay.
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  29. Chris Davies

    Chris Davies Chief PESsimist Staff

    14 May 2003
    Tranmere Rovers
    By "dissing" do you mean pointing out the areas where the game is completely broken? Of course you do. So that's not dissing, is it.

    One more trolling post from you and you're banned. You can critique a game without telling someone they're paid off, like a child who can't accept someone else's opinion.
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  30. Alx1234

    Alx1234 Premiership

    26 July 2018
    full manual was once like a wall you had to get through to truly enjoy pes
    frostbite engine full manual seems to be the equivalent - i cannot score good meaningful goals - but when i do, i think it will feel good (if it doesn't, then i'll ditch it).

    the comments @Joonloop on FUMA has made so far has me intrigued ... and that's encouraging me to give more time to fifa (18).
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