FIFA 19 Demo Impressions

Discussion in 'FIFA' started by Redhat, 13 September 2018.

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  1. Mikhail

    Mikhail Premiership

    10 August 2018
    I've noticed that PES gamers [I don't consider myself a PES or FIFA gamer as I always buy both] get extremely pissy when it comes to FIFA demo release time....

    we get hate FIFA. But don't try to convince everyone who DO enjoy the game that it's shit.

    Both PES and FIFA always have and always will have faults....but some of us enjoy FIFA's attention to detail and gameplay.
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    RAMAXWY Premiership

    16 October 2006
    yup i know, believe me i know.
  3. hitmanuk

    hitmanuk International

    23 October 2002
    I've seen one foul in 10 games so I'd argue the collision system isn't that good
  4. Mikhail

    Mikhail Premiership

    10 August 2018
    dude you're going to be banned before the day is up...I'd leave it there.

    If you hate FIFA, that's fine....but you don't need to spend your time in here repeating yourself ;)
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    RAMAXWY Premiership

    16 October 2006
    :TU::TU: i hear yah
  6. DerleiPT

    DerleiPT Pes Master

    29 October 2009
    Chelsea FC
    strange coz i have at least two fouls from AI every match. Yeah , still not enough but..... Anyway , lack of fouls and collision system / how physical battles looks like are two different issues. Dont mix it . It doesnt mean that collision engine isn't good. Just physicall battles(ground and aerial) looks better in fifa.
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  7. ohh_danielson

    ohh_danielson Non-League

    15 September 2017
    Played a few more games last night.

    It is definitely too fast for my liking and the ball does move too fast, doesn't really feel like it has any weight to it.
    But overall I did enjoy it more and more as I played.

    Maybe that first game I had was just a bad game with loads of ping pong passing as in these games there wasn't quite as much, still too much but ok. And the AI fouled a few times and also missed chances. In the first game juventus had 5 shots and scored 4. But these games were much closer and I played with tactics and stuff more and enjoyed it much more.

    The collision system on fifa is fantastic, it's a lot better than PES in that respect, PES has serious clipping issues as we all know but in fifa every contact is felt.
    What did impress me was the little things that happened in the game that resulted in me pausing and replaying it. I do that often in PES with them PES moments, but had a few in fifa last night. Pogba tried to volley a ball out wide but was off balance (due to the collision system) and totally missed the ball. Another moment Dembele was pulling Pogba for dear life trying to stop him.

    I'm still on the cautious side but it is getting better the more I play it.
  8. NIK778899

    NIK778899 Premiership

    30 August 2013
    Whilst EA are bigger, please don't act like Konami are something other than a massive multinational conglomerate who bring in £2bn a year. That isn't chump change; the money is there.
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  9. TheGoodOldDays

    TheGoodOldDays League 2

    19 November 2016
    The FIFA demo is a yearly opportunity for insecure people to reaffirm the superiority of their choices.

    I had to laugh at Dutch Destroyer's "I've been playing FIFA for the last 9 years" excuse though.
  10. Filippo-Inzaghi

    Filippo-Inzaghi League 1

    11 July 2006
    AC Milan
    Noticed something when playing the demo. My opponent does consequently NOT miss. They never shot wide etc.

    Playing on legendary. Others who are experience the same thing ?
  11. Dutch Destroyer

    Dutch Destroyer Non-League

    4 September 2018
    You missed my point entirely. EA makes BILLIONS on Fifa and very little of that money is getting reinvested instead they are just putting out games each year with little gameplay tweaks that if you were not a Hardcore gamer you would never know. I see your quoted later in thread that Konami make 2 BILLION not on PES they don't and I doubt even the gaming division does which includes all games.

    I get people here love Fifa and think EA is the company of the people so need defending I get that all I want is big reinvestment to get us a better game which you's do not get. After 9 years of playing Fifa now im bored to tears with the game that does not resemble real football in any way and the animations are so janky they are totally unreal as well as a stagnant graphics system. I want the best game and EA should be able to make the best but instead they make the best loot box gambling game in the world for kids rather than investing into gameplay and animations which matters most.It is a football game after all or trying to be.
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  12. Cyrax77

    Cyrax77 Conference

    2 August 2018
    Agreed mate. But tbh.... In the PES thread same shit, different topic.

    I don't like Fifa, try it every year. But I don't really feel like telling it here. Nobody cares.
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  13. Gunslinger

    Gunslinger Championship

    5 September 2016
    No experience with legendary. But, playing on professional I've seen the AI shoot wide, sometimes very wide. On the defensive side of the game, I've also seen AI defenders scuff clearances in the box.
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  14. NIK778899

    NIK778899 Premiership

    30 August 2013
    EA make $5bn a year as a company.
    Konami make $2bn a year.

    Neither of us can break it down further than that, but both companies make billions a year.

    Konami aren't re-investing in their game either. When you have two products that are far from perfect but one gives you more content and more options to customise the game in areas you think it needs it.

    This isn't the comparison thread so I'l end the comparisons here.
  15. elfie

    elfie Championship

    10 November 2003
    Still liking the demo.

    Only dislike right now is the shooting. Feels overpowered + all shots seem to go middle high or top corner. This was a problem in 16 and it seems back.

    I hate that timed finished shoot thing and i hate the fact that i now need to press 3 buttons to get a low shot.
    Pressing shoot a 2nd time was much more intuitive.
    I hope we can change controls just like we can now switch between tactical and classic defending.

    RAMAXWY Premiership

    16 October 2006
    Still all the reasons you summed up why the game is acceptable are the same ones you used to when saying that they were unacceptable for a game like PES and a company as big as KONAMI
    So you should be consistent in the way you argue wouldn't you say?
  17. Mikhail

    Mikhail Premiership

    10 August 2018
    I love this it.

    There is more depth to the gameplay and presentation in this short demo than the full PES 2019 game.

    I have PES 2019 fully edited with up to date kits etc and I just don’t want to play it after this.

    Can’t wait until 28th!!!!
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  18. superleeds1

    superleeds1 72 Veteran Staff

    16 July 2004
    LUFC O.K.
    Guys, just a polite reminder that I care not what game You play, if Your becoming over personal with others You will be shown the exit turnstile.

    Do not even bother Yourselves with that sort of crap today thanks,its dragging on too much.
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  19. darkoj2007

    darkoj2007 Championship

    2 November 2009
    Skopje, Macedonia
    Man Utd
    Tried many times to play it but I cannot stand the ball physics. It annoys me a lot! Ball moves normal and suddenly start to stops rapidly, then opposition cut the pass. Presentation is phenomenal 10/10 no words needed but when match start all that falls apart, it's very artificial, no natural movement on the pitch at all. I am glad for people who enjoy it and I am happy for them! But I don't understand how they even released the game with ball who probably weight 10 kg...
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  20. Placebo

    Placebo Ԁlɐɔǝqo

    3 May 2003
    La Manga Del Mar Menor, Spain.
    Sheffield Wednesday
    You love it that much but you're not getting early access? Shame! ;)

    I played four matches and that was more than enough of the demo, there are a lot of things I liked, and a lot of the stuff I disliked I can fix with the full version (speed of the game, powerup speed for throughballs and sliders etc. etc.) Can't wait for early access now :)
  21. Lami

    Lami Niche Football

    28 May 2007
    Man Utd, Juve
    I'm not sure I can judge much because I can't pick slow speed. Did they remove it this time or was it always like this? I don't recall it being a problem before.
  22. rockstrongo

    rockstrongo World Cup Winner

    25 August 2006
    Ball physics doesn't look good at all.
    Players running sometimes looks like they're skating instead.
    I know I never notice that when playing,but after playing and then watching a few streams.
    It doesn't look right
    Early days,but not a big step up from 18

    Just hope for a foul fixed game,and no drilled pass and some individuality in team play,that would do it for me though
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  23. Placebo

    Placebo Ԁlɐɔǝqo

    3 May 2003
    La Manga Del Mar Menor, Spain.
    Sheffield Wednesday
    Pretty sure speed setting used to be in the past demos.
  24. raul_ole

    raul_ole Premiership

    11 August 2005
    Really nice game, and good AI, shooting, saves. BUT...... WTF, again.... not again.... On PC- the coulours are washed again, Are they watching matches in TV? this turf.. grass.. it is not green..
  25. rojofa

    rojofa League 1

    15 September 2017
    Right now, this game reminds me of something like Race Driver: GRID or Top Spin 4.

    Popular, well reviewed, extremely polished with loads of licensed content and great presentation... But with completely alien physics that don't look or feel anything like the real thing.

    I really do understand why people like it, it's an excellent video game in most departments, but it just isn't what I want from a football game at all.

    I'm out of here until next year.
  26. rockstrongo

    rockstrongo World Cup Winner

    25 August 2006
    It's a very slick production,hats off to EA,I'd say they're unmatched in that department,up there with 2k and codemasters F1.
    But I can't really see past those animations,not organic or free flowing at all.
    I'd wish FIFA would implement a bit of nastiness in their games,really tough tackles and more aggressiveness like football.

    I didn't think 17-18 demos were good either,or great.
    Neither do I think those full games are very good either, especially 18.
    But,I've had a lot of fun despite its shortcomings on fifa 17.
    The demo isn't the full release,but it's a hint.
    And I hope it gets better.
    Bit worried about fouls,seen a few blatant ones that should have been called,but werent.

    Like I said a game doesn't have to be excellent to enjoy.
    Fix the obvious faults from 18 and I'm good
  27. Gunslinger

    Gunslinger Championship

    5 September 2016
    Right now I'm sort of looking past some of spastic animations and dodgy ball physics with the hope that they'll be improved a bit in the final code. Because otherwise, the demo is quite good. If it all comes together I can see myself playing a lot of CL football this year.
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  28. geeeeee

    geeeeee Console not PC! Mods & patches mean nothing to me!

    2 May 2010
    Tottenham Hotspur
    I enjoyed this goal by Kane

    I am on tele-broadcast and as i mentioned before i find the speed ok.
    One thing i would like improving is the amount of free kicks. So far in about 8 games i have only seen one foul by myself. I even put handballs on to increase it but didnt make a difference.
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  29. Lons


    Are you joking? They use HAVOK engine for collision one of the best engine in this kind of stuff. Implement good enough in game.
  30. pepper63

    pepper63 Nice N Sleazy

    19 May 2005
    Your Sisters Bedroom
    Only One Man Utd.
    We've already discussed the speed many pages ago pal, so keep up:P
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