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Ugly ducklings to beautiful swans

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by Kaiser, 20 December 2006.

  1. Kaiser

    Kaiser PES Enthusiast

    3 July 2003
    I am starting this thread for people to share players they have purchased in the master league who are not superstars but middle of the road players or less who have become major players for you in your master league.

    Maybe we can all share our gems..

    Mine are

    DMF-Liverani from Fiorentina(old, got 2 seasons but a pass master)
    SMF-Lee Chun Soo South Korea(Progressed well, versitile and now a free kick master)
    AMF- Clint Dempsey USA( another like LCS but can open a defence with clever through balls and rarely misses)
    Interesting to see who you guys bought and your thoughts
  2. jflores

    jflores Diegoooooooool!

    25 April 2002
    Centreville, VA (USA)
    That thing on your avatar, is it a gorilla, a man, or a man in a gorilla suit?

    Wow! I really cannot tell.
  3. Kaiser

    Kaiser PES Enthusiast

    3 July 2003

    It's me

    Nah some bare knuckle fighter called "Kimbo Slice" see youtube
  4. iceobar

    iceobar Tyneside Amateur League

    3 September 2003
    Phoenix - unfortantely
    Watford FC
    Being a watford fan for my troubles (no christmas cheer for me this year) i had to be watford on the master league, i picked up ashley young early on and he developes into a really good young player, good crossing, good free kick good reaction etc
  5. jonestm

    jonestm Guest

    I'll never forget my Rangers team of pes3 or 4 (can't remember). Alpay and Dabizas at the back. Predrag Djordjevic as offensive midfielder, Suzuki and Crawford up front. All great bargain basement buys. They were NEVER ugly ducklings to my tear filled eyes.
  6. Dazzorifik

    Dazzorifik Guest

    I'm in my third season with Aston Villa, and our best striker is one that we had from the start: Milan Baros.

    Not really a guaranteed starter in the first and beginning of the second season, but he has blossomed into our best striking talent by far.
    Immensely skilful on the ball, with pinpoint passing and deadly finishing; he is the first name on the teamsheet as far as I am concerned.
  7. futsito

    futsito Conference

    10 July 2006
    I dont play master league, I think it's just for super geeks, lol
    Playing only exhibition matches with excellent condition in both temas doesnt make u a geek :p

    peace out
  8. Stan

    Stan Allez les Lionceaux !!!

    12 September 2002
    One word of advice son, if you wanna play the smart ass, don't make geek mistakes like "temas" instead of "teams"...
    In a year or 5 when you're sixteen years old you will see that the above mentioned reply wasn't the most intelligent one although now with your reptile intelligence it may seem rather good for your street credibility....
    I'll let you in peace now listening to your Britney music and watching your Britney posters...
  9. Kaiser

    Kaiser PES Enthusiast

    3 July 2003
    Why thats just boring no chopping and changing players having to cope with players on low stamina, maybe you should go back to FIFA:roll:
  10. FyNoMeNoN

    FyNoMeNoN League 2

    3 July 2006

    That just made me fall from my chair laughing :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  11. Ugeine

    Ugeine League 2

    1 October 2003
    Tevez becomes a little bulldog if you train him right.
  12. SWFC Sean

    SWFC Sean Wednesday Till I Die

    17 September 2006
    Sheffield Wednesday
    kevin doyle
    derek riordan
  13. nerf

    nerf Forming triangles

    10 September 2003
    West Mids, UK
    Aston Villa
    Never let it be said that the Konami database isn't realistic :p
  14. yey CELTIC are best. top of the league
  15. iceobar

    iceobar Tyneside Amateur League

    3 September 2003
    Phoenix - unfortantely
    Watford FC
    bos is a quality centre half to pick up when he is young
  16. Yeungy

    Yeungy Ronaldinho

    18 September 2005
    Manchester United
    Ono and Castillo turned brilliant starting with about 5 yellow stats.
  17. therock

    therock Non-League

    5 January 2007
    I've picked celtic as my first master league team, Derek Riordan and Evander Sno turn out to be quite important squad members, Riordan gets very good. About 88 overall. And Sno is very powerful, always picks up headers after an opposition goalkick.
  18. iceobar

    iceobar Tyneside Amateur League

    3 September 2003
    Phoenix - unfortantely
    Watford FC
    i think the konami database is reasonable accurate, as the rest of watfords strikers on the game couldnt score in a brothel with a $100 (excuse the dollar sign, damn yank keyboard doesnt have a pound sign on it) bill strapped to their cocks - just like real life
  19. SL1

    SL1 Non-League

    4 January 2007
    DMF - Cabaye. Got him a little late on so he's gettin on a bit, but he's a good holding player and passer once you build him up.
  20. mnj

    mnj League 2

    8 January 2007
    De Guzman - DMF/CMF
  21. SWFC Sean

    SWFC Sean Wednesday Till I Die

    17 September 2006
    Sheffield Wednesday
    Ono is brilliant. His technique is awesome and still plays play at mid 30's
  22. chrismodd

    chrismodd League 2

    21 June 2004
    I think somewhat accurate means you allow it +/- 20% ;p... i think theres so many innacuracies in the game. Precisely because its watford konami sees it fit to make all the players in the team shite.
  23. Dime

    Dime Guest


    ...Watford have strikers!?
  24. iceobar

    iceobar Tyneside Amateur League

    3 September 2003
    Phoenix - unfortantely
    Watford FC
    i thought so but found out it was a vicious rumour
  25. el_toninho

    el_toninho Guest

    Wallner - is the absolute bomb up front, and Micah Richards becomes an absolute beast at the back, also Benaglio in goal is shocking for the first season or so but then becomes amazing
  26. Ugeine

    Ugeine League 2

    1 October 2003
    Alan Smith. F*ck knows why.
  27. freddyboy

    freddyboy Inside Bristol Mary

    18 April 2002
    Pretty bloody accurate as far as I can see..........

    Kaebi - fullback
    Al Kahtani - CF

    both do the business in D2, and grow to become regulars in D1 too
  28. guest321

    guest321 Guest

    Valzzak grows like mad! Have become an excellent striker for my team! Play him for four or more seasons and you got a new Ibra!

    I think Ono keeps getting injured all the time. He was away 1/3 of my last season.
  29. Ryck

    Ryck Non-League

    8 August 2005
    Alan Smith have him in AMF after Scholes retired his stats are amazing

    Ji Sung Park he can play any position on the pitch his stats are so good

    Obinna- I don't know his first name but he is AMAZING I got him from Siere A can't recall the team young striker 19 when I signed him and he is a beast scored 24 goals for me in my last season.
  30. Psymon87

    Psymon87 Non-League

    16 December 2006
    Ben Hatira - Becomes the best player in the game hands down (at least stats wise, he starts as a 17 year old)

    Sergio Aguero - Again he becomes one of the best players in the game only 18 at the start

    Jo - Good CF tall, quick and left footed which is always good with all the right footers

    Odjida Ofoe - Great young CB solid in the air and can handle himself against most quick strikers

    and Finally these two are made up players from Konami's database...

    Matic - tallest player in the game and he's a CF too if you stick with him he can become one of the best poachers in the game. Such a great player if your looking for a little versatillity in your squad (cross + Matic = goal!).

    Merino - Think Cesc Fabregas with pace. Great passer decent shot on him just and all round decent CMF.

    If you guys wanna know more just ask i play ML a hell of a alot and know alot of the players inside out. I'm not trying to be big headed but i did play ML on PES5 till 2025 so i've seen alot of players come and go from my squad. I'd be more than happy to post if you guys want some more good players :)

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