PES 2009 ps3 demo now out....

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by vanwilder, 2 October 2008.

  1. vanwilder

    vanwilder Conference

    7 August 2003
    PES 2009 ps3 demo now out.... just thought i'd let u guys now its now available to download on psn!!!
  2. SagiB

    SagiB =][=

    3 August 2005
    Netanya, Israel
    F.C Maccabi Netanya
    Yes, it is :)
    Downloading it right now.
  3. Mumpleaser

    Mumpleaser Championship

    6 May 2003
    Stockholm & Bristol
    Is it available now on the European PSN? We never seem to get an update until early evening here in Sweden.
  4. Clockender

    Clockender is back...but for how long?

    27 November 2001
    East Lower, Block 13
    Arsenal FC
    Opinions please guys once you have played it....
  5. SagiB

    SagiB =][=

    3 August 2005
    Netanya, Israel
    F.C Maccabi Netanya
    I have UK's account, and it's available there.
    My connection is slow, only 43% here.
  6. turkishfb

    turkishfb Non-League

    14 May 2006
    yes it is online, 1,5 gb... i'm from germany :applaud:
  7. Mumpleaser

    Mumpleaser Championship

    6 May 2003
    Stockholm & Bristol
    Yahoo!!! Shame I'm at work then......:(
  8. uae_sniper

    uae_sniper The Sniper

    28 July 2005
    United Arab Emirates -- (Dubai) --
    Man United
    downloading ... 70%
  9. quiet_riot

    quiet_riot Welcome To Manchester

    21 January 2007
    Christ, is this really the same game I used to love?:sick:
  10. BK_83

    BK_83 World Class

    7 June 2003
    how is it?
  11. Rocky5

    Rocky5 Love's Pro Evo 5

    27 May 2005
    Glasgow Rangers
    Dreadful utter crap same game as last year only less slowdown and new strips the game is piss easy even on top player its just no fun what so ever.

    the game feels so clunky and its not fluid they still haven't put in analogue controls (directions) so when you turn its slow and clunky also the cpu are stupid they just let you run past.

    i know this is a demo but i don't see them fixing any of this as they never with PES08 they made it worse.

    on the upside the ball is now round and nice looking and can contend with fifa's balls that's really all i can think of as the rest is the same as 08.

    also the arms are blurry and look like plastic and the the shorts look like MC Hammer pants though the faces are good.
  12. DubNoBass

    DubNoBass Non-League

    9 May 2002
  13. Johnny-Patra


    2 October 2008
    Patra, Greece
    Because i'm new....
    We downloading in HD of pc or in hardDisk of PS3??
  14. dungbeetle

    dungbeetle Non-League

    7 September 2005
    Directly onto your PS3 via the Playstation Store.
  15. Johnny-Patra


    2 October 2008
    Patra, Greece
    I Will try it!!
  16. RGEE1979

    RGEE1979 Evo-Webber since 2002

    28 December 2002
    Damm! If that's the best thing that can be said about the game, I guess its another year of FIFA. Any more opinions? It's taking it's time to download.
  17. ehsan_c

    ehsan_c League 2

    17 August 2005
    Is it me or does this game feel slightly like fifa.

    Also why do the kits look so crap. Graphically i don't feel its anything special.
  18. winston

    winston Champions League

    7 August 2005
    Wow! It's utter shite.

    It's miles and miles away from where it should be by now. It's nothing like football. It plays like something from 2001. The ball physics is crude and laughable, as are the player movements and animations. This is the game that is all about "gameplay"? Deary me....

    This game is to football what Mario kart is to Formula 1.

    For the first time since I bought ISS Pro Evo 2, I won't be buying the game this year.

    I've recently heard people say Konami should sack Seabass but I always thought that was tosh. But after playing this garbage, I don't see much hope for the series under him.
  19. spursrule

    spursrule Conference

    2 May 2003
    I doubt I will get it now, it is utter shit, I do not know what has happened to this franchise, but next year it better be a proper evolution.

    I have just about had enough waiting for a proper footy game, even Fifa 08 puts this shit to shame.
  20. Guyers94

    Guyers94 Non-League

    2 October 2008
    It's absolutely awful. Player faces look even wors than last year. Yossi Benayoun looks black and Martin Skrtel has hair for Liverpool.
  21. Fitiello

    Fitiello League 1

    2 September 2006
    My Opinion: THE KING IS BACK
  22. vanwilder

    vanwilder Conference

    7 August 2003
    played few games now and to sum it up......

    like a polished version of pes2008 ;-) .......... but as the saying goes, you cant really polish a turd!!
  23. crayon

    crayon Yamato Gaijin

    23 October 2004
    Hokkaido Japan
    Liverpool FC
    I quite like it - I know it goes against the tide of public opinion but there you go. I presume the appearance of Skrtel can be changed with option files/downloads later on?
  24. RGEE1979

    RGEE1979 Evo-Webber since 2002

    28 December 2002
    Hmmm....mixed feelings on this one. To give a short review (and I'm being as open minded as I can be):

    Graphics: Not very good, (not completely awful but the game looks, how do I put this, "semi-next-gen", rather than "full-on-next-gen")
    Sound: Not very good (Annoying, monotonous crowd chants, unconvincing, muffled on-pitch grunts and the like)
    Presentation: Not very good (partly due to the sub-par graphics, but all in all just doesn't feel polished)
    Playability: Ummm...not as good as some PS2 Pro Evos/Winning Elevens.

    So I guess that means Id sum this game up (judging by the demo) as all around, "not very good". However, it definitely has something that Fifa hasn't really nailed for me. I think that's that deep down this game has shades of it's once great self and still retains a little of the FUN which made the series so popular. If you can look past the annoyances (which are pretty hard to miss!) there's still some enjoyable football to be played (albeit, arcade-like football) and some fun to be had. However, that's not really good enough in this day and age, and for sheer effort and polish my first impression is that Fifa09 is (and it saddens me to say this) again the better game and where the smart money will be heading.

    Just my 2 penny's worth after an hour-ish of playing
  25. Johnny-Patra


    2 October 2008
    Patra, Greece
    PES 2009... BEST!!!!
  26. football_fan

    football_fan League 2

    22 September 2008
    this game is bad the demo was really poor, it playes clunky...they slowed it dwn from pes2008 but still does feel right...the same running animation...the skills being on the direction analog is not good because its like the computer is doing the skill for dont have full choice of the skill the player does...
    even the player faces dey are poor...look closely and you can see. there is like this oval shape of the pictures they put onto the 3D models..the forehead of the players are a completely different colour as the other part of the face....its hard to explain but very visible.
    look at Thuram's face when you pic France, you will be able to see what i mean....a poor demo and from what i see pes2009 is going to be a poor arcadey game, looks like fifa09 takes the crown this year...a good representation of football...i was hoping to get both pes2009 and fifa 09 this year but looks like i will only spend my cash and own fifa
  27. PU6HY

    PU6HY Cymru Am Byth

    30 April 2002
    Cardiff City
    what the hell have they done to this game?! absolutely dreadful imo. same thoughts as guy above. this game just doesnt flow like it did in the good old days. i didnt play 08 much but cant remember it being this bad. i converted to fifa last year and will stick with it as the demo is in a different league. RIP my old friend. it saddens me to say it but what a load of shit!
  28. TiezZ

    TiezZ I ate all the pies!!!

    25 September 2008
    hair grows you know, it happens...
  29. jantunes

    jantunes Conference

    7 September 2006
    Awful demo. I will go with Fifa this year.
  30. kingejiro

    kingejiro Non-League

    9 February 2008
    Manchester United
    Is the demo available in North America now???

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