OFFICIAL: Shevchenko golden ball tomorrow!!!!

Discussion in 'Football' started by kaka2005, 12 December 2004.

  1. kingpug

    kingpug Guest

    "His worked miracles given the shit quality of players behind him." now Man UTD are all shit and Rooney is the only good player in the team?..

    I can honestly say I have never seen someone talk so much bullshit like you just did, you are talking about Rooney like he is the best player in the world, so what if he scored 3 goals on his debut.

    "That tantrum reaffirmed Rooneys commitment to England."

    Bollocks to that, if he was commited enough he wouldnt act like that in case he got a red card and left his country 1 man down, what kind of commitment is that?.

    "I agree with you on that point, Gerrard does have a great shot, but its nothing compared to Waynes."

    Well, Gerrard can make his shots leave the ground, from what I have seen from Rooney, he cant..

    I watch some Man UTD games, and watch Match of the day everytime its on, and eveyr shot he takes is almost always along the ground..

    "Becuase thats fucked. The penaltumate moments and matches of 2004 were in Portugal at Euro2004. Which people said? and were they on the panel? I think not. Nuff said!"

    ROFL..thats shit, because no top team performed like they should, hence Greece winning?.

    "Also you come to an English based site and start slagging of everyone English, you really are an imbocile."

    I am slagging English people? you even know what your typing?..

    And I am the imbocile that knows nothing about football, while you talk about Rooney like he is the best striker there has ever been in football and saying Serie A is a shit league..

    It is obvious you dream about Rooney, which is why you talk so much shit about him, I never said Rooney was the worst player, he is good but not as good as everyone thinks..

    And in Euro 2004 he scored 4 goals into Croatia and Switzerland..aint exactly the best teams in the world is it?..lets see how he copes playing against the likes of France, Brazil etc etc in the world cup..then we can all see if he really is that good.
  2. kingpug

    kingpug Guest

    See, here is your boyfriend Rooney playing against a team as crap as Crystal Palace..


    The memory of his debut hat-trick against Fenerbahce will linger long, but currently Rooney is suffering a dip, as 19-year-olds tend to do.

    Confident enough to take the eighth-minute penalty after Darren Fletcher had fallen under the weight of Danny Granville’s challenge, he then struck a weak effort at the perfect height for Gabor Kiraly, who kept it out with a low, one-handed stop.

    It was the prelude to a personal first-half performance from the £27million former Everton man which in common football speak amounted to a ‘mare’. Passes went astray, crosses were too long or too short and even Rooney’s first-touch let him down at times
  3. That was a complete and utter load of shit.

  4. You have taken everything that I have said and taken it completely out of context. All you have achieved by hijacking this thread is proving beyond doubt once and for all that you are a moron. I don't often engage in petty arguments or resort to using demeaning insults but in your case I will make a exception.

    But I will not continue to argue and demean you in front of other forums users. As the froums are not a place for me or anyother members to use a personel vechile for belittling other less intelligent members.
  5. kingpug

    kingpug Guest

    I am the moron? are the one that thinks Rooney is amazing, you seriously need to see a doctor..

    You have no valid points in this debate, all you can do is pretend you cant be bothered with a moron like me, when in actual fact you cant backup your statements..

    I dont care if you try to "demean" me as you say, give me your best shot...provide me with some facts that you believe Rooney is as good as you say.

    Like I said, he scored 4 goals in Euro 2004, 2 against Croatia and 2 against Switzerland, not exactly the 2 best teams is it?..

    And according to the official EPL website, he played piss in the recent match, which sums him up, piss.

    Now go back to your Wayne Rooney crib.
  6. Its obvious you don't like me, but for the sake of other users of this forums. Please take you personal vendetta somewhere else. You have ruined countless topics with your borish behaviour.
  7. kingpug

    kingpug Guest

    Nah, I dont hate or like you, but I am just curious as to why you talk about Rooney the way you do.

    You say its ok for Rooney to have a temper but its bad when C. Ronaldo has one, Man UTD need to get rid of him etc..

    And that Ronaldinho is over-rated when you are the one talking about Rooney like he is the best thing in the world of football..

    I have not ruined any topics, I am just looking for a nice debate but its obvious you cant provide one, this is a football forum and we are talking about football, so how is it ruining this forum?..

    Like I said, its obvious you are totally obsessed by Rooney, so have fun with him.
  8. This is just getting silly., you've taken this feud well beyond the light hearted joke that it begun as. I feel that you have launched a personal attack on myself and Wayne Rooney, its high time you woke up to yourself.
  9. Milanista

    Milanista Mangiamoli! Staff

    19 December 2002
    London & Milan
    AC Milan
    This is getting abit personal.....
  10. kingpug

    kingpug Guest

    Yea I agree, sorry to everyone who had to read this :p

    There will be no more from me.
  11. joostebrood

    joostebrood Premiership

    4 March 2002
    Too late now Kingpug, you've been insulting as I have never seen before on this forum. You really need to have your head checked.

    Now stop it guys, lets just have fun.
  12. I think jooste has a point, you have over stepped the mark of common decency. A public apology is in order to restore calm to the situation and to redeem some respect for yourself pug.
  13. kingpug

    kingpug Guest

    Well, if you want an apology I wouldnt wait or you will be waiting forever..

    The way I see it, it was just a debate, if you honestly think I flamed you, then think again, you are the one that should apologise to me, after all you started with the name calling..not me..
  14. Its not me that has the problem. A certain Christopher Wright has taken offense to some of your posts in recent days, and I feel that perhaps we have seen the last of you in the forums. I personally don't think you should be banned but the decision does not rest with me.
  15. kingpug

    kingpug Guest

    ROFL, and you are the one saying fuck this fuck that in almost every post you make?..

    If anyone needs banned its you, now grow the hell up.

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