Nostalgic moments; what's the best PES / WE ever?

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by kartoffelauflauf, 29 April 2010.

  1. kartoffelauflauf

    kartoffelauflauf FIFA Club Championship

    13 October 2003
    Since I got bored by the actual installment of the PES/WE Series, I tried to remember which of those footie game come to my mind, when I try to remember. In my memory I remembered bycycle kicks, scissor kicks, through passes were effective back then when played in the right moment,, in PES/WE 2010 they are pretty useless in comparison.

    So I decided to put in Winning Eleven 7 International. I remember the hype back then. I read those interviews in the magazines and the people told, that everything got better in this game, graphics, gameplay mechanics, more variety in animations, all better than in PES2 / WE6. I recall having a great time with this game scoring many many goals with my favorite Shevchenko :-) Do you remember, back then they still had the EURO & REST OF THE WORLD ALL STARS, two teams, that I've really missed in newer installations of the game.

    Then I've tried Winning Eleven 9, so far so good, but somehow, I don'T know how to explain, but some things were not quite right. I remember that I had a spindle box with dozens of disks with several patches from those patching times here on evo-web.Do you remember when Fernando released his translation patches and you had V1 with 50% translated, you patched the iso, burnt it, played it. A couple of days later, V2 and real emblems update, bought new disks, burnt it again! Those were the times I had about 10 different versions with different patches of one WE title ;-)

    Anyway, than I tried Winning eleven 8: Liveware Evolution with Sunjun 4.0 patch. I swear, this was the game, that I remembered all the time. I've put it into my PS2, turned it on, played a match Milan vs. Inter, and I felt the magic again. The passes are a dream, they feel crisp, played with the right amount of power (not like PES 2010), shots from the distance feel gigantic when hit right, you can smash headers right into the goal, though passes (hight & low ones) are played just right and your AI mates just know how and when to move and run when you try your counter attack. Don't forget the keepers, no more PES 2010-blumpers, reactions are fine. The best part for me is, that you only have a minimal amount of tricks (doubletab L1/R2, Marseille Roulette, Elastico for a couple of players), so this game feels just pure.

    So guys, when you have WE8:LE somewhere, put it in and enjoy.

    Don't hesitate and tell your personal thoughts about the footie games released in the past!

  2. bobfifalas

    bobfifalas Championship

    15 March 2004
    And If you have WE9:LE, try it (for only PC), I bet you will be more satisfied :)
  3. kartoffelauflauf

    kartoffelauflauf FIFA Club Championship

    13 October 2003
    Do you think so? I personally find the pace of the game very good. Plus, on PC I always have vsync issues. When I turn it on, the game feels different, a little bit slower, that's why I prefer to play it on PS2
  4. jflores

    jflores Diegoooooooool!

    25 April 2002
    Centreville, VA (USA)
    It's WE9 North American version for me. Awesome game. Very hard to finish and keep possesion due to taugh AI. Gameplay is by far the best I've played in this series. I'm still playing this with my mates. Only annoying problems in it are the crazy bounces of players at times.

    I also think PES2010 for PS2 isn't bad at all. It's a very nice game and very enjoyable. It's up there in terms of gameplay quality.
  5. _anderson

    _anderson Retired Fanboy

    31 May 2007
    Porto, Portugal
    WE9LEK and PES 3.
  6. Lons


    15 December 2007
    Warsaw and Danzig Poland
  7. Jose M

    Jose M East coast

    23 June 2008
    Belarus Novopolotsk city
  8. sonoman

    sonoman Premiership

    13 November 2003
    Mexico / Türkiye
    This is what i miss the most, so many fifa-like stupid animations ruin the game for me in newer intallations. I loved winning eleven 4, it was the 1st game of the series i played and GOD it made an impression in me!
    i remember scoring a bycycle kick goal with Arellano (mexico) when he was our star player in my first master league ever (i was playing co-op with a cousin, building barcelona).. it was magic!
  9. klashman69

    klashman69 Fight the Power!

    28 November 2007
    I Travel.
    My favorite and the PES game i played the most was PES 2. I wasan't even much of a football nut at all, didn't watch too much of the world cup in the year before that year but i just was on that game all the time and couldn't stop playing master league :)

    The best is PES 5 obviously but PES 2 gave me the best memories along with ISS evolution 2
  10. s33k3rgr

    s33k3rgr League 2

    30 January 2005
    WE9 final evolution for pc....
  11. Kefirdinho

    Kefirdinho Banned

    16 April 2010
    Played all series and I prefer pes 2010.

    Good game. Not perfect especially the refs eventhough the patches have fixed som issues.
  12. Hey there

    Hey there Band Geek Mafia

    15 October 2007
    Due Sicilie
    AC Milan, Salernitana

    Good times.
  13. Ulov3

    Ulov3 Banned

    5 January 2010
    we9 lek but i gotta say once you get used to it, pes 2010 can be a joy.

    Pes6 pure fun but too arcadish, pes3 oh god, for its time it was the game.
  14. col

    col League 2

    11 June 2003
    Pro Evo 5 and 6 for me the high points of the series
  15. goalgerd

    goalgerd File Maker

    30 July 2006
    dublin, eire
    Ringsend Rovers
    pes3 is where the magic started
  16. kartoffelauflauf

    kartoffelauflauf FIFA Club Championship

    13 October 2003
    This game was the real magic, I remember ;-)
    Back then they had the great scenario mode, coin toss before kick off (why don't they use it anymore??). Do you remember the crazy cheat which turned the referees into dogs ;-)
  17. Shazam!

    Shazam! League 1

    30 July 2006
    ISS on the SNES was ridiculously good for it's time.
  18. kartoffelauflauf

    kartoffelauflauf FIFA Club Championship

    13 October 2003
    Very nice vids Alessandro_Vascaíno!

    By the way: if someone has some good patches for Winning Eleven 7 International / PES 3 on his harddisk or knows where to find them, please submit!
  19. Jamezinho

    Jamezinho Golden Boot Winner

    10 June 2003
    Ipswich, England
    Ipswich Town F.C.
    ISS Deluxe (SNES) = Where it all began, with 2v2 games against my mates.

    PES2 = My best Master League memories. I always remember beating my rivals Bayern Munich 4-0 away with my great Dortmund side to win Division 1.

    PES3 = The start of the new 'engine'. An already addictive game just became more addictive.

    PES5 = Near perfection.
  20. bussinrounds

    bussinrounds League 2

    1 June 2009
    PES5/WE9 is the best.
  21. ezosk

    ezosk League 1

    30 September 2008
    pes5 with modified OF for slower pace
  22. Pere Ubu

    Pere Ubu Championship

    29 October 2002
    WE9 was great in that it was hard, but I just used to get too frustrated with the constant fouls. My favourites were always WE8LE and WE10.

    Now I'd say that PES2010, PS2 version, is the greatest of them all. It's PES5 + PES6, basically. Like a dream come true, five years too late. And far far better than the PS3 version.
  23. Searain

    Searain Banned

    23 February 2010
    Torino, Italy - Amsterdam, NL
    Urawa Red Diamonds
    Perfect Eleven (SFamicom - aka ISS) started it all and will always hold a special place in my heart, me and my friends played the shit out of it back then, literally.

    Jikkyoo Soccer Winning Eleven (Playstation - aka Goal Storm) and J.League Perfect Striker (N64 - aka ISS 64) were mind-blowing and leaps and bounds better than anything else on the market at the time and made me purchase a PS1 and a Nintendo 64 respectively.

    The best ever however has got to be a toss-up between Winning Eleven 9: Asia Championship (PS2) and J.League Winning Eleven 2009 Club Championship (PS2) (most likely the latter).
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  24. dmxdex2020

    dmxdex2020 Premiership

    30 June 2005
    PES 1 2 3 5 6 2010 are my best. Pes 1 for the memorys though.
  25. El Pajaro

    El Pajaro League 2

    14 May 2008
    PES5 without a doubt.

    PES6 has better refs but too fast gamespeed, bad shooting and much worse defensive engine.

    AI in the newer PES versions isn't even comparable... PES5 is easily the most genuine simulation of soccer, ever.
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  26. Grayperview

    Grayperview Streamer

    13 December 2002
    Everton fc
    Winning eleven 6 and 6fe bring back fond memories
  27. sauce

    sauce Warriors

    20 September 2005
    Chatbox, Brazil
    Two up, two down, left right, left right, B and A.
    I'll never forget this, those were the days.

    Do you remember when you were playing with 2 players on the same team and both players went manual on the GK, then your keeper had mad skills if you both were cortinated, if you went opposite directions was a mess tho.

    But the best is PES5/WE9:LE for me.
  28. saintric

    saintric Premiership

    9 October 2007
    Have to say PES 3 was something special it stands out the most what a great game for its time and PES 2008 on the ps2 was prob the closest simulation of the english premier league the way the AI attacked was really aggressive resulting in end to end games against the computer

    have to ask whats the deal with PES 4? its the forgotten PES i cant rem anything about it i own a copy somewhere im sure of it maybe its because it was released between two good versions pes 3 and 5 its been forgotten
  29. Expander

    Expander Banned

    4 May 2010
    Hampshire uk
    Without doubt the sublime-

    Jikkyou j-league perfect striker2 1999(n64)

    Jikkyou j-league perfect striker3 2001(ps2)

    Still for me the best football games konami(majorA)have ever made,these games had it all and in a lot of ways are still superior then anything on the market today.

    These games gave you total freedom and control and this is why.

    YouTube - perfect striker 3 ps2 on ps3 full hdmi with ps3 smoothing

    360 degree movement,true analog control,360 degree passing and shooting that you could place and change the tradjectory on,sublime ai and still one of the most intuitive and natural user defined systems of passing and shooting that i only hope pes2011 adopts.

    When it comes to pes/we its winning eleven 2008 club championship,next gen pes could learn alot from this game.

    YouTube - winning eleven 2008 club championship ps2 running on ps3

    All videos where recorded and uploaded onto you tube by me.
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