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Discussion in 'Football' started by Boro, 25 June 2003.

  1. Andy1888

    Andy1888 Guest

    What! Like Aberdeen you mean?!!
    I admit Lennon is not the fastest player in the world ( supposedly he's still faster than Capucho he he ;) ) but he can read a game better than any player ive seen, not joking, how often does Lenny been caught out of position? Nearly never! He makes up for his lack of pace by just being in the right place at the right time.
    Personally if Boro offer £1.5m then i'd take it, he's 32 and maybe we've had the 2 years out of him that we wanted.
  2. Boro

    Boro Guest

    Boro vs Leeds Reaction:

    :shock: :shock: :shock:
  3. loz

    loz Guest

    wtf has happened to the boro? i got southgate in me fantasy footy team and they leaking goals like the titanic!!!
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Well at least your not as bad as Tottenham BoroBoyz. :mrgreen:
  5. Boro

    Boro Guest

    We out played and out classed Leeds today, should have socred 6 goals, had one goal offside, and a penalty dis-allowed, and the ref is as bent as Dale Winton on a night out with the lads. He gave us NOTHING all game. But we made 3 silly mistakes and Bang we lsot 3-2. Im gutted - again :(
  6. CW

    CW C Dub Founding Member

    6 October 2001
    You can cut and paste that every time you need it Boro :D
  7. cannon

    cannon Non-League

    2 September 2003
    Marinelli???he be out the door in january..promising but aint lived up to his billing yet as he?Skillfull as hell but ala slaven to bloody slow.

    Reckon mclaren needs a striker n all,too l8 now though,just hope the midfield can chip in with a shedload this season.

    Give em another month so all the new ones bed in,be like 96...edge of the seat stuff going forward,but nerve racking as hell in defence,lol

  8. Boro

    Boro Guest

    May i remind you waht happened in 96. No ok i wont
  9. cannon

    cannon Non-League

    2 September 2003

    Best footy i ever seen from a boro side.And i seen a few back in the oldie days of 4,000 peeps at ayresome,lol
  10. Boro

    Boro Guest

    Comon can anyone fill the gap in?

    Ok i will. We got relegated. Id prefer security than fancy football. Fancy football would be nice and exciting but if we went down it would be worthless.

  11. cannon

    cannon Non-League

    2 September 2003
    Well fancy football puts backsides on seats don't it.A few year ago(not long) a m8 from work was at the boro,on the sunday i said what was it like john?The reply said it all for me.

    "If it wasn't so f***in freezing i'd have fell asleep"
    Reckon he would have preffered the end to end stuff of before.

    Once the defence decides to kickstart n stop giving daft goals away we'll be ok.be nice to see the midfield chip in this season and with the players he has got i don't see any reason why not...(xcuse the rhyme).. ;)

    Whens the boro strip gonna get in WE7 n all??

  12. Boro

    Boro Guest

    Cheers CW think ill be needing it....

    Boro vs Bolton Reaction...
    Im gutted - again

    There we go. Pretty simple. God knows what is happening at my club really. We have a quality team. Just they are playing sh*te. They dont play together and have no character to dig themselves out of a hole. Pityful it really is. Our defence has just disappeared into the shadows. Simple BASIC defensive mistakes are costing us points badly. We are missing Ugo, but other than that our midfield isnt covering the defence well enough.
    We have too much flair in the team at the moment. We need to battle and scrap and get points on the board and dig in. The falir just isnt working right now. For one Juninho is the big problem. He cant defend, he cant play midfield. He cant play striker. So we have to play him behind the front two and that leaves us open at the back. He complained and threw a paddy fit at being subbed yesterday but tough sh*t little guy. He did nothing and hence paid the price, i love the litte fella but at the end of the day i love my club more.

    So for Everton then? We NEED 2 wins out of the next 2 games. Anything less and its a relegation dog fight. Plain and simple. So what do we play for Everton eh?
    -----------------A. Davies------------Southgate---------------

    Please god let us win.... :(
  13. cannon

    cannon Non-League

    2 September 2003
    Mclaren saying sorry to the fans for another sub standard display.....memories of last seasons away form,and he apologised then n all.

    Thing is we aint scoring goals...full stop,the more the game goes on the more nervous they get and as soon as we go 1-0 down you can forget it.

    The team needs a win and quick otherwise you may be seeing mclaren as being the seasons 1st managerial casualty.

    If you don't score you don't win,and playing 1 striker don't cut it with me.

    roll on sunday.............
  14. Boro

    Boro Guest

    The worrying thing is i dont know if Gibbo will have the balls to sack Mclaren or not. Im worried he'll let it drag on and then let him go. If we dont win in the next 2 games id be calling for his head as - although he's a top class coach - if he cant win with the squad we've got he aint a manager.
  15. loz

    loz Guest

    this reminds me so much of the kidd-blackburn saga. they said he was the best thing to come out of britain since fergie then and he got rovers relegated. i hope for the sake of mclaren the same thing aint gona happen but boro really have gotta get a couple of wins under their belt or it could be a real tough season down at the riverside.
  16. cannon

    cannon Non-League

    2 September 2003
    Had a delivery driver in work today,had his boro shirt on,said he went to bolton on sat.Crap was the word he used to sum it all up,good for the 1st 20 mins but then he said it was like someone turning the switch to off and thats when the wheels fell off.

    See u don't seem to hold much hope when they go 1-0 down,fight??can't see any yet.

    He also reckoned he would be in the club watching it on t.v on sunday,season ticket going spare,lol.

    We got security at work who is an everton fan(bets he has at the mo are £15),he is sure he's on a winner,got his ticket today for the north stand,lmao if they score,...look for the fight about half way up in the middle.

    he may make a tv star being dragged out cuffed up.

    I fancy the boro this week........honest :)
  17. faiers

    faiers Guest

    dont worry guys u still get to play us (spurs) twice a season :(

    i really dont get how u struggled so badly away after ur performance at the lane last season. u guys really were superb, ugo and southgate were solid as anything iv ever seen, the midfield was full of running and creativivty and ur forwards had great movement all afternoon.

    personally i feel u guys just go for the mercaneries to often and for far to long now, imo it does show in the boro performances that a lot of the players are just there to collect their wages. i cant say spurs r that different half the time though.
  18. Boro

    Boro Guest

    Well just over 24 hours until the Everton game. A must win game. Do or die. So whats the importance of this match i hear you cry?

    A win
    Boro finally get their first win. Gives us confidence to move up the table, and get rolling again. Ends the horrible run we are on and will get the fans back on their side. Closes the gap between Boro and the mid-table teams. McClaren will no longer be under as much pressure as he has been
    A draw
    Not good enough. that would be 2pts from a possible 18. Not a good enough return. Granted 4pts from 18 is good enough either but a draw doesnt get us anywhere, and the confidence int eh team wont return - and the team itself wont get anything out of a draw really
    Slightly more pressure on McClaren
    A Defeat
    This would be crippling. The fans would lose patience with the team. The team would have no confidence what-so-ever and we would probably be rooted to the bottom of the table in a relegation fight.
    McClaren under serious pressure from the fans to go
    Dont want to contemplate this one

    So what would the fans be happy with?
    A win - Good performance - The fans would have something to cheer about for once, and would give us a huge lift
    A win - Lucky win and poor performance - We'd take th e3pts but there would still be rumblings about the team
    A defeat - Good performance but unlucky - Not gonna wash this time after the Leeds game. Gutted and anger the main feelings
    A defeat - Poor performance - FECK THIS! We're going home they can sod off!

    Must win game then. I know its only gonna be 6 games in but hey if you go on a bad streak 6 games in a row anytime in the season your gonna suffer for it. I fear a relegation battle coming on.

    COMON BORO......please?
  19. Boro

    Boro Guest

    Ok since nobody else reads this i guess i can write whatever i like :mrgreen:

    Hartlepool utd to win the fecking Premiership this season - comon the pool! Man Utd are sh*t they are certain for relegation! :mrgreen:

    But hey it dont get me anywhere coz nobody else will read it so hey....

    Middlesbrough 1 - 0 Everton
    :mrgreen: COMON THE BORO :mrgreen:
    What a result - we needed that! Despite a poor 2nd half performance we won without really being troubled too much - apart from Nemeth with a brilliant clearance! Good goal from Job to round off a great 1st half. Although how on earth did French Frank not be awarded the goal? It was clearly over the line. Dont get me start on how crap the ref and linesman were today - pityful. A joke. Oh and Rooney? Fecking diving cheat, constantly whining at the ref and applauding him whenever he didnt give Boro a free-kick or gave Everton a dodgy one. And Moyes was a bit of a b*stard too - McClaren put him in his place mind when he went for him!

    So good win today Boro! Over the moon we are off the mark! Not out of the woods yet but hey at least we are moving in the right direction. Bring back Mendi and replace Greening and we have a good line-up there.

    Oh and Juninho is a pratt. He's sulking coz he didnt play. Couldnt see him on the bench, never once warmed up, and didnt come out at half-time with the other subs to warmup. Poor poor show form Juninho. Nobody is bigger than the club.

  20. loz

    loz Guest

    i read the last one and it just felt like ya were thinking aloud and then posting it on here ;)

    juninho out noooooooooooooo, he's in me fantasy team :(
  21. Boro

    Boro Guest

    Southampton 0 - 1 BORO

    :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
    Comon Boro! What a win, great performance, great away win and things arent looking so bad now. Too think we did that with Southgate, Ugo, Mendieta and Maccarone all out. Brilliant stuff. I fear Chelski now but hey COMON BORO

    Dont care if nobody else replies too this - the mags are 2nd bottom so im happy!
  22. loz

    loz Guest

    yeah good win, suprise result of the afternoon, after bolton equalised!!!
  23. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I actually had a sneaky feeling that Boro would win today, pity I didn't say that before the game. So do you like Boro's new away kit BoroBoyz? I think it's smart.
  24. CW

    CW C Dub Founding Member

    6 October 2001
    Damn Boro, ruined everyones predicts apart from yours BoroBoyz. You said 0-1 but went HOME as well :roll:
  25. Boro

    Boro Guest

    Lol i had confidence in Boro - i thought theyd get something but i played it too safe and went HOME as well. And yeah i checked that it had screwed everyone else up! Woohoo!

    And yeah i love the new away kit - its prety cool. A cross between Barcalona and Spain kits maybe? i dont know?
  26. boros_fan

    boros_fan Guest

    Hey there Boro Boyz

    Nice win over the Saints eh...

    FMTTM message board is down-- for judicial reasons...bloody typical-- where's the freedom of speech!!

    Too bad the news surrounding both Zenden and Job-- both out. We've really hadsome bad luck on the injury front this season. Unfortunately, it only takes two or perhaps three players to really screw our fragile team chemistry. Nice to know that Gate might be back this week for the Blues. Actually, I'm not too anxious about Zenden being omitted from this game, as I really think he'll be a more vialble asset on away turf. Moreover, it was a toss up between him and Greening who would drop to the bench giving the fact that Mendy should be available this Sunday. ;)
  27. Boro

    Boro Guest

    Welcome to the boards mate!

    Yeah really is bad news about Zenden and Job. Add them to the list of Maccarone, Ugo, Southgate and Mendi and people start to see how unlucky we have been with injuries. But we cant complain. Hopefully Mendi and Southgate will be back for Chelski, although Riggott and Cooper played well enough to merit their places. I may be foolish but im confident we'll get a draw out of sunday. Here's hoping anyway.

    Do you have a season ticket?
  28. Boro

    Boro Guest

    Malcolm Christie out for at least 2 months with a broken tibia. Just our luck he's our best striker at the moment. ARGH! Looks like we have to buy a decent striker in January now. Thankgod. Here's hoping its someone top notch.
  29. loz

    loz Guest

    i was at a course yesterday and the tutor bought his son the shirt Juninho wore in the FA Cup final when you lot got hammered by Boro on Ebay!!!

    i'm full of useless facts me :)
  30. jonesinho10

    jonesinho10 Non-League

    30 June 2003
    A boro topic ey?

    Why is zenden getting a game?

    why haven't we bought mills yet?

    why do arsenal always **** us (except in the carling cup)?

    1 up front against leicester and pompey.... why?

    Discuss :x

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