Free Kick Technique in WE8LE

Discussion in 'Winning Eleven' started by Igrok96, 28 April 2005.

  1. Igrok96

    Igrok96 Non-League

    16 August 2003
    I have searched the forums and haven't found any answers to this question so I hope someone can give me some feedback.
    What is the correct technique for performing a free kick (shot on goal)? I can't ever get consistent results. When the free kick is less than 30m I press the square button until the power bar is near the middle and sometimes it goes too high, others it hits the wall, and rarely it goes in. If the free kick is beyond 24m I can't get any power on it. If I hold R1 but then the ball blazes over.
    How do you guys score? Tap square? Hold?

    I appreciate the help.
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  2. Golden Go@l

    Golden Go@l League 1

    19 February 2005
    I also cannot get any consistency with free kicks. I believe that pressing up while shooting generates the most power. Pressing R1 is a slightly less powerful shot. And pressing R2 while shooting is a even less powerful, more floaty shot, that curves more. I've also read on other forums that after pressing square to shoot, pressing X when the screen zooms back out, helps the ball clear the wall. Can anyone confirm if this is true? I prefer to tap square, because it is easier to control meter. One tap fills up 1/4 guage, 2 taps 1/2, etc. You can also control the balls flight, either left or right, by tapping the d-pad (much easier than using control stick) after shooting, when the screen zooms out. Tapping once or twice is sufficient. As far as general rules for different distances, I've heard differing opinions, so I don't know. Then, you have to factor in the skill level of various free kickers, lol! Try the free kick option in training mode with a few free kickers using up for longer shots, R1 for mid range, and R2 for shorter shots (18m or closer). :)

    Feel free to ask for more specifics. Maybe I can help.
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  3. Igrok96

    Igrok96 Non-League

    16 August 2003
    Thanks for the info. I have tried tapping square with some success. I am hoping someone can confirm some of the details you posted. Is it possible to score every time if you have the technique right or is it some skill and some luck?
  4. Golden Go@l

    Golden Go@l League 1

    19 February 2005
    It would be hard to find out, if using the same exact technique mutiple times would result in many goals, considering all the variables. Its hard to line up the ball in the exact spot repeatedly, and then fill the power meter the same amount. And I don't know if Konami factored in real life inconsistencies. :)
  5. Igrok96

    Igrok96 Non-League

    16 August 2003
    What about in practice mode? That's how I found out that I have no free kick skills. I tried many times from the same spot trying to find something that works. Maybe someone who scores from free kicks often can help us out.
  6. Golden Go@l

    Golden Go@l League 1

    19 February 2005
    As far as I can tell the difference between scoring and barely missing is miniscule. You would swear that both shots were identical - same power, angle, etc. I've been looking on Evo Web for a diagram someone posted showing where to line up ball, using 30m as an example, but to no avail. Could have sworn it was here. :(
  7. Mack

    Mack Champions League

    8 August 2003
    Im still using the layoff and shoot technique! So far so good for me!
  8. Placebo

    Placebo Ԁlɐɔǝqo

    3 May 2003
    La Manga Del Mar Menor, Spain.
    Sheffield Wednesday
    If Vic Mackey played football he'd simply run through the wall and put the ball into the net ;)

    Remember the scene where the perp climbed over a wooden fence and he just ran through it? Damn I loved that :)
  9. Igrok96

    Igrok96 Non-League

    16 August 2003
    Thanks guys for your input. We still have no real answers. Doesn't anybody else here ever score directly from free kicks and could share their technique? Much appreciated.
  10. MrSix

    MrSix Guest

    I liked when a perp was trying to go over a fence and Vic tossed him the rest of the way over feet up in the air.
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  11. nike121

    nike121 Guest

    i scored about 4-6 goals with simon davies from spurs in my ML (im only in midway of the 1st season.

    my tactic is to just shoot away from the keeper. Lets say i got fouled on the outside of the box, this is perfect as its not hard to score but not easy to always do it...

    what i do is aim away from the keeper but not all the way to the otherside somewhere in between the post and the middle of the goal..

    POST...........AIM...........MIDDLE OF GOAL.........KEEPER.........POST

    and then never shoot to the middle of the bar ...TAKE NOT I DO NOT USE ANY r1 or ANYTHING I JUST USE SQUARE and still score ;)

    lets say this is the bar


    you do somewhere liek


    or a little more but not touching the middle line.

    as soon as he kicks the ball i move the Dpad down or down left or down right.

    lets say i take the above example

    POST...........AIM...........MIDDLE OF GOAL.........KEEPER.........POST

    with this i would hold DOWN-RIGHT so the ball bends slightly and goes straight in the back of the net.

    this works sometimes for me and its wonderful, but yes the game doesnt let you always score directly.
  12. Placebo

    Placebo Ԁlɐɔǝqo

    3 May 2003
    La Manga Del Mar Menor, Spain.
    Sheffield Wednesday
    LOL yeah that was one of the first eps of season 4? That made me laugh as well, then they cut to him being in a cell and his face is all messed up :)
  13. steel_ps2

    steel_ps2 Guest

    well........i have mostly sscored shot at the opposite....side of the wall....with using a player good @ curling the power and has a good power @ shooting..........the goal looks amazing when watching the GOALIE doing nothing !
  14. Mozz

    Mozz Non-League

    10 November 2002
    Southampton FC
    I hate free kicks.
    Everyone in my play group has a problem that noone else seems to on Pro Evo 4, WE8 and WE8LE.
    If the free kick is being taken by a left footer then the ball will just loop straight up in air with hardly any power and just drop really short of the goal.
    I tried using left footers in free training and it was fine, only happens in ganes. Agh!!!!!
  15. bummy_jab

    bummy_jab League 2

    9 August 2004
    When taking free kicks.... You have to TRY and get it with one tap... if u do a double tap and land in the middle chances are the shot will go over the bar.... If your taking fk from very very close up... You might wanna double tap and hold back on the d-pad..... also dont go half way go about 3/4 of the way.... curling is up to you.... it all depends on the angle and the player your shooting with...... Henry for example has more power than lets say Beckham..... so shooting fk with henry you would have to use less power but more accuracy.... Meanwhile with beckham u can aim in the middle but u have to use more power since his curl is really high........

    If you see 3 guys on the wall i suggest you hold up because this adds more power... if its 4 on the wall chances are u dont need that much power so i would just try to shoot and curl away from the goalie........ aim in between the keeper and the post and curl away.... again this all depends on who your taking the free kick with.....
  16. Mack

    Mack Champions League

    8 August 2003
    how this has gone from freekicks to the shield? but anyhow season 4 hasnt aired in the uk yet! how many eps are you up to?
  17. makis

    makis Guest

    can someone post what each button is doing first of all so we can have that clear before moving o technique. what is R1, R2 etc doing. How about up and down...?
  18. Golden Go@l

    Golden Go@l League 1

    19 February 2005
    Has anyone scored by pressing down and circle with full power? It is a grounder with medium power. I discovered it by accident. Sometimes ball will go beneath wall if they jump.
  19. seank

    seank Conference

    16 April 2005
    how can i do that when i press the select button..and another player stands next to ball.,what do i do next that he will step on the ball or something?
  20. Aku_28

    Aku_28 League 2

    7 August 2004
    FC Internazionale Milano
    You have to press R3 to make him touch the ball and shoot whit the firts player or is you whant the second player make the shoot I think you have to hold L1 or R1 and then press [ ] or O

    That its
  21. splasher

    splasher Non-League

    22 September 2004
    Yeah, I was playing against Russia last night and they did that: one player (on a direct free kick) just nugded it forward for Smertin i think to stride onto it and whack it. I didn't know that was in the game! I'll try the tapping R3 thing.
  22. nedostizni

    nedostizni League 2

    23 September 2003
    hm, no there are no problems with you guys, the japs realy blow the thing down with the freek kicks this time.
    I haven`t played LE, but if it is like on WE8 and PES4 than it is the disaster.
    The problem is definetly the efe. On all last version there was the rule that holding the R1 and the d-pad side (left or result) with appropiate foot kicker - let`s you do the free kick smoothly. But this time it is not the case. For some reason if you move while aiming left or right a bit, the ball will go in completly other direction then you told it where to go. I can`t explain it like this, by words, will take some screenshot to do that.

    The god thing is usig the circel button, and using the select, R3 and low ground shot wich when the ball is close to the box result in a goal (the keeper is just watching it how the ball enters to the goal)but ther rest is a completly mess, wich has never been the case since the first ISS.
  23. Brosgwy

    Brosgwy Guest

    :r1: - add power to the shot
    :r2: - take power from the shot
    Up - add even more power than :r1: to the shot
    Down - take even more power than :r2: from the shot
    Left/Right - Curling
    :square: - Normal Free Kick
    :circle: - Long Pass Free Kick
    There are players that can't free kick well, but can long pass well, that are able to score goals from set pieces with the Circle button. it's easier in short distances(21m-16m)because the ball almost always goes over the wall.

    To long distances shots i tend to use curlers rather than power free kickers, because their shots are inaccurative, and for those shots (28m-34m)i reccommend 1 or 2 taps after the middle bar(depending on what player you're using)

    for 25m-28m, i hold square to middle bar, and curl away from keeper

    for 21m-25m, i use the down button on the D-pad, and or curl away from keeper or just aim where i want to shot

    hope that helps somebody
  24. ruffneckc

    ruffneckc Salad Yute!

    27 April 2003
    New York
    Arsenal FC

    Excellent stuff.. thank you very much
  25. RuneEdge

    RuneEdge Silent Assassin

    1 October 2003
    Manchester United
    I'm pretty sure that R1 and R2 affects the height of the shot and not the power. I mean, why would Konami have 4 different power levels PLUS a bar?
  26. santi18

    santi18 Captain

    4 September 2004
    Jonesboro, GA
    I have a way to score from very close range, let's say inside the half moon, or around it, just hold R2 and barely touch circle over the wall, that always works for me, but sometimes you might get a defender to head the ball, so you might wanna practice it first, just shoot it over the wall, tap circle, always works for me
  27. Nturtle

    Nturtle Guest

    Good stuff! Will definitely have to try it today!
  28. nedostizni

    nedostizni League 2

    23 September 2003
    yes.The R1 also effects on a better lowing down (after the ball pass the wall, it is falling faster).

    exactly! This thinghaven`t been from the WE and ISS on the PSOne. I think that is the one of the bad things that were back. There is a very small chance to score a goal (to be honest i haven`t seen any of those) when your shooting the ball over the heads of the wall. The point is that you have to aim it between the heads. But now there is a other problem - you just don`t know where will the ball go after shot (in other way: the ball hits the heads, even if you didn`t set it up so). I realise that on this effects most of the things, like curling, the current "arrow" (mood) of the player... But i think that it went to far. After all this is supose to be a game, not reality. And yes, the game is tending to become a reality, but i think that in this way the things are getting just worst.

    and about the power bar at the free kicks - there has ALWAYS been a rule that you need to press it by your own sense. After some time of playing, you will own an sense to know how much power should you fill in. If you take care of have you filled it to the half or the 3/4 you will do nothing. And there is another WE8/PES4/WE8LE mistake - you can`t turn off the line on the power bar wich indicates the middle. On the last version, when the "name block" are turned that line has been too. But now it isn`t the case. The line stay there. And even if you want to shoot by a your sense, you can`t do that cause the line is bottering you, and "making you" to watch out how much power have you filled in.
  29. dmce

    dmce Non-League

    30 October 2002
    Paisley, Scotland

    Pause the game and have a look at the button settings. This gives an idea to what the buttons do for free kicks.
  30. OBBB

    OBBB Non-League

    14 January 2004
    As far as I'm concerned, R2 is used to curl the ball over the wall and R1 is used to give a more linear trajectory to the ball, which stays up longer, allowing for longer range shot.
    My quick reference list to free kick:

    16-20m : press down on the D-Pad + :square: up to halfway on the power bar (the better the striker's FK accuracy skills, the stronger you can shoot but never more than halway!). Straight after the shot, press left or right on the D-Pad to curl sideways.
    Note that curling is minimal due to the short distance (not much more than a ball's width sideways)

    20-25m: Hold :r2: + :square: up to halway on the power bar. Straight after the shot, press down + left or right on the D-Pad (depending on the direction of the curl you want to put on the ball).
    The :r2: shot will curl over the wall, whilst holding down after the shot will cause the ball to dip more quickly. Note that side curling is weaker when pressing down + left or right

    25-30: Hold :r1: + :square: a bit more than 1/2 of the power bar.

    30+m : :r1: plus hold up the D-Pad for added power. Don't press down after the shot as you want the ball to fly for as long as possible. A left or right inside curl is a plus though quite hard to gauge because of the long distance.

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