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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by lanrie19, 6 October 2008.

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  1. lanrie19

    lanrie19 Non-League

    2 February 2003
    Yes it is true. I was confused for a while but now I see clearly. You can mock me but I comfortable with my preference. I don't care if my friends and family disown me, I just want to be happy!

    Sorry to say guys but this year I a somewhat disappointed with PES09. It is much better than 2008 and the gameplay has improved but it just doesn't feel like it has made enough progression over the years. My feelings are based on the demo so I hope (seriously doubt it) that the proper version is better.

    My mate got Fifa the other day and asked me to go and rent it from blockbuster (bear in mind I have refused to play fifa since 99 and am/was a DIEHARD pro evo fan since ISS98!!!!!) I got the game purely so I could take the piss out of him for making me pay £6 pound for 'this crap'!

    Put the game in and had about 3 games online... wow!

    Don't get me wrong, I am not saying the game play is better than pes09 but I am not saying it isn't either. It is different to pro but it isn't the same as the old fifas. It has borrowed from pro massively and worked on it! So it offers a different style of play it isn't perfect but it is just as enjoyable as 'the way pro was'.

    Just to distinguish myself from all the other 'Fifa converts', I will summarise my reasons below and whoever wants to, can criticise appropriately:

    Fifa09 v PES09


    Massive improvement! Fifa has massively ripped off pro's gameplay mechanics and further developed it. The passing is good, through balls are fantastic! The ball physics have improved and the shooting is thoroughly enjoyable. I would have to say that it still has the slight element of delay between you telling it what to do and it actually doing it but this is minimal and the important thing is you feel in control!


    What can I say... EA have always gone all out when it comes to presentation. The intro, the soundtracks, replays, crowds, commentary... the list goes on and I don't think that it needs any clarification.

    Pro has crappy music, piss poor intro, graphics are an improvement but still unconvincing. And how is it possible to make the champions league look crap!


    Lets just say, Fifas got a LOT of kits. Pro has a few, oh, and it's got Man U and Liverpool licences aswell!

    WENB (Adam) - "Oh, great, does that mean we have the rest of the Premier League?

    Seabass - "No, we have replaced the Premier League with this years new feature, we call it the Master League! And instead of using the leagues local currency we have decided that it is more rational to use our new currency of WE points! Isn't that great!"

    WENB (Adam) - "...Yeah...? Good job Seabass..."


    My, my, my... online is flawless! No lag, whatsoever! 10 v 10, I was never convinced of its practicality, but it works online and if it is your thing you can do it. Pro is still struggling to do 2 v 2!

    Online leagues and competitions - thats is all I wanted from pro evo. Decent gameplay and online tournaments but Seabass is struggling to keep the gameplay at a good standard!

    The thing missing from Fifa is online cups and being able to watch other peoples games, now that would be fantastic!


    Fact of the matter is I think Fifa's gameplay this year is just as good as pro evos. I always said 'if fifa's gameplay was just as good, then I would get fifa'. Why? Because PES/Konami/Seabass have been taking the piss for the past 5 years! 'Tweaking' the gameplay back and fourth like we don't see that they have ran out of ideas! They haven't added anything new (or at least of significance) for a long time!

    On top of that, I think PES has lost its direction and as a result of not focusing on the real issues, it is starting to go back backwards.

    PES09's gameplay (Based on demo) is better than last years, but that is easy. This years version leaves a lot to be desired, the gameplay feels very clunky but I am sure that I would get used to it - and this is the thing! Seabass produces all this crap and we say oh well its pro evo, its better than all the rest and we will 'get used to it'.

    I am no longer blindly following PES09. I am now a fan of football. I say whoever can combine good gameplay with good graphics; online functions and good presentation, gets my money. Failing that I will settle for gameplay and online functionality.

    Who knows, Fifa may have gotten lucky with its gameplay this year and may mess it up next year. If that is the case, and PES is better next year, then I will get PES.
  2. dungbeetle

    dungbeetle Non-League

    7 September 2005
    Nothing more to add to that really.

    Sums up the current situation quite well, I think. :((

    EDIT: OK, having thought really hard, maybe:
    1. I do prefer the way PES looks on the pitch to be honest (cleaner, clearer and smoother), but that's just a personal preference, I suppose.
    2. I still get passes going astray with PES. Everything seems to work at 45 degree angles. If the 45 degree 'notch' bisects two players, it's anybody's guess which way it will go. Sometimes it even stuffs the pass between the two, ready for the opposition to mop up. :ROLL:
    Last edited: 6 October 2008
  3. TiezZ

    TiezZ I ate all the pies!!!

    25 September 2008
    My first thought was that you're gonna anounce that you're gay...??
  4. Dar

    Dar Part Timer Staff

    21 February 2003
    My first thought was that he was gonna announce PESfan was gay... But thats not exactly news, I guess it's more wishful thinking they would just admit it... :lol:
  5. dotkira

    dotkira Banned

    2 October 2008
    I tried FIFA, but it was far too realistic for me.

    Also they don't even have shark heads which shows how far behind they are.
  6. pj_puttz

    pj_puttz League 1

    13 October 2006
    How have Konami allowed EA to overtake them this way? It's nothing short of a disgrace.

    Seppuku for Seabass!
  7. pj_puttz

    pj_puttz League 1

    13 October 2006
    Now that is funny. :LOL:
  8. H4RDY

    H4RDY ateyate

    17 September 2004
    London, UK
    It is true, it is very hard to disagree with the points you make. The observations that you made were all apparent from ea's demo, which was a very different fifa to what we're used to.

    For me personally, fifa still does not satisfy me when it comes to gameplay, I like you have been playing pro from the early psone days before most people didn't know what ISS was, and since then I have always like the total control that pro evo gives the 12th man. However bad the version of pro is on any given year, the gameplay still had that element of total control and solidity that fifa has never offered and still doesnt offer with this years game. When I feel that fifa does accomplish a solid system, EDIT: it will make for a very easy decision.

    Despite initially thinking the demo was triumphant, I have to re-assess my position. The demo is a solid playable experience compared to last year, but it is not next-gen. That is what takes the "jam out of my donut". If nothing drastic happens next year with regards to animations and game mechanics that demonstrates the future of the game, I think fifa will get my money for the first time. Ever.

    So pull yourself together Konami, you losing touch.
    Last edited: 6 October 2008
  9. winston

    winston Champions League

    7 August 2005
    You didn't even mention the superb tactical options in FIFA09. You need to explore these in depth. They transform the way the game plays in amazing ways.
  10. dungbeetle

    dungbeetle Non-League

    7 September 2005
    BTW, nice avatar, winston. :thumbup: :DD
  11. Aboutreika18

    Aboutreika18 Too Black, Too Strong

    5 September 2006
  12. ruffneckc

    ruffneckc Salad Yute!

    27 April 2003
    New York
    Arsenal FC
    Great points lanrie19. I'm in total agreement - I have supported PES since I put WE6I in my PS2 when it launched here in the States. I have been really unimpressed with the demo and the FIFA demo has blown me away in all sense of the word. I think Seabass will come good again but this year it's FIFA 09 for me. Although, having introduced a few family members and friends to PES way back, I'm having a hard time getting them to see why I think FIFA 09 is so special. They're main complaint is that they can't be bothered relearning how to play FIFA after so many years of PES. I'll keep trying though, FIFA 09 is definitely something special.
  13. SaintScott

    SaintScott League 1

    17 December 2002
    Southampton, finally.
    Well, it was kinda funny the first time, when someone else said it in 2003. It was ALMOST funny the 1st time he said it too, cos it was so long since I'd heard it, but the 10th time in various different threads... not so much.

    I wonder what he got banned for ?

    Um, and isn't this more appropriate for the FIFA part of the Forum ?
  14. dungbeetle

    dungbeetle Non-League

    7 September 2005
    The controls in FIFA are now fully customisable, so you can have exactly the same button configuration as in PES.

    (Good grief - what am I saying? :(()
  15. iluvnineties

    iluvnineties Banned

    18 April 2008
    Boston, Massachusetts, USA
    FC Porto
    you're in disbelief that fifa is better than pes ;))
  16. bummy_jab

    bummy_jab League 2

    9 August 2004

    This is what upsets me MOST in PES right now. IF there are two players next to you on the same side and you want to pass to the one further away, sometimes the pass doesnt make it to him. Instead it goes to the player closer even though you were NOT aiming at him. The passing is so fkin off in PES its not even funny.
  17. Falastine

    Falastine League 1

    18 June 2006
    Tried Fifa yesterday on ps3 but it is shit and will never ever reach pes gameplay maybe nice stadiums turfs and shit but after a while i need good gameplay and it isn't there and will never be there!
  18. H4RDY

    H4RDY ateyate

    17 September 2004
    London, UK
    Thats why you hold down the pass button longer to reach the guy further away.
  19. jo180285

    jo180285 Non-League

    4 May 2006
    its a shame because i have followed pro evo for years but fifa this this year and last are ahead in the next gen battle.

    i must admit i am very happy with fifa
  20. dungbeetle

    dungbeetle Non-League

    7 September 2005
    Yeah. I do appreciate that there is that facility, H4RDY.

    However my original comment referred to situations, for example, where you have two players ahead of you at roughly the same distance and you'll maybe try to play a through ball. You'll push the direction stick in one player's direction and the pass will go to the other, usually failing miserably 'cos it was the wrong ball to play.
  21. paul0z

    paul0z Non-League

    19 July 2008
    If you hold the pass button down (x) it will pass to to player furthest away easily solved! btw I think fifa 09 is crap dull & slow:DD
  22. Trequartista10

    Trequartista10 Non-League

    5 October 2008
    Fifa is really realistic, but unfortunately its not as free flowing as Pro Evo. I feel like the overall gameplay is very restrictive, there is no individual differences between very good players and world class players. I feel as if players are stuck to their rigid formations, their positional sense from an attacking point of view is pretty poor imo.
  23. sattan_hussein

    sattan_hussein Championship

    6 December 2004
    Ryo de Janeiro
    I think that's The Fundamental Theorem of PES. But on the demo, sometimes using trough passes the player seems to pass randomly, much like dungbeetle said. Maybe there's something new that I didn't get yet.
  24. topbwoy

    topbwoy Non-League

    25 April 2006

    AT LAST........someone that knows what they're talking about. After being a loyal pro evo fan since ISS, i have to admit that i gave in and bought fifa09 to see what the fuss is about, after giving it a chance i was slowly starting to enjoy and it is enjoyable, however, every team seems to be the same, star players like ronaldo, kaka, ronaldinho etc don't do anything special when you're playing against them (even on legendary setting). 1 on 1's always seem to just sail into the net.
    Chipped thru-balls cant be implemented quickly enough in my opinon as the energy bar jus takes too long, by the time u release, your mans offside. :((

    For all of fifa's great layout and visuals, its pro evo for me altho i have to admit fifa did reel me in to a certain point.
  25. ruffneckc

    ruffneckc Salad Yute!

    27 April 2003
    New York
    Arsenal FC
    I see your point. It does grate because we're used to the lightening responses in PES but to be honest. I'm liking the challenge of re-learning my timing in FIFA 09, you basically have to be one-step ahead of play and keep momentum when going forward. It works quite well when you get used to it really.
  26. Rodelero

    Rodelero A.K.A. Xaor

    21 September 2007
    Don't tell me players don't feel different. I play with Arsenal, so there is a mix of players. Walcott is lightening fast, but gets knocked off the ball in half a second.

    Adebayor, awful control, appalling first touch, bad acceleration, quite quick when he gets up to speed, awful finishing, but decently strong. etc. etc.

    They all have their own styles. They all feel very definitely different. With the tactical controls, there are a wealth of different possibilities of how you want them to play and move.

    As for players being stuck to their formations... Unless you've set them up to be 'Organised' in chance creation and build up play, they are fairly flowing. I've scored some wonderfully flowing passing goals.

    You make the flow. If you play messily, the flow will be crap, if you play accurately, efficiently, the flow is brilliant.
  27. Trequartista10

    Trequartista10 Non-League

    5 October 2008
    I've only played the demo, but with Real Madrid they have a free form formation, but I don't see it to be very free form.

    I'm sorry but I'm only saying what I see, I see Robben always stuck on the left wing, he never goes into the box to get to end of a low cross, the same with Sneider, very rarely does he position himself near the center of the box. I know they are supposed to be wide midfielders, but seriously in a real game do you see wide midfielders stay isolated on the wings for 90 minutes. Very rarely do I see my wingbacks like Sergio Ramos bomb up the wings and get to the byline. Maybe they're not set to attack in that formation, but its the same with Chelsea's Bosingwa and A.Cole who I know are very attack minded in real life. I see them come up but they're always behind the winger and when I press to make them they move pretty slowly and rarely get far up the wing, by that time I have to pass the ball to someone else.

    I seriously want to believe you that players in the full game don't do exactly what the formation tells them. But from some of the goals in videos I've seen from other players, I see bad positioning from the midfielder from an offensive point of view. I rarely see anyone score with a midfielders because they don't position themselve in the correct areas in and around the box, its always the same two strikers scoring. To me this shows how restrictive Fifa still is.
    Last edited: 9 October 2008
  28. aitken

    aitken International

    29 July 2007
    Manchester United
    this is my point, fifa has went forward, pes went backwards.
    the whole d-pad skill thing is a really bad idea from konami, im sorry but konami keep this up with the whole charging us full price for, lets say half finished game, then its r.i.p pes

    fifa has worked on gameplay and listened to feedback, pes, they never, seabass basically did what he thought was best and it was for worst. for the first time, i'm not buying pes. fifa is the game this year, its saddly true. fifa has everything and more than pes has to offer, all pes has went for is the whole champions league appeal and that doenst win me over. i like to play a real flowwing game, when u play fifa, if ur good at it, the game does flow, its realistic, pes its like a chip ball through and thats like u got a chance on goal half the time.
    i will argue anyone who honestly thinks pes is better than fifa this year, there actually on acid or something
  29. shevyi

    shevyi Conference

    20 August 2004
    Fifa is a nice game...But when i see from distance players like Ambrosini, Borriello, Kaladze, Raul, Maldini and many more and cant recognize them...
    They've all short hairs!!!!That is really incredible for a game that made graphics its 1st choice...
    Pes is not the best graphic and he knows but instead the gameplay is and has always been better than fifa.
    After years and years of konami, last year i bought fifa 08. In the beginning it was great, really enjoyable, but after some games it started to b weird...Always the same actions, same shoots...
    So, i am a we/pes fan since decades...I gave Fifa some chances(98/08) but nothing is like pes!!!
    It is not a negative comment against Fifa, this is a supporting act 4 PES...
  30. finn1986

    finn1986 Champion of the world

    10 July 2005
    Manchester United

    I guess maybe becos last year u bought fifa08 instead of Pro Evo 2008 for ps3.. lol!
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