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Wii Music

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by pboreham, 20 November 2008.

  1. pboreham

    pboreham Kick. Snare. Hat. Ride.

    5 August 2002
    Southend Utd
    Picked this up at half-time last night.

    Superb fun! More complex than people give it credit for, whilst still being accessible.

    And the 'freestyle drum' mode is worth the money (ok, I only paid £11 for it), where you use the wiimote and 'chuck with the balance board - which works really well.

    There are also drum lessons in this mode which you can apply to real life (and GH/RB) to show you timing, drum fills and all manner of other techniques.

    Doubt anyone wants this, but if you have any questions on it - fire away!

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