why is it my connection is green till i start to play

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by bramley, 24 October 2009.

  1. bramley

    bramley League 2

    20 October 2007
    passed all a`s on the konami site

    but then it never stays green and im yet to play anyone with a green symbol

    any tips
  2. stuboy

    stuboy Non-League

    23 October 2009
    same thing happens with me, my rep has been ruined due to loads of games being abandoned due to worsening signal
  3. stumpy_uk

    stumpy_uk League 2

    11 December 2002
    Yes Online is problematic again, it does work and two yellows is still pretty playable at times, but I dont get why it changes.

    The other one that gets me is we have leagues based on country and you would have thought people would for the majority stick to the country for connections but the English one is full of every nationality which is not a major issue unless you go quick match or 2 v 2 where the latency is obviously a major issue. Dont get me wrong I love the fact we can play people from other areas but when it shows green on the front and then you play and its RED and unplayable then lets get localism working 1st and then expand.....

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