Where have all the onliners gone?

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by NozNoz, 7 January 2008.

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  1. NozNoz

    NozNoz Non-League

    21 November 2005
    I very rarely get a UK player in PES2008 so presumed a lot of people were still on PES6.

    I have just re-installed PES6 and there is 4 people on the whole PC server!

    Where has everyone gone?
  2. nokmond

    nokmond Conference

    24 August 2005
    Probably to fifa cos pes is dog shite now.
  3. NozNoz

    NozNoz Non-League

    21 November 2005
    Funnily enough i installed that today too, even worse.
  4. Bill

    Bill Conference

    23 November 2007
    we all go on the french pc lobby now
  5. jonnyluvrod

    jonnyluvrod Championship

    9 August 2005
    Konami has taken all the fun out of PES in favour of their profits.
    Most gamers have given up on 08 and started playing other games like myself.
    Still occasionally play a few online games of 6 but have to say thats getting a little tiresome now.
    What a shame PES is no longer respected by the people that matter:(
  6. terry-tibbs

    terry-tibbs Banned

    7 September 2007
    well said jonny, they hav fuked this classic pes series up with 2008, seabass shud be saddam hussained in my opinion, i bet he,s a frikin muslim twat aswell
  7. rudi_dog

    rudi_dog Non-League

    11 March 2007
    We run an online league on pes6 and a lot of our members play on the French lobbys coz they are always quite full 400-500people at least!

    But yeh a lot of mates i usually play pro with are now playing FIFA :(
  8. DZA187

    DZA187 Conference

    25 December 2006
    North East
    Newcastle United
    i keep getting spanish or german kids on 2008 :(
  9. cumburlop

    cumburlop Non-League

    18 February 2003
    PES2008 is crap, but what relation does this topic have with Muslims or Christians? You should know that Saddam was a person hated also by most of the Muslims. Just show some respect for peoples' beliefs and save your sick racist thoughts for yourself.
  10. kristian826

    kristian826 Goodbye PES

    14 August 2007
    Real Madrid
    There are still plenty English players at PES 6 online,but they aren't at English lobby,they are all over other lobbys(French,German)cause there are most active players.
  11. Faz

    Faz Balondero

    16 December 2007
    Your absolutely right mate. Saddam was hated by most muslims, terry learn some fuckin' respect mate because it's people like you who bring down communities.

    And about PES online, i dont have pes6 but 400-500 people lol.
    In pes2008 there's like 12 :lmao:
  12. Simcut

    Simcut BF3 Addict

    1 September 2007
    Hertfordshire, England
    Newcastle & Barnet
    Seabass might be a cock for releasing PES 2008 but he's not as much as a cock as you, you racist wanker.
  13. spoon71

    spoon71 been there done that

    10 November 2003
    seabass is strait genius - he thought: "i gotta do something to not repeat our mistake of pes6 when we had servers overloaded during weekends and almost full on week days (and nights! doh!)....
    muahahaha. i know already!"

    and that's how pes2008 was born.
  14. Faz

    Faz Balondero

    16 December 2007
    Im confused, who is seabass? i thought he's just some user on the forums. What you mean he relesaes pes lol ?
  15. jonneymendoza

    jonneymendoza Legend

    1 January 2004
    LOL i have to agree with this guy. the guy is more of a cock for being a racist guy. imo terry should be banned imo
  16. Tom

    Tom Administratør Staff

    12 December 2001
    terry-twat banned, thread closed.
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