WHDI - Next Wave of Wireless Audio/Video Connectivity

Discussion in 'Technology' started by Radiation, 25 July 2008.

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    WHDI - Next Wave of Wireless Audio/Video Connectivity

    The hot rumor-of-the-minute on the internet: Sony, Samsung, Hitachi, Motorola and others have teamed up to bring out a Wireless Home Digital Interface that will allow HD video delivery through multiple rooms in your house. So your TV in the Kitchen can catch a Blu Ray movie playing on the living room PlayStation 3.

    As far as the likelihood of this rumor being true, we'd be surprised, honestly, if it wasn't happening. What a missed opportunity that would be, eh? More on this as it develops.


    Reports indicate that Sony, Samsung, Hitachi, Motrola and more specialists have teamed up to form a joint industry development body to bring out a Wireless Home Digital Interface. What this will allow is secure encrypted HD video delivery through multiple rooms and then some with less than one millisecond latency. One member commented "“If you have a TV in the home, that TV will be able to access any source in the home, whether it’s a set-top box in the living room, or the PlayStation in the bedroom, or a DVD player in another bedroom.”"


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    Will be about £100 extra on the price of TVs which if it means no wires is worth it in set up time alone...
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    If I've read that right, I could go into the living room when the family arrives and play Buzz from the PS3 in my bedroom (providing the wireless Buzz controller signal reaches, which it should, it's a very small house). Which would save lugging the PS3 into the living room and disconnecting/connecting/snapping wires every time, and then doing it all again to put it back and play a bit of Battlefield before bed.

    I would definitely pay extra for that.
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    I'm about ready for a wireless HD system from my PC to my TV, getting a bit annoying having a 20m HDMI cable and 20m audio cable running from the kitchen, along the hallway, into the bedroom where the TV is ;)

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