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Discussion in 'Winning Eleven' started by inite, 26 May 2006.

  1. inite

    inite Non-League

    21 May 2006
    The 4 strategy of your game, like right side attack, left side attack, counter attack, centre attack. Thats the 4 of mine anyway.

    I would actually like to have one changed for off-side trap , but i have to do it everytime the opponent gets the ball, kind of troublesome. Is it possible to have it on auto, where (having chosen the offside trap in "modify strategy") whenever the opposition gets the ball, im playing an offside trap?
  2. flesymekili

    flesymekili Guest

    I hardly ever use those. Mine are generally used for formation changes, and then sometimes I try to switch sides.

    A way to have more than just the four setting, at least in WE9, is to use one of them (let's say you use :x: ) for a formation change. You can just set your formation A to the same formation you use (so there is no actual change). Within the new formation, you are allowed to have new settings.

    So for example say you want to do :triangle: for left attack, :circle: for right attack, and have a counter attack and center attack. but you want a offside trap too. well ok, just make :x: your formation A, and within that have :circle: be right attack, :triangle: be left attack, but within your regular formation, have them be counter and center, and then have :square: be your offside trap. That seems like a good setting to me.

    Its also nice because if you want to really screw with someone, you can make your formation A a line defense system. So you'll be marking like normal, and if you have your trap as part of the formation A, you can suddenly switch to a line defense and do a trap. I'm gonna try to piss off my roommate with that one.

    ok sorry for the really long explanation. but yeah, offside trap takes some getting used to. and yes your team automatically executes it. A is more aggressive trap, C is less. I think it works a little better if you're doing a line defense, but its pretty hard to execute especially on tougher settings. but its fun to do 2 player because you get a laugh when it really doesn't work. :)
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  3. There is no line defense anymore in we10

    1. Attacking formation (very useful when losing, or when you need to score goals)
    2. Counter attack (attackers might be way too far ahead, it will be easier for the opponent to intercept the ball easily, so it shouldn't be used all the time, unless players have very high teamwork state, good strategy when defending)
    3. Offside trap, (very effective if you know how to see the map carefully and reading your opponent mind, it could save a lot of trouble for you if you know how to use it)
    4. Defensive formation (very useful when you want to defend at the end of the game or one of your team players got red card)
  4. lazylen

    lazylen Conference

    14 October 2004
    I always play with Chelsea and the styles I play depend on my opponent. But most of the time I play center attack and my two wingers to change sides...and sometimes I let my CB overlap so Terry is send forward...good strategy...has made me back to back to back champions in the english league which I play with my mates :)
  5. inite

    inite Non-League

    21 May 2006
    very nice. Appreciate all your explainations.

    Still, i've qot a question. Assuming i just need 4 of them, and since theres 4 allowed, shouldnt be a problem.

    "I would actually like to have one changed for off-side trap , but i have to do it everytime the opponent gets the ball, kind of troublesome. Is it possible to have it on auto"
  6. Stealth131

    Stealth131 Non-League

    12 August 2003
    Well if you don't use all 4 strategies; I *think* there's a semi-automatic strategy option which allows you to to control one of the strategies, whilst the computer controls the other 3 that you have chosen. I think that's right - but not 100% sure as I do it manually. One you learn how to use it properly, it does become very effective.
  7. inite

    inite Non-League

    21 May 2006
    ya, i've been using them manually since the last few installments. And im glad WE10 made it even more obvious, tactically. It shows through the players
  8. flesymekili

    flesymekili Guest

    i'd love to have answered that... but i live in the united states, and unfortunately have to wait FOREVER for WE10. :( :( :(

    but yeah, in WE9, you can make one manual and three automatic. i'm not sure if that is what you're asking. if you want your team to automatically trap, just raise that setting to "A".
  9. You can set the offside trap in team settings to A if you want the CPU to do it as much as possible but I don’t recommended it

    The offside trap in strategies is only for manual use, weather its manual or semi-manual, I haven't tired the new option called full auto in we10 yet
  10. PLF

    PLF Legend

    2 August 2004
    1. Counter-attack
    2. Offside Trap
    3. CB overlap
    4. Formation B (if I've set)

    These are my usual 4 but sometimes depending on what team I'm playing as and their strengths down the flanks I use "Right side attack" or "Left side attack" (Whichever is the proper one for that team and more strong that I want to get involved).

    And sometimes I use "Opposite side attack"
  11. Dolomite

    Dolomite Non-League

    8 May 2006
    i was to ask a similar question for strategy

    maybe its a weird question but,

    - will 2 or more strategies work at the same time???
    for example, L2 + square and L2+Circle, both buttons appear on the little box on the corner, will only the first command work or have high priority???

    what strategy would you recommend me for slow teams with weak defense
    im using ukraine, japan and colombia almost all the time and they are too slow for pressure attacks/counter attacks and defense there responde is slow

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