Whats the best long pass method?

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by god84, 7 July 2008.

  1. god84

    god84 League 1

    22 August 2007
    Myriad Island
    Liverpool, Roma and BvB
    watchin all the spectacular goals that i have seen people score in pes2008 got me thinking why cant i do it on this game. now i used to score all types of team goals in the previous games but this one a traditional volley is hard to come by and over head kicks are pretty much non-exhistant.

    so i wanna know what you guys think about how people score these goals....is it down to a players stats? or is it down to the long pass method e.g in previous pesgames i used manual long pass method 5.

    i dont know but its annoyin me has i play as a range of teams Liverpool, Arsenal and Barcelona being my main teams on pes2008 but still non of the flamboyant goals that i see on sites. so please any info drop it in here :DD
  2. god84

    god84 League 1

    22 August 2007
    Myriad Island
    Liverpool, Roma and BvB
  3. [CoN]sole

    [CoN]sole Dutch pride

    7 May 2003
    The Netherlands
    Argentina/AC Milan
    Always used method 5, best way to go imo. But i agree with you on volleys and overhead kicks, they are pretty rare. I remember in PES5 I made a long pass over the defense directly dropping over the shoulder of my striker whick took it immediatly on the volley.... one of the most realistic finishes I ever made on a Pro Evo game. Pretty much cannot be done like that in Pro Evo 2008. Looking forward to Pro Evo 2009, hope they improve on the ball physics!
  4. Professor Nutmeg

    Professor Nutmeg ML Fanatic

    3 July 2002
    Master League
    You used to get loads of volleys and overhead kicks in the ISS days.
  5. god84

    god84 League 1

    22 August 2007
    Myriad Island
    Liverpool, Roma and BvB
    cheers sole. so i stick with 5 then lol. and like my players would rather run and crouch to head it than smack it on the half/full volley. i just miss the football this game used to have.
  6. praveasy

    praveasy Gunner 4 Life!!

    13 October 2007
    I have scored my share of volleys mate..usually with players like Tevez,Ronaldo,Scholes,rooney,lampard,Van persie and along with players like Schwarz in my ML.The one thing i think these players have in common is their Shot Technique and power.i usally chest long balls down or use the aerial through balls to score volley...

    That thing about heading the ball instead of Volleying it..you might want to let the ball come down before you load up your Shot meter.

    Hope you score some fantastic Goals.
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