trouble installing kitserver

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by laertes311, 1 July 2008.

  1. laertes311

    laertes311 Non-League

    17 April 2008
    Edit: sorry, hit 'enter' while i was editing the title...should read '7.2.0'

    anyways...i've downloaded and extracted kitserver 7.2.0 to my PES2008 installation folder and have attempted to install it but every time receive the message that PES2008.exe is an invalid EXE. i've been digging around but i haven't been able to find what exactly is going wrong here.

    i should mention that i'm running vista 64 bit as i have no clue how this affects things.

    thanks in advance.
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  2. laertes311

    laertes311 Non-League

    17 April 2008
  3. Hawke

    Hawke ♫ Celery , Celery ♫ Staff

    19 January 2005

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