Toffees set for cash injection

Discussion in 'Football' started by cal-neva, 22 December 2004.

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    Everton are a step closer to a potential £30 million windfall, according to the man in charge of the financiers involved in investing in the club, with nearly £13 million available for January.

    "We have the money, it is being processed and Everton will have it as soon as possible," said a club spokesman.

    "If anybody understands the complications of money transfers around the world, they will know that these things take time.

    "In fact the consortium was over-subscribed, but the money is being paid in dollars from New York and the man who has the final say on its release is in New Zealand.

    "We actually have the money in our account but we are now waiting for the final agreement to set up the fund in Brunei.

    "Cash transfers can take three or four days, and I hope it is with Everton by Christmas."
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  2. gam3r

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    9 June 2004
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    woah, thats alot of money to spend in the transfer window...£13m...especially for everton. They deserve it at least :)

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