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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by marcolavorini, 23 May 2006.

  1. marcolavorini

    marcolavorini Non-League

    17 May 2006
    Hi, I'm completely new to all this playing patched versions etc. Basically I have seen a patched version of Pro Evo 5, now what i want to know is if I buy this swap magic disk will I be able to play a patched version of pro evo 5 on my PAL system? or is it more complicated than this?


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  2. Prentom

    Prentom Guest

    Hey, I'm from Norway, and have a PAL system. You can use it, but you need to remove the front of the "DVD-holder", the thingy that comes out when you play games. I tried to manually remove it, but its stuck. I just broke it off. You don't really need it, just be careful when doing it, or else you might break it. But it's not hard to do. Here you can watch a video for how to use the Swap Magic 3. http://www.swapmagic3.com/Swap_Magic_Feature.htm. Just try to do the same as in the video, I strugled a bit, just watch what's in the video, and do the same yourself.
    I bought the Swap Magic 3.6, was afraid it wouldn't work, but it did, and I don't regret buying it. :)
  3. Bobo21

    Bobo21 League 2

    25 July 2002
    New York
    Spend the lousy 25 bucks or so for a flip top cover as well and save yourself (and your PS2) from attempting to manually modify the tray loader.
  4. marcolavorini

    marcolavorini Non-League

    17 May 2006

    Thanks, However I'm none the wiser on what I actually need. On the website there is mention of Magic switch, slide tool and flip top as well as the cd disks. Do i need all of these or do I just need the disks and the slide tool? Sorry to seem so confused. thanks:)
  5. alexperez

    alexperez Always up to no good

    2 August 2004
  6. thegreatone

    thegreatone Non-League

    25 April 2006
    The Cheapest and easiest way if you have Slim PS2 is to;

    1. Buy swap magic discs, no need for any of those really shitty tools, I had a major problem with one of them recently, it short-circuited my system, basically destroying it. Plus the installation of them is never as easy as they make it look, unless you actually open up a PS2 and look inside, you have no real idea what your trying to do with the bloody thing, which completely defeats its purpose. They are a waste of time and money..!!!

    Now back to what I suggest

    2. Open up your PS2 (don't freak out, its not that big a deal and its really very simply constructed inside, so its very easy to close up again) and tape down the small switch that does two things; it engages the disc into its spin and it allows the laser to read the disc. The switch is normally pressed down by the hinge on the flip-top lid when you shut it, but by taping it down yourself the system will basically think the lid is always closed, even when its not. It's located right where you think its is, exactly where the hinge of the lid would come down if you closed it. i.e to the top left of where the disc is placed, its a tiny yellow/brown coloured switch, you can't miss it.

    3. Press a small piece of squashed up tissue paper into the slot where the lid clicks into place, its just above the on/off button. Use just enough tissue so that the the tiny button in the slot is pressed down. Its just another security method built into the PS2 which is easily overcome:D . Then cover the tissue with a piece of scotch-tape or whatever. Ya should be able to shut the lid if you do it well enough, using the least amount of tissue as possible.

    4. Finally, and this is the easiest part, press another piece of squased up tissue paper into the slot above the disc stopper, you should see the little white tap move to the right, away from the side of the disc. Your basically disabling the breaks that stop the disc from spinning when you open the lid. This trick just lets you keep the lid open from when you boot up your Swap Magic disc to when you boot your burnt game.

    Thats it\\:o/ , it might sound like a bit of bother but trust me, its not. I did it to my PS2, took me 20 minutes, max, and most of that time was spent taking out the screws to open the PS2. Ok, you'll void your warranty, and if your freaked about that then don't bother, but if you look after your system and don't do anything stupid when you open it up, like mess with the laser or anything, then nothing can really go wrong.

    If you don't have a Slim PS2 the this is obviously of no use to you, but I hope it might be of use to others all the same.
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  7. Himawari

    Himawari Far from home

    3 March 2006
    Philly, PA
    A.S. Roma
    My question here is that 1.) What if I get the "Pro" kit, the one with the stoppers ect. will it work any better than whats mentioned above?
    Also, 2.) how exactly does swap magic work? does it prompt me when to swap the disc? or are there still annoying timing issues?
  8. thegreatone

    thegreatone Non-League

    25 April 2006
    The Pro Kit can make things easier when your modding the disc stopper and the switch for the lid (beside the on/off button). But they wont really help you when you try and flick the tiny switch inside the PS2, which is the most important and only real "necessary" step. It is notoriously difficult to do and if the tool is made of aluminium, there is the strong possibility of ruining your system.

    The answer to your second question is this, there are no real issues when swapping the discs, no special timing is required and you are not prompted to do anything. Its very simple to use, you boot up Swap Magic, wait for the disc to stop spinning, swap it with your back-up, select the correct video mode on screen then choose the boot disc option and your off. The process take about 20 seconds.
  9. drakez

    drakez Non-League

    20 April 2006
    my ps2 (slim - modchipped) won`t work, it won`t even read original games. could it be the laser or something else and how could i figure it out? any help would be appreciated.

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