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    16 September 2006
    I see alot of suggestions here and there, many about stats and licenses.

    For me, I would like to see the PES community support suggestions that change the game dramatically and that we ourselves are unable to do.

    Naturally stats and licences aren't that important as Konami have given us a great edit function and we can freely tweak stats at our choosing.

    I think much of Konami's changes should be in the Master League, here are my suggestions and hopefully you will support them. (if so post "yes" - the more support threads like this have the more chance Konami might implement)

    1) Ability to create more teams & players.

    I feel PES' biggest downfall is that you cannot create a team, you are only restricted to editing over a current team (such as WE United/PES United) and then you can only make so many players from scratch to insert into the game.

    I think you should be able to create around 30 teams and some 500 players.

    Which leads me to my next suggestion.

    2) More leagues in the Master League.

    Currently in the Master League there are 4 leagues of 16 teams and 1 second division of 8 teams.

    I believe that there should be 8 leagues of 16 teams, and there should be a second division in the league you choose to play in (only your league) of 16 teams also, and then a 3rd division of 12 teams, and a 4th of 8 teams.

    So lets say for example you choose PES United and start your Master League with the regular group (Ordaz, Castolo, Miranda etc) in division 4 (where they deserve to play), here is how your setup would look if you created 30 teams (see [1)) complete with 16 players for each team (480 players - 20 left over to use as you like) and wanted your league to be like the England system:

    League A

    Division 1: (Renamed: Barclays English Premiership)

    1 Arsenal (officially licensed)
    2 Aston Villa
    3 Blackburn
    4 Bolton
    5 Charlton
    6 Chelsea
    7 Everton
    8 Fulham
    9 Liverpool
    10 Manchester City
    11 Manchester United (officially licensed)
    12 Middlesbrough
    13 Newcastle
    14 Portsmouth
    15 Tottenham Hotspur
    16 West Ham United

    Division 2: (Renamed Coca-Cola Championship)

    1 Wigan Athletic
    2 Reading
    3 Sheffield United
    4 Watford
    5 Birmingham City (1 of 30 created teams)
    6 Cardiff City (2 of 30)
    7 Coventry City (3 of 30)
    8 Crystal Palace (4 of 30)
    9 Derby (5 of 30)
    10 Hull (6 of 30)
    11 Leeds (7 of 30)
    12 Leicester (8 of 30)
    13 Norwich (9 of 30)
    14 QPR (10 of 30)
    15 Plymouth (11 of 30)
    16 Preston (12 of 30)

    Division 3: (Renamed Coca-Cola League 1)

    1 Sheffield Wednesday (13 of 30)
    2 Southend (14 of 30)
    3 Southampton (15 of 30)
    4 Sunderland (16 of 30)
    5 West Brom (17 of 30)
    6 Wolverhampton (18 of 30)
    7 Ipswich (19 of 30)
    8 Luton (20 of 30)
    9 Stoke (21 of 30)
    10 Barnsley (22 of 30)
    11 Colchester (23 of 30)
    12 Millwall (24 of 30)

    Division 4: (Renamed Coca-Cola League 2)

    1 Nottingham Forest (25 of 30)
    2 Swansea (26 of 30)
    3 Bristol City (27 of 30)
    4 Bradford (28 of 30)
    5 Tranmere (29 of 30)
    6 Bournemouth (30 of 30)
    7 WE United
    8 PES UNITED <--- you are here

    As you can see this person has used all 30 possible created teams to supply his/her chosen league divisions with all the required clubs ... but what about the other 7 leagues that the CPU has control of?

    For these leagues, naturally 4 divisions are not required, but a 2nd division is, but it need only be 4 teams to make relegation/promotion happen, as those teams relegated and promoted in CPU leagues aren't very important as they will likely never qualify for the WEFA Cup let alone the WEFA Championship and thus the human player (you) will never play against them.

    Thus the 7 CPU leagues should look like this:

    League B (1 of 7)

    Division 1: (Renamed Ligue 1)

    1-16 = French teams (all licensed)

    Division 2: 4 other French teams

    League C (2 of 7)

    Division 1: (Renamed Serie A)

    1-16 = Italian teams (all licensed)

    Division 2: 4 other Italian teams

    League D (3 of 7)

    Division 1: (Renamed La Liga)

    1-16 = Spanish teams (all licensed)

    Division 2: 4 other Spanish teams

    League E (4 of 7)

    Division 1: (Renamed Dutch Eredivisie)

    1-16 = Dutch teams (all licensed)

    Division 2: 2 other dutch teams, 2 Belgium teams (Anderlecht & Brugge/brussels/other)

    League F (5 of 7)

    Division 1: (Renamed German Bundesliga)

    1-16 - German teams (unlicensed currently)

    Division 2: 4 other german teams

    League G (6 of 7)

    Division 1: (Renamed Portuguese Superliga)

    1-16 - Portuguese teams (perhaps all licensed?)

    Division 2: 4 other portuguese teams

    League H (7 of 7)

    Division 1: (Mixed league)

    1-16 - Mixed teams with Celtic, Hearts, Kopenhagen, Rosenborg, Sao Paulo, and all the other "other" teams.

    Division 2: 4 other "other" teams.

    As you can see with this 8 league setup (1 4 division league controlled by human player + 7 other cpu leagues) the WEFA Championships and WEFA Cup can now be more like real life European competitions and actually interesting because of this.

    3 - The FA Cup/Copa del Rey

    Only in the 4 division human controlled league should a new cup be added called "the all-division cup" which the player can rename to the FA Cup if they have chosen to play in an England type League or the Copa del Rey if they have chosen to recreate the Spanish system and use their 30 user created teams to make Segunda Division teams and a few others. (or any other league setup that person might like to make)

    So if the the human player chosen the England type league, "the all-division cup" (renamed FA Cup) would give the user the chance right from the 1st season in the Master League to take his/her 4th division PES United against teams from higher divisions, even eventually the Arsenal's & Man Utd's of Division 1.

    4) Club Reputation

    Currently in the Master League if you have enough funds you can buy good players even if you are bottom of the second division - unfortunately this is a departure from PES3 where a good player was unlikely to join your club if it wasn't doing well.

    Each club should have a reputation based on it's success, how many times you win a cup/league etc should all add those honours to your trophy cabinet and give you more reputation points.

    In a transfer market where 4-5 teams should be competing for any player who is even remotely known, the player should always pick the one with the highest reputation or near enough making it virtually impossible for 4th division PES United to start with 30,000 points and buy Henry from Arsenal straight away.

    Many people have asked for this type of thing to be implemented, like in real life where a club can accept the fee but the player declines.

    This is realistic.

    Everytime a club wins the league, cup, and especially WEFA Championships/Cup reputation points are added to that club.

    Lets say the reborn Oliver Kahn (Kalm in the game) recieves 5 contract negotiations requests to sign him as a "Newcomer", based on reputation alone (for this example) lets say he had the choice of 5 teams: Real Madrid, Arsenal, Bayern Munich, Lille, & Palermo.

    Obviously Kahn is going to choose Real Madrid because their reputation points are much higher than any of the other clubs. (and just because he was in a "past life" a Bayern Munich player, it should not dictate where the reborn player will go by default)

    While not touched upon yet, another factor is language which can make a difference, see point 8 below.

    5) Ability to edit advertising boards

    It's understandable that Konami uses sponsors such as Ben Sherman, FourFourTwo magazine, Marca, Eurosport etc to advertise in the game and recieve revenue from this but behind the goals there is usually just the word "Konami" repeated ad nauseum.

    Konami has seen how the PES editing community are very creative with doing sponsor logos pixel by pixel and these "Konami" adboards should be able to be edited by pixel in the same way.

    There should also be the distinction between WEFA matches and all other matches.

    Example: I am using Manchester United in my Master League and the adboards behind Old Trafford for all games (FA Cup, Division Cup, and League matches) have been changed from Konami to "AIG", "OneUnited", & "Pepsi" but for WEFA matches, the adboards are "Ford Focus", "Heineken",& "Playstation 3".

    There should be 6-8 slots of which 3-4 are used for WEFA matches and the other 3-4 for all other matches.

    This only affects the adboards behind the goals, it would be nice if it could be right around the stadium but it is doubtful Konami would lose the revenue from BenSherman and the like.

    6) Designate Match Balls

    Once again there should be 2 slots for the ball type used in the Master League, a WEFA spot and a normal spot.

    Players could then choose the Adidas Finale (the one with the stars on it) for WEFA matches, and the Nike ball for all other matches.
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    16 September 2006
    7) Motivation bar

    A new bar added to all players which works alot like the injury bar currently accept this deals specifically with motivation.

    For the first time the way a player feels mentally can affect his performance.

    Most levels of motivation will be [normal] and for the bulk of the players in the game the motivation bar will always be [Normal], but there are two other settings [Motivated] & [Demotivated] (or shorthand: N = Normal, M= Motivated, D = demotivated)

    Since most players are professionals, their motivation will always be [Normal], but for [Motivated] players (usually young players wanting to prove themselves and most players in a cup final] their mentality stats increase by 5, however for a [Demotivated] player, their mentality stats decrease by 10.

    If you don't give enough game time to a player he can become [Demotivated], or if he is already [Motivated] such as a youngster he can return to [Normal] and thus this is how he will usually stay unless he takes part in a cup final.

    Usually [Demotivation] is cured by playing time, sometimes offering the player a new contract can make him [Motivated], but usually taking the chance to let a [Demotivated] player score a penalty (or any other goal) should rectify his behaviour.

    However, there are some forms of demotivation that aren't cured by more money and scoring goals ...

    Players can also become [Demotivated] if they put in a transfer request (yes see next few points) and you reject a club's offer for the player, making your player as unhappy such as the likes of William Gallas, Ashley Cole, & Jose Antonio Reyes.

    [Demotivated] players usually won't progress after a match, while [Motivated] ones will usually earn a 1 or so extra on top of their normal curve.

    Finally, [Demotivated] players are more inclined to injure themselves than players of [Normal] motivation and the rest period for [Demotivated] players is 30% longer than players of [Normal] motivation. (because they don't want to come back and play for you!)

    While [Motivated] players can recover from injuries roughly 30% quicker. (eg. 10 week typical injury becomes 7 week injury for a [Motivated] player)

    However a final caveat, if a [Motivated] player returns from injury and doesn't feature much due to losing his place in the team for 3 games after he is given a clean bill of health, he can become [Demotivated].

    8.) Climate and Ambition

    We've all seen how at times some players just can't make the transition to another country where the weather is foreign to them - think of how happy Jose Antonio Reyes' family was in England, or Maniche's desire to leave Russia as soon as humanly possible.

    Therefore when setting up your 8 leagues for the Master League you will be asked to "Choose location of league" for each of the 8 leagues in the Master League and you are given a choice to select out of 3 options:

    - International (This league is comprised of teams from all over the globe and is exempt from climate issues)
    - Continental (This league is comprised of teams from one continent which takes into account average climate)
    - Select by country.

    By choosing [International], climate issues will be ignored, this is a very useful choice for the "other" league, usually in the Master League you may have a league which is made up of many teams from many locations, say if you had Rosenborg, Sao Paulo, & converted PES United into Kashima Antlers.

    These three teams come from different continents so [International] would be a good choice seeing as how if a player from Spain who was used to sunny weather wanted to join Sao Paulo which is in Brazil and has similar weather to Spain the fact that 15 home games will be played in Brazil makes the climate more suited to him.

    However, you could choose to say - because of the bulk of European teams in the "other" league - that this league will be [Continental] and therefore you choose [Europe] as your continent, but you may find that that Spanish player now won't join your team, or may become [Demotivated] if he doesn't like the weather.


    By choosing this, you are to pick from these continents:

    - Europe
    - Africa
    - Asia
    - Americas

    Simple, just choose the continent most applicable to where your league will be playing most of it's matches, and many people will choose Europe for this.

    [Select by Country]

    The last option [select by country] gives you a few countries (mostly European) to choose specifically where your league will be.

    Example: You are playing the England system with your 4 Division chosen Master League setup so rather than choose [Continental] (the 2nd option) you would choose [UK & Ireland]. (see below)


    For the first CPU Master League league you have chosen to recreate La Liga in Spain, so you would choose [Spain]:


    As you can see by placing the cursor (red border) around a country you get to see what the main languages are (important), it's WEFA ranking out of the 8 leagues (the most important statistic) and the average climate. (important)

    So if you are an English club in the 1st Division of your 4 division Master League and you try to acquire a Spanish player playing in the CPU controlled La Liga, and both your clubs' reputations are similar (ie- never won anything) then there's a good chance the player will decline to join your team because:

    A) The Language Barrier. (He speaks either Spanish, Catalan, or Basque and English is the language of your club)
    B) Your WEFA Ranking is lower. (He is playing in a better league)
    C) He is not aclimatised to your climate. (Sunny making the transition to overcast and rain)

    This however is also taken into conjunction with the starting place the desired player has in his team (read 9 later)

    Finally, not all countries in the world have specific information about them, these are the recommended countries for specific tailoring due to the market Pro Evolution Soccer is in and the way the Master League is usually comprised of European Teams:

    - UK & Ireland
    - France
    - Spain
    - Portugal
    - Germany
    - Netherlands
    - Italy
    - Greece
    - Turkey
    - Russia

    Outside of these countries are European regions that don't quite fit as continents but similar enough to be grouped together.

    - Scandinavia (Sweden, Denmark, & Norway)
    - Eastern Europe

    Other countries:

    - Japan
    - China
    - Australia
    - Brazil

    And the other regions:

    - North America
    - South America (excluding Brazil)

    This isn't too much work and covers the main languages, climate and so forth.

    While language and climate are important factors and potential blocks to a player joinging your club because of where your league is situated, the more important factors are usually your WEFA ranking and especially your clubs reputation.

    Remember the Kalm example above? Would Kalm really choose Madrid (Spanish Language) over Bayern Munich (German language)?

    The answer is yes I believe. Club Reputation should be the biggest factor in whether a player moves or not, this is to stop your 2nd division club buying players too easily and storming up the league tables which is unrealistic, these players were never going to join a small club in real life, so why in the Master League?

    If Club Reputation isn't a factor (ie- Two clubs of similar repuations - approx similar amount of leagues/cups won) then things such as WEFA ranking, Language, & Climate come into it.

    Think of it this way:

    Primary factor in decision: Club Reputation

    Secondary factors: WEFA Ranking, Language, & Climate.

    All of these are given "points" both positive and negative points that the player assesses behind the scenes, if 3 clubs want a certain player, the player goes to the one with the highest points total.

    Sometimes language can be -2, other times +2, other times 0, take for example if a young brazilian was considering joining three clubs using language as selection criteria only: Benfica (portugal), Shalke (germany), Deportivo La Coruna (Spain)

    Benfica would earn +2 points because the player speaks Portguese, Shalke would earn -2 points of the total of the decision (Reputaion + WEFA Ranking + Language + Climate = total score) while Deportivo would earn 0 points because Spanish is in the same Romance family of languages it is neither a big negative or positive.

    9) Player's ranking within a team

    It is recorded on the players stats, how many minutes they played within a season, for example lets take Arsenal:

    Lets say Thierry Henry played EVERY match for Arsenal in the 05-06 season in the Master League and no game went into extra time, and Arsenal won the double. (they finished last in their WEFA Championships group)

    Total League matches = 30
    Total Cup matches = 7
    Total WEFA matches = 6

    43 matches, each of 90 minutes gives Henry = 3870 minutes of match time for the 05-06 season

    As you can see Henry is a first team player alright, while Theo Walcott might have only got 90 minutes in the whole season.

    Henry is not likely therefore to join a club of lesser reputation (reputation = history of winning) in a league with a lower WEFA ranking.

    In the current Master League setup players like Henry, Rooney, & Fernando Torres are too easy to buy ... this is unrealistic.

    Players like these don't join division 2 clubs with no reputation in other leagues for any amount of money unless they start to lose their first team place and usually by then they are old and on the verge of retirement. (Dwight Yorke going to Sydney FC, Beinto Carbone possible going to Sydney FC, Jay Jay Okocha going to Dubai etc)

    10) Highlights show

    After a league fixture the CPU should compile the highlights of the highest scoring matches in all 8 divisions and present it for viewing as "Master League Highlights Show" which is able to be saved after it is viewed. (if not saved and you press continue after watching it it is like a normal replay and gone forever)

    The CPU will then take the match with the highest number of goals scored from the 8 1st divisions (no 2nd divisions - although you can still watch the highlights show) and compile them it should start with a screen that says "Highlights show" and then a picture of "League A", with the names and badges of the teams on that screen and then just the goal replays in a format similar to the replays at the end of a match.

    There is no need for commentary here, just the BGM music, and the highlights show is viewed as a continuous loop after it's activated, leaving you to patiently wait until games are over to see that highlight you're searching for.

    If possible a WEFA highlights show showing the highlights of a couple of fixtures would be nice also.

    11) Ability to edit League logos

    We all edit the badges of our teams but what about those generic logos for League A, League B, and so forth?

    Sure you can rename those leagues but the logo should be present in the top left hand corner of the table page also, so you can change the League B logo (grey shield with man kicking ball) to edit in pixels the Barclays English Premiership Lion logo and have that displayed, and for Divisons 2-4 in your chosen league the Coca-Cola Championship, Coca-Cola League 1, & Coc-COla League 2 logos.

    Not to mention Divison cups and "all division cups" one should also be able to edit the logos also to make it the carling cup and FA Cup etc.

    In Conclusion

    Well that's it, I hope people will support this thread as PES7 on Next-Gen will be in development soon and Konami are apparently looking to overhaul the Master League.

    I think these things are more important than licenses because the more we can edit the more licenses are not needed, and these structural changes we can't make via an in-game editor, so we need Konami to make these changes for us.

    Just imagine how great the Master League would be with all these changes in it?

    Thankyou for your time, and I hope you will support these ideas, the more supporters the better!
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  3. JayM

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    17 April 2004
    North Yorkshire

    I just want it to be structured like real life really. Just add a lot more teams (atleast a first and second division for all major countries, just a first for smaller ones (scotland, portugal, turkey)). Let us edit the amount of teams in a league and how many divisions we would like to have.

    Allow us to create teams and leagues, let us edit everything about them, team/league logo, names, how many teams in that league, league rules, with the PlayStation 3 having a hard drive as standard they have really no excuse to not let us create hundreds of them. ;)

    Allow us to get fired, quit, get job offers, manage a national team.

    Use really currency (€ or £) instead of fake points.

    Structure the cup competitions and qualifications exactly like real life and according to each leagues official rules.

    Just make it more like a football managing game in general.
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  4. benjo

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    Yeah we want it REAL (or at least 75% of us)

    I don't want a master league with 16 teams/dividion i Want 20 and that's all (possibility to custom division as i like)

    I want the BUNDESLIGA BACK

  5. lazylen

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    14 October 2004
    your ideas sound up for more teams (cause i think thats the reason not all people have turned from Fifa to PES...just give us more editing space if konami can't get the licences for those leagues..although we have the big leagues it would be better if you have more leagues for example portugal, turkey etc...

    i wont mind editing the game cause thats the fun part :P

    at least now with the ligue 1 licenced we are able to edit more teams so that we can make the game more interesting so lets hope now that these nice japanese people have put in the bundesliga aswell :P
  6. martin1337

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    30 August 2005
    I would love to be able to edit the Leage logos, and then have an option to put it on the sleeve during kit edit mode.
  7. timsmith10000

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    18 August 2003
    Agree with all your points!
  8. PetrovLFC

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    13 March 2005
    NW London
    you can't disagree with that. Very comprehensive. :)

    In all honesty, we need a mix of FM2007 features, league structures, with next gen pes gameplay (I stress this, because the gameplay hasn't really evolved in the PES series). That would be perfect.
  9. Madrileno

    Madrileno EVIVA LA LIGAAAA

    18 June 2005
    Real Madrid

    Your points are perfect , but how can we show this to Konami ?
  10. Sabac Red

    Sabac Red Premiership

    22 November 2002
    Personally I want the league structure moved up to atleast 18 teams or 20 with only 6 teams in the 2nd division, bring back the playoffs aswell to make it a challenge.

    There should be around 6 leagues or more if possible.

    It would be nice but I don't want championship/lower division sides especially if they are unlicensed.(editing nightmare)

    Konami need to bring a lot more variety in terms of club teams, how about getting the license for the argentinian or Brazil leagues? or atleast bringing in the top 6+ teams from each league.

    I also want to see teams like Colo-Colo, Guadalajara and teams from eastern europe aswell.

    I don't care about sponsored ad boards, balls & crap, I just want a proper league structure also zeroing out the banality of the european cup structure aswell.
  11. divath

    divath Guest

    What about adding the possibility to move to a different team during your master league career?

    (yea yea i know, build up a team.... , but after you spent 10 years with one team, i get the feeling that i want to move)
  12. DiscoStu1985

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    23 April 2005
    To be honest i think the best way forward is to make pes menu and setup more like fifa but with Pes gameplay, the gameplay on fifa sucks but the menu's,league and extra's are class just shame bout the lame gameplay!
  13. Pekil6ust

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    28 June 2005
    Estonia, at school!
    Real Madrid
    You posted some very interesting points here. One of them is the +30 teams to play with 4 division (I mean the premier and then lower). There's a minus with this. Imagine that you download an option file and the +30 teams are all English. You can experience a wonderful ML but then you get tired of that and want to play with a Spanish team but there's no accurate option file for the Spanish teams so you don't want to ruin your game with unrealistic players and teams. That would suck. Remember that all the people who play this game, don't edit it. So they would have to make a league of teams from mixed nations. It would be very boring.

    But the thing with world-class players coming to your tiny team right now is absolutely nonsense. I don't like it. And the motivation bar is a great idea! I like it.
  14. TikTikTikTikTik

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    7 August 2004
    For me a simple one would be add 8 teams per league (english/german/french/spanish/italian/dutch) so 48 in total. Make the ML a 6league competition with 20/18 teams in div 1 and the added 8 in div2. A multi div cup (fa cup). For WEFA cups just randomise the best of the rest teams over the cup and CL. That way you will have the best from the leagues in europe with a decent amount of teams from the rest of europe, use of full leagues and have relegation/promotion. That would be structure sorted out. For added options i would like the leaguecrest editing, setting the ball type per competition and invitations to other leagues. How cool would it be to have your ID file contain winners medals from all over europe with different teams and it would drastically increase the longevity of the ML, you could win everything in one league and then get invited to another by a team. You could also use the rankings feature per league to determine which teams wuold invite you. For example if you win everything in the dutch league ( a lesser level) you would then be invited by a mid table team from a higher league (like the bundes/lique1) and if you do well there you could then be hired by a midd table team in the top leagues like the prem/serieA/liga. And you could also implement a ranking per league, so if you do well with a lower dutch team, ajax/psv/ect would invite you, then a mid german, then bayern/bremen/etc., then mid english/italian/etc. You could start of with a top team and win stuff and then have so many invites you could start back up from a lower league. it means you could be playing the game for years, which means konami would actually have to improve the game each year. So this idea wont happen then :(
  15. embraceuk1

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    30 December 2001
    Indiana USA (Scottish)
    Nottingham Forest
    EXACTLY: I don't understand why ppl always leave this out when talking about the MasterLeague its the most obvious and simple improvement they could make.

    Even if they just added this one single feature as they like to do it would blow open the MasterLeague.
    The ability to get fired and be offered other jobs, it was done in footy games as far back as 1995.
    You wouldn't get bored and players growth would become much more important as you could play the same game for ever if you liked.

    They could add other physical managers and they could get fired, hired or retire and you would naturally create grudges like in real life Mohrinho - benitez and Ferguson - wenger

    But been asking for this since pro evo on PS1 so just hope Fifa maybe force them to add these obvious features.
  16. luisportobello

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    16 September 2006
    Thanks for the support everyone, I truly hope Konami implement some of these ideas for PES7 next year.

    Here's how I see this problem.

    Let's you buy the game and on it are 30 blank teams named Team 1, Team 2, ... Team 30, and all these teams have a roster of 16 players who are named 1,2,3,4,5...16 - they all look the same (default build) and all have stats of 50 (default settings)

    Now you can go through and edit these if you want, but some people don't wish to (me personally I love editing even if it would take me a week to do all 30 teams there is a special pride in knowing you did it yourself) and decide to download the Coca-Cola Championship option file for their 4 division Master League.

    They start off in 8 team division 4 with PES United and after 7 seasons win everything in Division 1 - The English Premier league title, the WEFA Championships, The FA Cup, & the League cup (renamed Carling cup)

    And now they decide they want to do the same thing with a Spanish team but there is no Spanish League System option file and they don't want to edit the game, what do they do?

    There has to be a compromise here though, if a person wants a proper Spanish League System but doesn't want to edit alot (or buy FIFA) then it's just unrealistic.

    Forums like Evo-Web & Pesfan that have communities that help each other are in place and La Liga has HEAPS of supporters.

    Most people would only want the Segunda Division of La Liga which currently has these teams:

    1. Alavés
    2. Albacete
    3. Almería
    4. Cádiz
    5. Castellón
    6. Ciudad de Murcia
    7. Elche
    8. Hércules
    9. Málaga
    11.Las Palmas
    13.Poli Ejido
    15.Real Madrid Castilla
    16.Real Murcia
    17.Real Valladolid

    22 teams, all you would have to find on these forums is 21 other people and every person agrees to do 1 team each.

    1 team, that's 16 players (minimum roster), a kit, a badge, sponsor.

    Then you could upload your creation to the person compiling the option file on this forum or another and then await for the Option file download.

    Currently under the suggestions I put forward above that would fill the 2nd division of 16 teams, and most of the 3rd division.

    BUT ... there's still about 10 team places in the 3rd division and 4 division together that would be of "blank" teams with default players (team 1, team 2 etc)

    The reality is that you would probably leave these teams to make up the numbers in division 4 and start your journey from division 3, and since these blank teams have default players with only numbers for names (1,2, etc) and stats of 50 for everything, they will never get promoted from division 4 into Division 3 provided you fill division 3 with "normal" teams (WE United + PES United included)

    Most people would start in division 3 or the bigger 16 team division 2 rather than 4, even though if you wish to edit you could make the 4 division Master League a paradise for whatever league system you choose:

    La Liga
    Segunda Division
    Segunda Division B
    Tercera Division

    Serie A
    Serie B
    Serie C

    German Bundesliga
    German Bundesliga 2

    Ligue 1
    Ligue 2
    Championnat National
    Championnat de France Amateurs

    English Premier League
    Coca-Cola Championship
    Coca-Cola League 1
    Coca-Cola League 2
    Nationwide Conference

    Scottish Premier League
    First Division
    Second Division
    Third Division

    Portuguese Superliga
    Liga de Honra
    Portuguese Second Division
    Portuguese Third Division

    Dutch Eredivisie
    Eerste Divisie

    All these leagues can be created either semi-partially (ie- start out in second divison against a mix of clubs and fill 3rd & 4th with "blank" clubs that will never get promoted so 2nd division relegated clubs always come back after one season)

    Partially: (Proper 2nd division where you would start, fill the 3rd & 4th with blank teams that will never get promoted)

    Fully: Fill all divisions with proper teams.

    The main thing I think is that the structure needs to be in place.

    It's a bit corny but it's like that movie "field of dreams" where there is the line "if you build it, they will come".

    If Konami build a 4 division Master League then people on forums like this, will help in the editing, either of the leagues of their own country, or helping to edit the leagues of other countries.

    Imagine the possibilites!

    People who want the Swedish league would now be able to create it with their favorite amateur clubs created in the 4th division.

    People who support other leagues that FIFA may not will see what is possible with Konami and this will shoot PES' fanbase through the roof.

    If this were to be done, I believe that we would have our PS3 & Xbox360 hardrives full of option files for different league setups and we'd be able to start a new game in a new league from the bottom just by changing between option files on the hard drive.

    "I completed the England system from starting in the 4th division, now I'm going to try the Italian system by starting in 4th divison that is full of Serie B and some Serie C clubs, after that I'm going to try the French system with a 4th divison of Ligue 2 & Ligue national teams, then the Swiss, then the Russian etc etc"

    This is how good PES could be if Konami expands the Master League and lets us edit League logos and most importantly create at least 30 teams. (or put 30 blank teams in to be edited, each with 16 "default" players each)

    Finally, I think what I have suggested is not hard at all, Konami could definately give us the 4th division system, league logo editing, ball choice for different competitions, change to WEFA structure, and 30 blank teams with 500 default players for PES7 easily, it would only take a few weeks of coding and then a couple of months of BETA testing while the rest of the team focussed on graphics. (they don't need to update physics too much because it is near perfect already, just a tweak here and there)

    If this were done, FIFA would be dead in the water IMHO, more people would catch on that they could buy a largely unlicensed game that could be made to appear licensed very easily because of the large editing community and ease of download of options files directly to their hardrives on the Xbox360 and PS3 (no more memory cards, max drive's etc)

    Imagine the possibilites.
  17. luisportobello

    luisportobello Conference

    16 September 2006
    I was going to make this point 12 but omitted it because I felt it was a nice addition maybe for future releases but not imperitve now, here's why.

    Lets say Konami does this FM style thing where other clubs can offer you jobs and you can get fired, but they don't change anything else, what do you have?

    You have the same terrible 4 league 16 team division 1 with a silly 8 team division 2.

    Most us here would win promotion from division 2, and once we do, most of us win division 1 or qualify for WEFA championships so the chances of getting fired are slim.

    What about an offer from another club?

    What about it?

    Let's say you win Divison 1 in the ML with Arsenal and Real Madrid want to hire you and you accept, what do you have, a change of scenery that's what!

    You could just restart the game using Real Madrid in Division 1 with match mode players with PES5 if you wanted too now, there is no "great change" in PES by switching clubs mid-season.

    Is it a nice option to have? Sure, just like a Stadium Editor is, but I still wouldn't have these two options above the suggestions above because:

    a) If you want to change clubs you can do it now by restarting the game and choosing the club you want in div1 or 2 in a new game.
    b) There are stadiums like the one(s) you want to build and Konami can always add more generic stadiums that appear similar anyway.

    Even if Konami wouldn't add more stadiums, big deal.

    Heaps of people whinge about Emirates Stadium possibly not being in PES6, so what, Emirates stadium is a big ugly olympic style stadium and there are already a few in PES5 anyway, it's close enough to satisfy the 30 second intro and 10 second outro where you focus on the stadium anyway. (the pitch is more important because you see alot more of that)

    So this is what I tried to do with this thread, suggest things that there were no substitute for.

    There is no substiute for recreating a proper WEFA competition now with only 4 leagues because in real life the Champions League features clubs from Scotland, England, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Greece, Romania etc.

    With only 4 leagues how can you guarantee the Celtics, Kopenhagen's, and Olympiakos's will be in the WEFA CHampionships?

    Answer: They won't.

    Even if you try to condense some leagues by combining two or three leagues in one like this:

    League A =

    Real Madrid, Barcelona, Villareal, Sevilla
    Inter Milan, AC Milan, Roma, Juventus
    Bayern Munich, Werder Bremen, Shalke, Borussia Dortmund
    PSG, L'OM, Lyon, Monaco

    Who do you think will qualify for the WEFA CHampionships from this group?

    I guarantee you that Bayern Munich and all the French clubs won't, the Spanish and Italian will dominate, and even then it's unrealistic because there is a chance that sides like have to settle for the WEFA Cup.

    These big teams kill a whole league because they are so good, put them together in one league to let the Celtic's and Olympiakos' run free against easy opposition in other leagues and you still don't get realism because:

    a) Some teams will still miss out. (Think of Kopenhagen, Steua Bucharest, Sofia, AEK etc) with only 4 leagues in the ML.
    b) Some giants will have to settle for the WEFA Cup thus taking the place of WEFA Cup finalists like Sevilla and Middlesborough if you put too many big teams in one league.

    So that's why IMHO, smaller things such as job offers for example are nice, but not necessary.

    I would like to see the most realistic football game (PES) be able to provide a realistic League structure setup both domestically (4 division ML) and for Europe. (8 leagues instead of 4, thus making the WEFA competitions more lifelike)

    And ofcourse, all leagues able to be edited in logo (including WEFA logo), and the option to create/edit some 30 teams with creating 500 players to make any teams that may qualify for Europe and/or fill up lower divisions that we love and want to take our club out of and up the league system to European glory.
  18. Stringer Bell

    Stringer Bell Banned

    12 February 2005
    Excellent ideas luisportobello!

    But everything you stated out probably comes in vain, because i don't think Konami will really listen or take notice. But there's hope...
  19. embraceuk1

    embraceuk1 Original Member Since 2001

    30 December 2001
    Indiana USA (Scottish)
    Nottingham Forest
    Your missing the point tho ppl want to play the game for many seasons you wouldn't leave a club straight away unless you were very inpatient.

    But once you are dominating everything you could choose another club and start again with a poorer side without having to restart the whole MasterLeague and having the same players available every time you start fresh which is so boring. You could try and resign players you had grown at other clubs etc. the game would continue and be completely different.

    Yeah me and you might not get fired but for others it might be a threat, or if you played for real Madrid and finished third that alone could get you fired etc.

    You could also change leagues without restarting (same reasons above).
  20. denirobob

    denirobob IBERIAN PRIMERA

    28 June 2002
    Henley, Oxfordshire

    taking embrace's ball and running with it....

    Different clubs have different expectations so if at the beginning when you first choose your team and when subsequent job offers arise you should get a contract (2, 3, 4 seasons etc..) with a minimum target e.g.

    Barcelona (minimum CL or La Liga trophy)
    Newcastle (minimum CL entry)
    Nantes (minimum UEFA cup)
    Aachen (minimum avoid relegation)
    Napoli (minimum promotion to Serie A)

    How great would it be to get sacked from a high profile team and take your new small club back to their stadium and beat them !

  21. Professor Nutmeg

    Professor Nutmeg ML Fanatic

    3 July 2002
    Master League
    I hear ya :)
  22. Stringer Bell

    Stringer Bell Banned

    12 February 2005
    They also need to improve the way the European competitions are structured. You shouldn't be playing two (or even three) teams from your own league in a CL group stage! There is rare occasion where two teams in the same league clashed with each other in the CL, which were chelsea and Liverpool, last season...and that was a RARE occasion.

    They also need to make the Europeans matches take place at night time setting.
  23. Stan

    Stan Allez les Lionceaux !!!

    12 September 2002
    Interesting thread...some very good suggestions.
    Now if only konami would somehow see this and do something likewise...but i'm afraid that this is hypothetic...
  24. Thankfully the new Fifa looks good this year so Konami have to do something to beat EA to it, people don't accept minor changes like snow and growth curves (which ruin the game IMO) anymore.
  25. divath

    divath Guest

    Exactly ! thats what i meant as well :applause:

    especially the resigning of players you had grown.
    ... or at least keep an eye on their performance :)
  26. Chris Davies

    Chris Davies Chief PESsimist Staff

    14 May 2003
    Tranmere Rovers
    An excellent, well-written report that Konami should take note of. As one or two people have already said though, they won't.

    Just a thought; you could print out your ideas and mail them directly to Konami in Germany and Konami in Tokyo, but I've written several letters before begging for more leagues to be added (or at least the ability to add a custom league with X amount of custom teams and fill in all the details yourself) to no avail. Might be worth a shot if you're bored and you've got a few pieces of paper you don't mind sacrificing!
  27. Pires7

    Pires7 Jumpers For Goalposts

    28 July 2003
    Real Calendar instead of Week 1 and Week 26 etc. You would start in August. Have the January transfer window as normal, with matches still being played during that time, then finish in May.

    Thats not even hard to do.
  28. embraceuk1

    embraceuk1 Original Member Since 2001

    30 December 2001
    Indiana USA (Scottish)
    Nottingham Forest
  29. Trommyda

    Trommyda Malibu all the way

    19 November 2003
    count me in.
  30. Madrileno

    Madrileno EVIVA LA LIGAAAA

    18 June 2005
    Real Madrid
    ITS A PITTY YOU KNOW , this is the best Thread iv seen about ideas on the master league , all are great ideas that would take the game to unreachable levels but the problem is that these ideas are born here and die here.

    There is a great need that administrators of great comunities like this EVO WEB give some help and ideas on how to make KONAMI hear us.

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