Styants's Goals and mistakes, u havnt seen anything untill now

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by jstyants, 15 August 2005.

  1. cheltstika

    cheltstika Guest

    they wont work for me :(
  2. jstyants

    jstyants Guest

    what do u mean they wont, work, can u xplain more to me, do u mean the page doesnt load or is it when u click download does it come up this:
    The download server you have selected is full! Your download will begin when a spot frees up on our server. The estimated wait is 1 Minute; to continue, click here.

    Keep in mind, when your download is ready to begin, you have 5 minutes to start the download before it becomes invalid.

    FileFront FastPass users are currently experiencing ad-free downloads without wait. Sign up now!

    if so u gotta click on 'click hear' on the top paragraph and then u wait and then it says bla bla bla, just refresh it a couple of times untill the cue gos down then it should say

    Your download is ready. Please click this link to start the download.

    You have 5 minutes to start this download before your session times out.

    While you're downloading, why not fill out a short survey and get a free 40GB iPod?

    and then you just click the link where it says 'click this link' on the top paragraph
  3. truecrippler

    truecrippler Guest

    Skiddy Keane was cool.
    Gonna download more.

    What patch are you using?
  4. jstyants

    jstyants Guest

    hi mate, im using obsession patch:), check hear some time today in the evaning as im gonna have more goals and saves :)

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