Stepovers on the Spot?

Discussion in 'Winning Eleven' started by eagle_eye, 12 August 2005.

  1. eagle_eye

    eagle_eye Non-League

    19 July 2005
    Hi guys sorry for opening a new thread but have been patient for a week :roll: and haven't got a reply. Would appreciate if you could answer this question. In PES4 when you press :r2: to stop and then double tap :r2: the player e.g C Ronaldo would do a couple of stepovers on the spot without moving the ball. I have tried this in WE9 but after I have stopped the ball with :r1: or :r2: and then try the stepovers he keeps moving the ball a bit forward with his left foot. I did it once by accident in WE9 in training but didn't think I did anything different. Could you please please help, this is my only query on the game. Many Thanks.
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  2. Try to do it by holding the L1 while pressing the R2, if that didnt work, try it with players that have high technique..
  3. eagle_eye

    eagle_eye Non-League

    19 July 2005
    Thanks for your help but doesn't seem to work am always trying it with C Ronaldo.
  4. Tried to do in the training, i think holding R1/R2 is the only way to do it (to make the player stop), even though the player still tries to get forward a little bit...
  5. eagle_eye

    eagle_eye Non-League

    19 July 2005
    Yeah I know how to stop the ball, it is just once he has done one stepover on the spot the 2nd one he starts to move the ball with his left leg. It can be done though as I have done it a couple of times by accident. Thanks for your help, doesn't mean no one else can help \\:o/
  6. I think in PES4 it was like that too, but most of the time the didn't take that extra step, i think there is no specific way to do it, it just happens sometimes and sometimes it doesn't happen..
  7. sfernandez

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  8. Interista

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    19 August 2003
    FC Internazionale
    Stop the ball using the R1 or R2, then press on the direction you are facing on the D-pad quickly (just a quick tap), then try doing the stepover.

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