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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by chiefrocka4real, 22 July 2016.

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    many :)
    Dear folks,

    I hope you allow me to post this thread.
    I´d love to do a little promo for my album which I have finished around a week ago.

    When I don´t play footy games or any other video games, I´m doing music on my rig, producing beats, writing rhymes, firing up my turntables and doing some scratching.

    What I do is german hip hop (used to rap in english before but it didn´t sound right :P) and even most of you don´t speak german, maybe you´ll like the music as I produce my own beats as well.

    What I rap about is life, politics, problems in our society, about music, about hip hop and so on (no gangsta rap, no battle rap etc).

    You can download it right here (click on the blue download button with the cloud in it):

    Or you can stream it first at bandcamp and download it there as well.
    (No need to buy there, just type in "0" Euro):

    Here´s a little teaser by the way:

    Hope you´ll enjoy and if it´s not ok doing some advertising for this (it´s not commercial though, I don´t earn a single cent with this) and the thread needs to be deleted, it´s ok :).

    Cheers and thx in advance!

    chiefrocka aka RaKeeM

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