So Whats up with this rumor about Editable Nets??

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by raffupperv12, 21 September 2009.

  1. raffupperv12

    raffupperv12 League 2

    22 January 2007
    Basically this thread is in reference to ADAMS little spiel over at WENB a couple of months ago where he said that the nets were editable??:RANT: what did he mean by that wa it just the colors or is it the shape/depth of the nets?? Can anyone shed some light on the matter.

    Also they said that manual passing would be available by way of button & not right stick??
  2. The Doctor76

    The Doctor76 Premiership

    27 February 2009
    Man Utd
    I hate manual passing being on the right stick, it makes tricks bloody fiddly to perform now. As for the editable nets, there are some nets with different colours at PESPatch, but the shape is the same.
  3. Bendit

    Bendit Champions League

    12 November 2005
    Are you sure it was Adam who mentioned editable nets? I thought it was some ring in guy claiming he had 90% code months ago.
  4. Jazek

    Jazek League 2

    15 September 2005
    I wouldn't put much stock in those claims. Lots of wish-list stuff gets batted around every year as gospel.

    Also, maybe I'm alone in saying this, but I absolutely love manual passes with the right stick. They're easy to perform and are so intuitive, not to mention infinitely more useful than any of the tricks.
  5. bulwa-boy

    bulwa-boy Hala Madrid

    20 February 2006
    Real Madrid
    well looks like we have to wait till realese to know everything for sure...

    remind me whens the realese date ?

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