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Shooting problems at WE9/PES5

Discussion in 'Winning Eleven' started by nedostizni, 24 July 2006.

  1. nedostizni

    nedostizni League 2

    23 September 2003
    PLaying the WE10 for some time made me a lot of headake, so i decided to stay on the WE9/PES5 at least just for few months.
    But, i have some problems related to the WE9/PES5 too - and they are mostly directed at the shooting problem:

    1) From the way i have got it by now - there is no way you can control a inner foot shot, or outer foot shot (i don`t know wich is the expession for this on english, but i think you can understand what am i trying to say).
    There is only a way of shooting at the left or right side of the goal (and at the middle ofcourse), and according to the side in wich i choose to shot, the player will attend to do the shot wich will enable him hitting that side (either with inner or outer side of the foot). Am i right about this?

    2) The second and the main problem, is shooting with the right or left foot. From my experience until now, in some cases (and they are not so rare) when player should hit the ball with his primary foot, he would hit it with his other one. This is very annoying cause i don`t know (in some cases) by wich foot the ball will be shooted.
    Here is the example:

    Here you can see that the player (Henry) is scoring a goal with his left foot, because he is in that kind of the position. And this is totaly right.


    But on the other hand, you can see the same player scoring from the (almost) same place, but with his right foot:


    Thanks for all the answers.

    to see the goals, paste the links http://members.lycos.co.uk/issworldspace/gol_meseca__gol_godine/Jul/Laki/ or http://members.lycos.co.uk/issworldspace/gol_meseca__gol_godine/Jul/nedostizni/ into your internet browser, and then right-mouse click on the desired file and "Save target as"
  2. nedostizni

    nedostizni League 2

    23 September 2003
    i forgot to say that all this is related to long distance shoots - outside the box.

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