San Antonio Bay, Ibiza - Is This In The Party Zone?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by MonkeyJug, 16 August 2007.

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    15 December 2001
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    i just booked a holiday about an hour ago to ibiza. it was literally the only holiday available that was within my budget that was leaving belfast in the next week! unbelievable, i know!

    anyway, it's to san antonio bay. i'm going there with one of my best mates and my 4-year-old son. i'm hoping that i don't see anyone chewing the beck off themselves on the next sunbed, by the pool, the morning after a hard night's partying the night before at amnesia...

    ibiza is probably about the only place i've never managed to grab a holiday to. i've heard that san antonio is full of clubbers and shit loads of fights and stuff, but i'm hoping that san antonio bay is away from that.

    too late now, but i'm hoping someone who's been there before can 'ease my mind'...

    i don't wanna have to tie my son to the bed, while i'm rocking the bit out at 'es paradis'! \\:o/

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