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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by pangkt, 17 January 2008.

  1. pangkt

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    I use chelsea against Barcelona in champion league

    The term 'teamvision' , I can say it really happens.

    For opposition , players with ball will pass from one wing to another wing.Some time,when they were trying to dribble the ball to cut in from the centre and your players were stationed around there . They would pass it back and make another decision else where.

    I feel that this's a improvement , but it's not 100 per cent good enough.There are room to make it better .

    Weakpoint , at the both wings , it's easy to do a counterattack at these two side , with a RB ot LB just dribble and make a through ball. Your player will be free with the only goalie to face.

    The goalie make too many rebounds . he could'nt save a shot

    The corner is easy to score

    Improvements should be make for the teamvision
    - able to let cpu change formation during the game and through out the season.e,g barcelona default is 4-3-3 . Teamvision should be allow other formations to take place with different teams encountered.

    What will you like TEAMVISION to improve ?
  2. pauloz!

    pauloz! Non-League

    17 June 2007
    I've noticed that if you do continual plays down the line the cpu often dedicates like 3 and sometimes 4 players on the wings. But i agree there definitely needs to be more improvement.
  3. pangkt

    pangkt Guest

    I hope that there's a official patch will resolve all these minors faults and improve the gameplay

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