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Right, I need a straight answer here regarding Option Files

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC, PS2, PSP, Wii, DS' started by zim_zimmer, 19 October 2006.

  1. zim_zimmer

    zim_zimmer Conference

    11 August 2004
    Are there going to be option files (like for the original Xbox PES5 game) for the 360 version that will change the kits to the 'proper' thing and team names, etc...?
  2. the_j_man

    the_j_man Guest

    No one knows...the games out next week
  3. RAISH


    19 June 2004
    well seeing that you can easily access the 360's harddrive parition with a connectivity kit from xecuter, I'd say yes.
  4. the_j_man

    the_j_man Guest

    If there is no editing kits option on the 360 then how can the kits be edited?
  5. danhammer

    danhammer Champions League

    23 February 2004
    maybe with the xbox having a hard-drive, like the ps2 had then we can patch the game...maybe! i'm just guessing though
  6. Chris Davies

    Chris Davies Chief PESsimist Staff

    14 May 2003
    Tranmere Rovers
    No, the game's not out, but the only thing you can alter in the 360 version is player names and stats. And you can't copy the game to HD and patch it, either.

    So no, basically. You might, at some point, be able to download an option file with proper player names - but not team names or kits.
  7. zim_zimmer

    zim_zimmer Conference

    11 August 2004

    Why do this Konami, the PS2 version still has all the editing options!!
  8. danhammer

    danhammer Champions League

    23 February 2004
    it was only a hopefull guess anyway

    to be honest i'm looking forward to fifa 2007 abit more this year, with the new game play will be something different to the norm

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