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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by snickers12, 28 June 2009.

  1. snickers12

    snickers12 League 2

    6 March 2007
    I have saved a replay and it's now in .bin format. I want to put it on YouTube. Can anyone suggest a program I can use to convert this .bin file to a video file?

  2. freak08

    freak08 League 2

    28 June 2008
    use FRAPS software to record , it will get saved in .avi format,then upload !!
  3. snickers12

    snickers12 League 2

    6 March 2007
    youtube doesnt seem to let me upload it! it just hangs and then says failed. i managed to do it once but it was not loaded correctly and video didnt show.
  4. qaazar

    qaazar Conference

    20 February 2006
    Manchester United
    youtube prefers .flv videos if i'm not mistaken. It converts any format to FLV before uploads. So try to save the video as FLV if that's possible in FRAPS and try upload it again :)

    (FLV or SWF ;s)
  5. snickers12

    snickers12 League 2

    6 March 2007
    Anyone know is this is possible? I can only seem to save as .avi..
  6. TheCrow

    TheCrow Non-League

    20 July 2009
    get total video converter and conver .avi to .flv :)
  7. gigimarulla

    gigimarulla Serie C1

    6 June 2006
    Cosenza 1914
    i think that the problem with youtube is that fraps's video are too big....just reduce them with windows movie maker then upload the files... i did it so many times without any problem ;)
  8. zerovector

    zerovector Champions League

    1 December 2006
    Or before recording, set the video compressor to something else... Mostly, I used XviD MPEG-4 Codec. It reduces the size significantly.

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