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Discussion in 'Winning Eleven' started by Footballmania, 4 August 2005.

  1. Give a rating out of ten for WE 9

    online play
    better then past WE. Y/N
    And how long before u get bored with it.
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  2. cyberskull

    cyberskull League 2

    6 March 2004
    1- 10 ??? 10 in all
  3. ruffneckc

    ruffneckc Salad Yute!

    27 April 2003
    New York
    Arsenal FC
    A bit early but here goes:

    Graphics - 9
    Animation - 10
    Sound - 9
    Online Play - N/A
    Gameplay - 10
  4. No online play!!
  5. jumbo

    jumbo Premiership

    30 May 2003
    WE Heaven
    graphics 8.5
    animation 9.9
    sound 9.0
    online play N/A
    gameplay 9.9
  6. filthydani

    filthydani Guest

    graphics 8/10
    animation 8/10
    sound 7/10
    gameplay 2/10
    overall: 3/10
  7. SPiTFiRE

    SPiTFiRE Eus├ębio forever

    6 April 2004
    SL Benfica
    Graphics: 7,5 (Konami use WE8LE graphic base)
    Animation: 9,5
    Sound 9
    Online Gaming: N/A
    Gameplay: 10
  8. graphics 9 (pushing the hardware to its limits, pitch textures are still woeful though)
    animation 7 (does it really take 10 releases to sort the keepers out? - also poor in many respects compared to Football Kingdom - nets notedly.)
    sound 8 (an improvement but not exactly pushing the hardware to its limits)
    gameplay 8 Stupid sidesteps and poor goalkeeping will detract from gameplay after you've got over the initial excitement.

    Very good, but I can see why Famitsu only gave it 35. Full review to come from me soon.
  9. cappz8

    cappz8 League 2

    20 March 2003
    Berlin City West
    first of all @ filthydani:
    some people might get very angry with you if u continue spamming the forums over and over again hating about we9 as much as you can.
    i finally have the game now myself and played one match Real Madrid (me) vs. Barca on 4 stars.
    the automatic R2 dribbling is not annoying in any way. i have noticed it a few times and the players actually do it when its needed and it even looks better than your usual ball controlling animation in past we games.
    so get used to it instead of giving a 2 in gameplay which is more than ridiculous and you know that!

    after one game i have to say its an improvement over we8le.
    it does more things right than the previous title but still has some of the letdowns of we8le like a few ugly goal keeper animations and some bad collision detection but thats not taking the fun away of this game too much.

    i give it an early score (and probably will correct it for the better in the near future after playing a few more games):

    graphics: 10/10 - ps2 at its limits i think

    animations: 9/10 - much better than we8le (specially shooting, passing and tackling!) but as i am an animation fetishist there are still some ugly animations here and there (goal keeping, some ball blocking animations...)

    gameplay: 9/10 - ok i give it a 9 for now cos at the moment i am not sure if it is really such a big difference in terms of gameplay compared to we8le. i mean it seems to me that attacking patterns that you have in offense still seem to be the same limited ways like in we8le. i havent noticed any vertical runs by your teammates which is a shame. only horizontal runs arent very realistic!
    but i am sure thats because i have only played one game and just didnt notice anything new in that department.

    overall: 9.5/10 - because i am sure gameplay will improve for me the more i play. fingers crossed.
  10. gstaricco

    gstaricco Non-League

    25 July 2005
    Grapichs: 10/10
    Sound 8.5/10 Better than others winning eleven
    Gameplay 10/10 how can i say? It's perfect
    Animations 9/10
    Online ?/10
    Overall 9.5/10

    Only the licenses are absent
  11. The_Analog_Kid

    The_Analog_Kid Non-League

    17 September 2003
    Graphics - 8: Better than WE8LE and very nice overall. Not a biiiig difference, but I think they're a bit better.
    Sound - 8 : They're ok. A nice and jazzy tune on the Edit Mode, regular stuff on the others. At the end of the day, it works fine. Also, the kicking and crowd chants are nice. Not extraordinary, but they fit the game very well.
    Gameplay - 10: Much better than previous WE releases. The way players handle the ball is very very close to real soccer. Well, that's my first impression from 5 or 6 games. Feeling like I must learn many things again, like the way players dribble around the field and the new style (seems smoother) of the power bar.
    Animation - 9: Will they ever get some new Goalie animations? Other than that, the flows very smoothly due to the way players move across the field. Very, very nice indeed.
    Online ?: Couldn't check it out, I don't think it works outside Japan. Maybe in Pro Evo 5 we'll have a shot at this...
    Overall - 9: Rather play this than any other game in the WE series. Gameplay is even more refined and full of "the little things" that keep you hooked and wanting to improve your game. It's one of those "Easy to learn, tough to master" kind of things.
  12. Ceno

    Ceno Guest

    graphics 9/10
    animation 9/10
    sound 10/10
    gameplay 9.5/10
    overall: 9.5/10

    i like it for now but cant give a game a 10 because then it could not get better and i am sure konami will make WE10 better then 9 :)
  13. nike121

    nike121 Guest

    graphics: 9/10 - Ps2 is showing its full potential already, but i just wonder if they could shove in more stuff in the game (1.?gb) they have 3gb where they can throw in stuff.

    animations: 8.5/10 - The best animations of a football game yet, it does feel like the players are more human like, big improvement from we8le but they can throw in even more and more. With only a year gap between the games id say they have done quite a decent job.

    gameplay: 8.8/10 - WE has always used the method to just improve the gameplay and expand on it, its already near perfect but the small things make a big differnce . i think it lost alot of score due to the fact that yes the gameplay ingame has improved but with no changes to master league, for instance the ability to move clubs to continue your challange is missing yet again and for that i think they do need a score cut as this is how they will only improve yet again

    overall: 8.9

    Amazing improvement ingame and the game feels more fluid and real, the new nippon challange is a great addition to the game, surely a improved ML would boost the game to even near perfection. This is just a must get for anyone who likes football/soccer.
  14. sungdien

    sungdien Non-League

    23 March 2005
    Hello !
    I'm a Vietnamese who is one of the first gamer have a chance to play this game, so that I rate it perfect, just because it is better than others previous WE version.
    Graphics - 9 (nearly perfect)
    Animation - 9 (some new animations to make the match in WE 9 come to perfect)
    Sound - 8 (better than orthers previous version)
    Online Play - N/A (i don't care)
    Gameplay - 10 (wonderful, very realistic and excited)

    WE will be rated the best soccer game in the world again, I'm sure about this fact and waiting a WE version on PS3.
  15. Nice touch with chelsea and arsenal being licensed.

    Some Lovely new Animations too.

    more realistic than we8.

    9 out of 10.

    Cant be arsed talking about textures and things.
  17. kevano22

    kevano22 TDWFYU

    2 August 2003
    graphics - 9.5
    animation - 9
    sound - 8
    online play - n/a
    gameplay - 9.5
    better then past WE - oh yes
    And how long before u get bored with i - long time

    It feels NOTHING LIKE We8le, i dont know how people think it feels the same

    loads of new animations, players can finally controll the ball

    and we have inside of foot shots

  18. wilier

    wilier League 2

    12 November 2001
    graphics - 9 (cheeky of Konami to remove the crowd in wide mode)
    animation - 10 physical tussling is fantastic
    sound - 7 (better crowd sounds)
    online play - N/A
    gameplay - 9.5 (so far. need more play time)
    presentation - 8

    overall - 9.5 (as gameplay is most important... the best WE so far, I feel)
  19. Harregarre

    Harregarre Conference

    16 July 2005
    graphics 8/10 Looks nice, not really jaw-dropping tho.
    animation 8/10 Same as above
    sound 7.5/10 It's better than the last ones but I still want more chanting
    online play -/10 Can't use it.
    gameplay 9/10 Except for some minor things it's perfect
    presentation ?/10
    better then past WE. Y

    Bored? ==> I never get bored with footie games... :lol: \\:o/
  20. Sulph

    Sulph Goodbye...

    28 September 2003
    graphics 9/10
    animation 9/10
    sound 10/10
    gameplay 10/10
    overall: 9.5/10
  21. kingpug

    kingpug Guest

    Graphics are great, but pushing the PS2 to its limits?..complete rubbish, so what your saying is, WE9 has better/same graphics than GT4?..bullshit. I have played ALOT of PS2 games that have better graphics than any PES/WE series, so I would hardly call it pushing it to its limits.

    But I would rate the game a 9, not far off a 10.
  22. martinja

    martinja Guest

    graphics 6/10
    animation 7/10
    sound 6/10
    online play NO CLUE
    gameplay 9/10
    presentation 7/10
    better then past WE. Y
    OVERALL 8/10
    Bored? When PES5/WE10 Comes : )

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