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Discussion in 'Winning Eleven' started by pes_vetran, 31 August 2005.

  1. pes_vetran

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    Just wondering if anyone can give us a list on the new animations for fouls and just general new animation coz i love the little cut scenes and that its awsome


    Up the spurs!!

    Europe here we come!

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  2. JayM

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    17 April 2004
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    Too many to list really and even the ones that aren't new seem to link together a lot more smoothly.
  3. pes_vetran

    pes_vetran Guest

    ok cool, sounds good though, what are the best new animations any really top notch ones? :mrgreen: \\:o/
  4. sfernandez

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  5. SPMC

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    2 to 3 second shots of the supporters raging after you score a goal. doesn't happen every time, which is good. and they're dress for the weather, and if it's a home or an away game!

    btw, my avatar is from the opening sequence (ML to be exact, ACMilan, home game, day, fine). shows up only before 'important' games.
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  6. jiwa

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    31 May 2005
    Well, the one I like the most, is the bust up animation after a tackle. Now they really push and shove each other, and it really feels like it could spill over.

    Injury animations are good too, but sometimes dont link up well.

    E.g Got on the receiving end of a bad tackle. Player goes down clutching his shin.(good) Gets stretchered off, come back on. Check his stats, shows he's still lightly injured. Take him off. Substitution animation shows him holding his hamstring and limping off (WTF??)

    Yeah I know, its no big deal..but takes away the realism a bit after putting so many new animations in.

    I would really like to have had animations for different injuries. Like clash of heads (bandaged), twisted ankle. I mean, these are cutscenes so its no excuse for Konami not putting them in since there is loads of space on the DVD that they haven't bothered to use.

    After all, they should bloody make up for not putting 100% licensed teams and kits into the game.

    Yeah the crowd animation is great, but also could have been expanded as well. More angles, a couple of different crowd composition. Right now its the same stock animation (gets stale quickly).

    CPU substitutions are a great addition, but why oh why does it take ages to load. (should have had an option to turn it off/on/random).

    Some nice touches though, like coaches giving instructions etc.

    Still abosolutely hate the walk into the stadium though. Its been the same since. Everyone walks like they have a rod up the ass (Stiff).

    Just some of my rantings on this.

  7. jiwa

    jiwa The BEautiful Game

    31 May 2005
    Yeah it's a great addition, but I feel Konami should have put it a bit more effort and variety. Afterall its just a damm cutscene. I know the kits/colours and outfits change, but should have had a few of more of these from different parts of the stands.

    A cutscene similiar to how Drogba interacted with the fans after scoring gainst Arsenal would be great variety IMO.

    Just my take, though.

  8. pes_vetran

    pes_vetran Guest

    cheers for the comments appreciated , sounds great, just waiting on my copy now!!

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