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[PSP] How do you dribble?

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by Snowball, 27 May 2007.

  1. Snowball

    Snowball League 2

    15 July 2004
    I had the chance to play it (PES6) for a few hours.
    It is not perfect, ok, but it is sooo nice and telling the truth it is BY FAR the best soccer game for a portable system out there.

    Playing it in past (even in PES5) I was sure the only problem was the not perfect PSP D-pad.

    Now that I had tried it a little bit more with the nice wide view, I guess that there is a little lag playing it on PSP. I mean the same lag that you have playing the PS2 version online at your home: every move you do, comes to the screen a little bit later and oblige you to "anticipate" every dribble, pass, shot... the same problem you have playing the PS2/X360/PC version online.

    Is it normal? Have you noticed the same?

    Let's say for a moment that we have the opportunity to plug a PS2 pad to the PSP: do you think it will solve all the control's problem? I guess not.

    Is there a way to make a slow dribble in this game?
    Checking the options (moves' list) i see that you should press R before make the move with D-PAD. But doing this my player runs.
    Any suggestion?


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