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  1. ArvD*

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    14 February 2007
    Greenock, Scotland
    Greenock Rangers
    i am sure there are hundreds out there that have asked the following question...

    is there a way to convert .max files into .psv on your PC?

    IF not:
    will transfering your .psv files (uncompressed/uncrushed) onto a usb device work via a PS2 work?
    (when using the max drive software and hardware?)

    i have tried the following to no avail....
    but that was with a normal usb 2.0 pen...
    The Max Drive Software on PS2 detected a USB device and the correct size of it...
    but it registered as having zero space on it...
    and if there is no can't copy across the files
    (have miss placed my proper usb max drive!)

    DOES it HAVE to be the proper max drive pen then i take it to do the above?
    is the max drive usb pen even compatible with ps3?
  2. wilson_mwell

    wilson_mwell Non-League

    26 November 2006
    No you can use any pen. It should be compatible because its just a normal usb stick with max memory written on it.
  3. chavez23

    chavez23 Non-League

    15 June 2008
    try reformatiing the drive to FAT instead of FAT32 that works with some brands not all. i have a Simpletec usb drive and it had the same problem ur talking about
    hope this helps:BOP:

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