PS2 PS2-KIt PES Relink Tool v12.58.1 & 12.48.1

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  1. phranck

    phranck Winning Eleven

    3 May 2011
    A .system requirement:
    - XP (need netframework3.5 or later)
    - Win Vista dan Win 7
    B. cara pakai / how to use:
    how to use:
    - run the program, it will appear dialog box
    - locate the three file (556.58/219.48, unnamed6270.bin, unnamed58.bin)
    - click ok button and enjoy to editing
    - ps : you must klik apply button, to unlicensed kit and relink button to licensed before you
    klik save button, it will make change to your files



    D. preview

    E. credits
    - special : GOD
    - Programmer : phranck
    - Icon/splash Maker : 4ghina
    - kit relink file decoder : luizhinho, AleX ,4ghina
    - Beta tester: 4ghina and others

    spanish version (for 556.58 sles version) 12.58.1

    america version (for 219.48 sles version) 12.48.1

    for more feature and info please contact me... :shakehand2:
    copyright (c) Indonesia 2012
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  2. niks

    niks Conference

    12 March 2010
    Split, Croatia
    Hajduk Split
    is this work with english version of pes
  3. gollo12uc

    gollo12uc You wanna get high?

    8 November 2011
    U. Católica & Inter Milan
    Thanks man :))
  4. Cable999

    Cable999 ProEvo CHAMP

    12 October 2004
    The Milky Way
    Can this be re-config to re-link wii kits

    (A question i always have in my head, the ps2 version is no longer on-line. Why do people still bother with the ps2 nowadays. Do people still go round each others house to play multi player. I thought nowadays its basically online play...?)
  5. phranck

    phranck Winning Eleven

    3 May 2011
    i dont have wii ... so i have no idea about it!! :)
    maybe if there is some tutorial about it or some people know how to edit it in hex, i will try it... :)

    yeah!! you are right .. nowdays its online play...
    but out there is still ps2 community, some of them are my friends and they just ask me to join it!!! :)
  6. Cable999

    Cable999 ProEvo CHAMP

    12 October 2004
    The Milky Way
    Cool bro, yeah the ps2 community is still alive proper. I still have a PS2 and remember those great days of Weamerica and co :))

    With the wii version their are tools which extract the image to the .bin filesand E_text folder and O_sound we are all used to, i tried importing the extratced files into DKZ studios 0.92. Which imports but the gfx files cant be opened due to encryption.

    Basically i'm thinking its just decrypting the files, the guy who created Game Graphic Studio was saying thru someone thats all whats needed. But i have no idea about that stuff

    I could remap the chants and menu music (which was a guessing game cos i didnt really know the map...) then rebuild the image and burn Which is easy. But its the decryption part.

    i could upload a few files e.g .bin files from the wii version, could you have a look?

    What you think?
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  7. phranck

    phranck Winning Eleven

    3 May 2011
    okay... i will try ... :)
  8. itraore86

    itraore86 Non-League

    26 December 2009
    Please somebody can edit this tool for SLES_556.57 (FR/DE) version of pes 2012 ps2.
    Sorry for my bad english i speak french.
  9. Fidel

    Fidel Non-League

    24 August 2012
    muy bueno

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