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    Konami (of Europe) has announced Pro Evolution Soccer Management (working title) which, er, as you can probably guess is a spin off from the PES series that kicks it into the football management genre. It's in development for PS2 and "enjoys compatibility with the hugely successful Pro Evolution Soccer 5", says Konami (of Europe).
    PES Management's being produced by Akiyoshi Chosokabe, a member of Shingo 'Seabass' Takatsuka's Pro Evolution Soccer development team, and we're told involves players to experience the highs and lows of managing a top-notch football club. You'll be able to manage any club from six European leagues and have to balance the day-to-day running of your chosen side, which includes the likes of player selection, training methods, and transfer dealings.

    Not surprisingly, you'll oversee every aspect of your team's performance. Coaching staff must be picked to help out too and PES 5's player database is being employed which you can scour for talent before singing on the dotted line. Data from Pro Evolution Soccer 5 can also be used in Management "for the creation of 'Dream Teams', which can then be swapped and used in both games", Konami reveals.
    Pro Evolution Soccer Management is due in 2006.

    Well that was totally un-expected!


    Im not sure whether it's a good idea or not. It's one of those games that are either going to be really good and abolutely crap.

    Couldn't they have just put this management mode into the next PES on the next gen consoles?

    All 3D match engine in management games that I know of are crap, lets hope this can change

    Looks like Konami decided to give us a taste of Winning Eleven Tactics :D
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