Possible lag and performance fix.

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  1. mydumpstinks

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    13 January 2007
    Coventry City
    I dont suffer myself but remembered this program making a difference to programs i have used over the years.

    Download Explorer Suite or CFF Explorer from here http://www.ntcore.com/exsuite.php
    Install and run.

    File menu top left, select open and browse your PC for pes2015.exe.

    Under nt headers click file header at the left, find Characteristics at the right, and click the Click here blue button.

    In the box that pops up tick the App can handle >2GB address space.

    Click OK. Save by clicking the disk icon or going to 'File -> Save.

    Overwrite the file when it asks you to.

    Copy and paste from the first time i found this.

    Cff explorer allows you to edit any exe, you can assign any exe more than 2gb ram, this works great for older stuff that uses less than 1gb standard, i would recommend giving this a go if you dont already know about it, It has made a significant increase in performance especially in windows 7 x64.

    Give it a go, you never know, it may make a difference :)
  2. policymaker

    policymaker League 2

    11 November 2010
    I dont think it has to do with that, but I would generally be very careful with things that tweak the .exe because it is a steam game now
  3. gimpymoo

    gimpymoo League 2

    24 October 2007
    The game does not utilise VAC so one can do whatever they want with the .exe

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