Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by bumfucker100, 5 December 2005.

  1. bumfucker100

    bumfucker100 Conference

    26 April 2004
    I cant seem to find any threads anywhere stating that anybody is creating an All british patch for Pes 5 PC i reekon this would be a great idea for all us english footie fans who are overlooked by konami by not supporting 1 of the world major powers I myself am a leicester fan , and i would love to see a patch where i could play with leicester or leeds etc, but also still keep the big teams like man utd chelsea Barca Etc. If anybody has an English patch or is creating 1 to be released soon please reply to this thread or contact me at thanks very much

    I eagerly await response!

  2. nihongo

    nihongo Guest

    I would love a patch to be released by Konami that allows teams to be added so you don't need to delete the other teams.......
    And it would be nice to have several divisions in the English league.
    I want more International teams......


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