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Playing WE10 +EL 06-07 on a PS3

Discussion in 'Winning Eleven' started by Alonso14, 9 March 2007.

  1. Alonso14

    Alonso14 Non-League

    9 March 2007
    Hi. Just bought the PS2 version of this game for my Jap PS3 until a next-gen version comes out. Is there any way of using an 'option file' to get player names in English etc. on a PS3? When I first loaded the game up, it made a kind of virtual memory card on the hard disk. If it is possible, can someone please tell me how to go about doing this (never used a patch/ option file for WE/ pro evo before), and whether I would need any extra hardware etc., or am I just stuck with the Japanese names? Thanks
  2. gmw

    gmw Non-League

    4 August 2005
    I'm curious about this too - thinking about buying a Japanese region PS3, and would like to get WE10 J.League +EL for the PS2 to tide me over until Konami get a PS3 version out.

    I'm used to simple downloading of option files, using a Max Drive to stick it on the PS2, etc.

    Is there any similar way to get option files onto the PS3?

    Cheers for any help!
  3. Alonso14

    Alonso14 Non-League

    9 March 2007
  4. petersmith5

    petersmith5 Conference

    7 September 2006
    Download as normal, tranfer maxdrive files onto ps2 mem cars via your ps2, then with the use of a ps2 to ps3 mem card adapter tranfer to ps3
  5. Alonso14

    Alonso14 Non-League

    9 March 2007
    Since I dont own a PS2 (and so neither a memory card nor adaptor), I was kind of hoping someone could do this and upload the .PSV file - not looking good at the moment!
  6. Noaxx

    Noaxx League 2

    18 October 2003
    I can't play Winning Eleven (JAP) games @ my PS3.
    I have a PAL PS3, thought it was region-free.....?!

    When inserting Winning Eleven (ntsc, jap) I get a region-error.


    Thanks in advance!
  7. petersmith5

    petersmith5 Conference

    7 September 2006
    The ps3 IS region free but only with PS3 games and BLU-RAY films
  8. Noaxx

    Noaxx League 2

    18 October 2003
    My Winning Eleven games are offical Playstation2 games, but @ my PS3 they won't work, sadly...
    Hopefully there will be an update soon.

  9. On The Edge of Insanity

    On The Edge of Insanity Conference

    26 November 2006
    No, there won't be an update. As the guy above said, PS3 is only region free for PS3 games. The PS1 and PS2 games have the region protection built into the disks and therefore you can only play games from the region of your machine. It is the same with DVDs too.
  10. ka747

    ka747 Non-League

    30 November 2004
    I am playing we10jl on a ps3 jap too.
    Is there a way to convert OF from ps2 format to ps3 format to upload it on the ps3 without the ps2/ps3 adapter?
    Is there someone that can upload a ps3 OF pleae...?
    thanx a lot

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