Player select button configuration at Playstation 2 Joypad on X-Box

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  1. Indian

    Indian Guest


    first of all i think the xbox version of Pro Evolution Soccer 4 is little better. dunno why i think it runs smoother. But it sucks to play it with the xbox controller. So i bought a Adapter for to hook up Playstation 2 controller. Everything works fine. i can setup everybutton on the playstation 2 joypad. Only one button is not possible to configure. Why ??

    I want to exchange

    "cursor change" (player select) and "Strategy/Att/Def"

    but each time i try to exchange them, the game give me the following message.

    -> Strategy and Attack/Defense mindedness controls can be assigned to white and black button etc....

    is it not possible to swap them ???????

    Thx Indian
  2. jw_2000_uk

    jw_2000_uk Guest

    It isnt m8,theres a thread on here about it somewhere.
  3. Zygalski

    Zygalski Ninja Samurai

    2 February 2003
    London, UK
    No way to swap them. You can try to get used to playing with them messed up. It really screws up your game. I wish I never bothered. xbox version is pants.
  4. hitmanuk

    hitmanuk Champions League

    23 October 2002
    I found it dead easy to convert over to xbox using a ps2 controller...excellent version in my oppinion
  5. Indian

    Indian Guest

    well i wouldnt have a ps2 but the xbox controller sucks.. but know i have hope .. but i am used to play with L1 for player select. It sucks that it is not possible to change the the two buttons :(
  6. Cloud1863

    Cloud1863 Premiership

    10 December 2004
    Stoke City
    agreed m8 very poor tbh cant wait till online with PES5 for PS2 :)
  7. JayM

    JayM International

    17 April 2004
    North Yorkshire
    What's your reasons for the Xbox version being crap? I mean other than the pitches it is the same as the PS2 version, if not better.

    You can't blame the game because you can't adapt to new controls, especially when the white and black buttons aren't used too often in PES4 and for when they are used they're easy enough to press.

    It might be different in PES5 with the controlled shot and all though.
  8. Christophe

    Christophe Champions League

    14 January 2005
    Hello to convert your save in Controlers PS2 you can used the French program of aganite which I put you here Modif PS2
    Sorry for my bad english :(
  9. rIKmAN

    rIKmAN League 2

    15 June 2003
    Manchester, UK
    I went to the hassle of resoldering my PES PS2 pad so that the L! and L2 buttons would be the right way around and it was great..

    I ended up using a standard PS2 pad when I went away for a while and after a couple of hours using L2 to change man and L1 to use strategies, I came back home to use my resoldered pad and was pressing L2 to change man and chip!

    The morale of the story is - stop moaning and give it a few hours!
    I`ve been playing PES since the days of the SNES and I managed to get used to it, so I`m sure most others can.

    Either that or sell your XBox and get a PS2 so u can play a cack version of it :)

    i am so sick of this crap ps2 pads are better bullshit
    play a game with me both of us with xbox pads enjoy the game and start playing football

    not playing ps2 pad is better than xbox version and stop useing that as an excuse when i kick your ass online

    i am so sick to the teeth with this redundant attitude
    fact is most people suck online all they do is tap ins and guess what? its the ps2 pad brigade and their shite skill
  11. rIKmAN

    rIKmAN League 2

    15 June 2003
    Manchester, UK
    What are you on about you muppet?

    What does it matter if people use a PS2 pad, an Xbox pad or a fookin dance mat for that matter - use whatever you feel comfotable with.

    As for tap-ins, they are scored a lot online, but if you don`t let them into a position to pass across and score it, they can`t - can they?

    I`d have a look at maybe your formation or strategies and stop moaning cos your getting beat - nobody moans about Arsenal passing the ball into the net, so I suggest you stop moaning about people scoring against you and do something practical about it.

    ie. Get practicing with your xbox pad.
  12. dark-prince

    dark-prince Non-League

    2 October 2004
    AC Milan & FC Barcelona
    its possible to match them guys, except for 1 wich means normally you change a player, by pressing l1 on ps2 pad, but this time l2, except for that all buttons can be changed, i use it all the time on my xbox for pes
  13. xdoktor

    xdoktor Non-League

    4 October 2005

    hey guys, interesting debate....
    surely the most important thing is that we

    does any know where i can get the button patch as mentioned in the above quote.....?
    Played this series for years...but when xbox vers came out, PES4, we migrated over to it purely because it could be played on our plasma tv's VGA inputs....WOW amazing picture quality!!
    during the summer my gang was playin WE9 PS2 (import!) and we all got used to the L1 player change again...what i'm saying is this the more you practice, the more natural the buttons become....We all still play with the shoot button on circle because we are all VERY OLD FiFa Players! haha

    just enjoy the game, what ever your button/pad preference...


  14. Christophe

    Christophe Champions League

    14 January 2005
    Hello I have to repair the link ;)
    Good game \\:o/
  15. So Solid Jedi

    So Solid Jedi Evo-Web's Jedi Knight

    30 August 2004
    London, UK
    I use this setup when playing PES 4 now due to the button config problem on the Xbox....

    :triangle: =Shoot
    :square: =Run
    :x: =Short Pass
    :circle: =Long Pass
    :l1: =Dribble
    :l2: =Thru Pass
    :r1: =Change Cursor
    :r2: =Strategy

    as opposed to this which was my usual setup for PES!

    :triangle: =Shoot
    :square: =Run
    :x: =Short Pass
    :circle: =Long Pass
    :l1: =Thru Pass
    :l2: =Dribble
    :r1: =Change Cursor
    :r2: =Strategy

    It works for me.....i am now so used to it that i went back and changed the button setup for all the PS1 and PS2 PES games i have.
  16. Bonessi

    Bonessi Guest

    haha, quality, that's pretty much what I use, except my dribble and strategy are the other way round
  17. hitmanuk

    hitmanuk Champions League

    23 October 2002
    I find it easy to get used to the PS2 pad on the XBOX and then just as easy to seitch back when i play it on the ps2 at friends....the only thing confusing me in pro evo 5 on the xbox is when i get a freekick it won't let me lay the ball off when doing a 2 man freekick. It used to be push down the right anaologue stick on PES4

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