PES5 Option Files?

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by Sub-Conscious, 21 September 2008.

  1. Sub-Conscious

    Sub-Conscious Conference

    3 September 2005
    I stopped playing PES about a week after PES2008 came out, it completely spoiled it for me.

    After almost a year absence I decided to re-install PES5, just wondering if there are any recent option files with this seasons teams and transfers in?

  2. BlueCladOne

    BlueCladOne Non-League

    27 October 2005
    Hulkamaphone's PES5 OF 08/09 v1.3 on the pesgaming site is the only one I've found.
  3. Mikey88

    Mikey88 Conference

    2 April 2006
    theres one coming out made by me real soon! Although it will only cover the EPL and Bundesliga, you will get most if not all of the real players, kits, faces, hair etc.. its not just an option file, its like an updated superpatch if you will. i'd say im about 90 percent done.. i'm going to post some screenshots soon as well.

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