PES2008 PS2 version is the lost game / video thread

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by geeeeee, 28 August 2017.

  1. Madmac79

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    11 September 2006
    I'm sure there is a Winning Eleven 2008 pc version too, but unfortunately it's based on the nefarious pc counterpart so it's no use. The version I'm talking about is Ps2 only, I've played it on Pcsx2 indeed. There are included more or less the whole european leagues/teams of Pes 2008, but it is mainly based on the J-League so it has the first and second japanese division and something ridiculous like a total of 60 stadiums (usual ones + Japan I guess). Unfortunately there aren't national teams (unless they are buried somewhere I couldn't find).

    Seems practically like the japanese version of Pes 2008 to me, except that as I told you above their top level doesn't seem on par with the european one. I see (at least from the bunch of games I did) weaker goalkeepers and defenses, even if the cpu attack is still formidable. Hopefully the other level would put all things right :) ?

    I would be really interested in exploring it more, but all the menus in japanese (even the players name!) are quite a barrier :( .
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  2. elaf

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    1 May 2011
    I'm still trying to find which file contains the 10, and 11th freekick animations , and the celebration animations (for example bebeto's baby) and replace in the pes6 or pes5, and test if works fine

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