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  1. hullybul

    hullybul Banned

    31 December 2003
    well as xbox 360 is officialy there, let's start to hope, gossip, gamble and sent thrue facts about when PES (and maybe even better WE) will be coming to this monsterly machine...
  2. ThomasGOAL

    ThomasGOAL Retired Footballer

    15 March 2003
    no PES or WE confirmed for X-Box 360 ;)
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  3. mustea

    mustea We & Pes Patch Maker

    13 November 2004
    img img img where ????
  4. hullybul

    hullybul Banned

    31 December 2003
    i know, but konami stated that they are making games for the monster already, so i can hardly imagine that they will NOT making at least a PES for it..
  5. martinja

    martinja Guest

    Konami hasnt talked either about PES5 for the PS2 or the xbox if I am correct
  6. cowden_harley

    cowden_harley MOANING PRICK

    3 October 2003
    Central Park
    Cowdenbeath FC
    Winning Eleven 9 is slated for a august release on ps2.
  7. fevernova

    fevernova Non-League

    2 August 2003

    accually there is, pes5 for xbox this nov pes6 for next gen no date yet

    sorry cant remember where i seen this thing it was ign or komi site i will try find link doesnt say much tho
  8. hullybul

    hullybul Banned

    31 December 2003
    well a few japanese publishers/gamemakers (also konami) talked about xbox360 and stated to make games for it.. so think pes will be there
  9. JayM

    JayM International

    17 April 2004
    North Yorkshire
    I'm expecting nothing more than a 3D crowd and more detailed stadiums with better grass (they'll probably smooth up the graphics and increase the poly count a little too IMO).

    The biggest increse though will be in player movement with all the extra memory and power they'll have no problems fitting in truck loads of new animations.
  10. biggash

    biggash Conference

    12 February 2005
    The Hoops
    after looking at ps3 i couldnt stop laughfing at the state of their controller its like a bomerrang or sumthing but ps3 will have better graphics as it will have a 550 MHz graphics processor seing that xbox 360 has a 500 MHz graphics processor not much a differnce tho;)
  11. rickyroma

    rickyroma Non-League

    1 August 2003
    Just hurry up and get one out ! Id kill for pro evo 5 in time for christmas on the xbox360. I just want to play the best footbhall game going in high definition and looking beautiful.

    I think it would be a huge mistake not to have a 360 version for christmas , although I wont be surprised if they hold it back for the ps3 or eve both at some point next year.
    If they do that though it means we wont get to play it till at least next september
  12. martinja

    martinja Guest

    And no slowdowns like on the PS2 :) WE/PES on the X360 or on the Ps3. Drool
  13. hullybul

    hullybul Banned

    31 December 2003
  14. milosh

    milosh Non-League

    28 August 2003
    not really...

    Xbox360's GU has 48 pipelines, and if you know much about graphic cards it means A LOT!!! (for reference, current generation of graphic cards including the latest ATI and NVIDIA models have "only" 16 pipelines, so imagine what is possible with 4 times that)

    Sony was pretty quiet on that topic and there's speculation that it will have "only" up to 32, most likely 24 pipelines.

    We'll see who takes the crown as graphically better. It will probably take years to know for sure, but until then, who cares. :)

    PES/WE on 360/PS3, I don't know, judging on what EA presented with FIFA next gen, it looks HELLA' GOOD. With PES/WE I recon there will be HUGE difference on all departments, starting with graphics, to mechanics, sound, controls etc... (XBOX 360 controller has 4 shoulder buttons by the way :), and PS3 controller does look ridiculous to me)

    Bad thing is, FIFA is coming out on next gen THIS year, whilst PES/WE won't be there until end of 2006. With such an advantage (I'm afraid) only an idiot wouldn't make a better game. On the other hand, with EA you never know. Lazy bastards!!!
  15. cowden_harley

    cowden_harley MOANING PRICK

    3 October 2003
    Central Park
    Cowdenbeath FC
    As interesting as the specs are, its all about how good it is to work with as well. If developers can work with the stuff well then that will be what makes or breaks the console. Personally I cant wait ive started saving already for my XBOX 360 and HI-DEF TV. The demos (running on apple macs NOT the real thing) looked amazing and things can only get better (please dont sing) as the final hardware progresses.

    I think gameplay has to remain the focus as nice as hi-def textures are id be happy for a medium graphic update and some quality gameplay in the interim than sparkling graphics but sh*t to play and graphics develop as it goes on.

    I have to say FIFA 06 looks like FIFA 05(the pc version) with grass textures!!!! FIFA LAZY B*STRDS - Ill agree with that.

    I cant wait to see some hi-def xbox 360 pes action, think how amazing it will be. I remember seeing PES for the ps2 for the first time (ahh the memories) i hope it has that awe factor again. Nevermind WE9 for the meantime.
  16. Sunrise

    Sunrise Guest

    PES on next-gen, the new handhelds. I hope I'll never get bored of this game :)

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