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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by henry14saim, 6 August 2007.

  1. henry14saim

    henry14saim Conference

    20 August 2006
    Hello. incase you dont no you can view the pro evolution soccer trailer on
  2. ibu2003

    ibu2003 Competition Killer

    2 August 2003
    Newcastle United
  3. BigErn

    BigErn Non-League

    6 November 2003
    Sheffield, UK
    interesting that they look like they are all now wearing skin tight leathery looking kits :( hope they get that sorted out before release!
  4. Wlionheart

    Wlionheart Non-League

    27 March 2006
    They didn't show any in-game action!

    Looks pretty good tho.
  5. f to the vipe

    f to the vipe that's great

    8 July 2005
    FC Porto
    Love that there's a proper stepover drible now! Freakin finally!!

    The animations and graphics look nice

    Holy shit look how ronaldo's shirt reacts as he runs!! KONAMI, FINALLY ARRIVES TO NEXT GEN!!
    Last edited: 7 August 2007
  6. tekkan

    tekkan League 2

    19 September 2006
    UK / Manchester
    Manchester United
    there is gameplay action in the background...look closely
  7. depone4pro

    depone4pro Non-League

    4 April 2006
    Fulham FC
    what i love is this first move that has been shown in that trailer... its the one ronaldo and quaresma and the like always use to change direction very quickly. Really confuses the defence aswell!
  8. LDD

    LDD League 2

    2 August 2005

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