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PES 4 Online Vs PES 2009 Online

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by gimpymoo, 22 October 2008.

  1. gimpymoo

    gimpymoo League 2

    24 October 2007
    Which is better?

    Maybe my mind deceives me but I remember PES4 online being pretty good on the whole?

    Am I right or wrong?
  2. jonnyluvrod

    jonnyluvrod Championship

    9 August 2005
    What a ridiculous question and pointless topic to start a thread on....:RANT:
  3. devill_sfc

    devill_sfc Conference

    2 November 2007
    i didnt play pes4..but pes5 was really good in online mode (no lags)
  4. Neoexodus

    Neoexodus SLB Juve Barça Arsenal

    8 November 2007
    What a ridiculous answer and pointless post to start a disscussion on ....

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