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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by martyl2, 21 September 2017.

  1. martyl2

    martyl2 League 1

    27 February 2010
    Tyrone, Ireland
    For all the ongoing debate regarding the current issues in PES 2018 I figured I would create a thread about what people like about PES 2018 and things that have improved in previous iterations.

    So post your thoughts below. Maybe it will inspire people to look at the game a little differently.
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  2. steveee

    steveee League 2

    17 March 2003
    ok... well for me the biggest positive I can give this game.. is that out of the box it is twice as good as FIFA 18 out of the box. for those of us who play lot of online... FIFA use to be the game of choice but not anymore PES has taken it over in terms of online play imo I hear a lot of talk about sliders but unfortunately sliders do not come in to play in the online world.. at least not yet. And therefore if you want the closest to realism when playing 1 v 1 or with others online.. PES is easily the game of choice this year and it's not even close.

    the other positives in this game are this

    -tactics and formations make a big impact on the game between others.. you can actually counter others online on how they are playing you and what formation they are using. and it makes a big difference. If you are good at using tactics it will make you better when competing against others for sure more so than FIFA..

    -I think dribbling in this game is really great... and the player likeness and feel of when your controlling them is very noticeable

    -another thing that is great and best in this game is actually being able to make a good volley off a cross or one -timer type of shots... the way this is done in PES is the best...

    -another thing that is great in this game is the wow moments of things like when I hit the cross bar the other day with aquero... shot straight down and bounced up and hit the bar again... it was so awesome I didn't even score but there is times like this that something special happens in the game that you hit replay to see it again.. moments like this just don't happen in FIFA... it's hard to describe but I think you guys know what I'm talking about

    -lastly.. I can't forget to mention the 3 v 3 co op mode.. this mode is now one of the best mode in sports gaming period. I use to think Pro clubs was but I think this mode in PES is better now.. maybe it's because I'm still new to it so I think that.. but for now I will say this is the best multiplayer mode in all of sports gaming for me.

    -pace of game flow is perfect.. not to slow.. not to fast.. I think this is perfect

    -the manual keeper is great.. and to be able to use this in online co op and 1 v 1 is something FIFA should take notice in... it's great the way it works in PES and probably the best manual keeper for sports video game ever besides the old NHL 94 95 days on Sega Genesis

    -for a competitive 1 v 1 esports video game type of experience.. this is probably the best sports game on the market at the moment for this imo why is that you may ask? it's because this game will almost always reward the better player that particular match the victory more so than all other sports games.

    ps. I think Konami should be smart and one up EA and create the option to create online leagues next year.
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  3. Topaz

    Topaz Programmer/TheAwesomeGem

    21 October 2011
    United States
    Chelsea, Spain
    For me, it has to be the dribbling and the overall pace of the game. It feels perfect and you can distinguish players easily when it comes to dribbling as they all seem to have their own identity with the ball. Also the player models and graphics looks pretty sweet too and some of the AI attacking movement.
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  4. steveee

    steveee League 2

    17 March 2003
    I agree with all of that.. I forgot to include the pace of the game so I'm adding it to my list now so thanks. That is for sure one of the biggest positives to me that i have to include in my post. Konami got this right and they should not change from it going forward
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  5. martyl2

    martyl2 League 1

    27 February 2010
    Tyrone, Ireland
    Yeah the dribbling is excellent. I like how in PES you are always in control of your dribbles, so much so, that it hinges on your skill at the game on how good you are at keeping the ball without being dispossessed. FIFA on the other hand is more random in this regard.
  6. rockstrongo

    rockstrongo International

    25 August 2006
    Can't remember when I had so many different sorts of goals in a game
    Being able to win a scramble in front of goal and getting the ball in
    And the wow moments.
    Plenty of those
    This game is really good played right
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  7. Deco

    Deco International

    7 September 2012
    Leeds United
    It's not fifa . . .. . .. .The cover looks nice.. . . . .. .. .. . .joking, the fact that you have to think more about your next move. . . .love the goalies .. . and the dribbling is very effective for creating space.
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  8. xicpanad

    xicpanad Championship

    27 March 2009
    Apart from all the things already said, there´s one "under the hood" thing that I love about PES. It´s deepness. The game looks arcaic at first glance, few options in ML etc... But once you start getting deeper and deeper in ML, understanding tactics and applying diferent styles of play along each season, choosing the right substitute for each position and function, the game really gets under your skin, and it´s like you feel a conection with the team your playing with. At least that´s what I feel, and one of the things that keeps me coming back for more.
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