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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by Paterson, 10 April 2017.

  1. Alx1234

    Alx1234 League 1

    26 July 2018
    thanks. i have settled for nesa + pes galaxy patch. [i have given up on smoke patch and have fifa 18 if I want to satisfy that world cup itch.]

    i have improved the stutter situation - not enough for me to take my PC team online without expecting issues but enough for me to say that my time in 2018 MyClub was not wasted because I can play a satisfying game vs COM after Alt-tabbing every so often.
  2. Alx1234

    Alx1234 League 1

    26 July 2018
    Hi @incas36 .

    I've just been through some older threads on evo-web - [btw the amount of work guys like you and nesa do for the game is insane. Respect to that]

    II dabbled with cpk in the past but after reading your threads I can tell I did it in random order without understanding what I was the graphic below in the correct order?

    Also, do you know where I can get nesa's broadcast gameplay tool for PES 2018 - all I find is dead links - and in what position would it go in the cpk?

    Thank you

  3. Alx1234

    Alx1234 League 1

    26 July 2018
    Can anybody help me out here?

    I've had a look at the threads but still not certain?

    The thought of having to experiment/trial and error to get this to work - especially after literally days/months of doing this with past PES' - just pushes me to look elsewhere for my gaming fix

    EDIT : Forget it - I've sorted it with a bit of experimentation. Thanks anyways
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  4. baguettos

    baguettos Championship

    19 November 2016
    Just saw this one - for future reference:

    any hard crash after adding new cpk; reorder them, regenerate the list helps. New cpk still crashing; maybe it is corrupt.

    gameplay stuff like dt18 mods; best to back up original dt18 (just rename it) and add new one into the /Data folder.
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