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PES 2015 PATCH 1.03 Your Experiences please...

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC, PS2, PSP, Wii, DS' started by psvkoen, 12 February 2015.

  1. psvkoen

    psvkoen Non-League

    4 July 2007
    Hey Guys,

    Just played some games after the 1.03 update and PES15 feels like a more difficult game for me...

    Please share the things that you found out that they changed in this patch 1.03 so we can get more wins against com-controlled teams!

    What i found out is that it works that you mark players before a game if you play on Super Star level. The defensive players are more close on the com-players than before. In previously patches you could easily win without marking players.

    For my feeling the improved the saves rate of the goalkeepers, what in my opinion is a good thing. And i think the improved the lofted pass system for crosses. This because when i played a game in ML a non controlled player received a cross from the side and he heads it to the selected player at the second post who scored the goal. I never made this kind of goals in the previously patches...

    I'm very intrested in what you guys find out and if you are statisfied with the changes that they made...
  2. buonnguqua

    buonnguqua Non-League

    27 September 2007
    Don't you have any friend to play this game offline together ?

    Patch 1.03:
    Nerf R2 shoot
    Nerf L1 + Triangle
    Reduce delay time of shotpass animation,
    Reduce R3 change cursor delay input
    COM still the same, normal form, I still win COM Superstar 3-0 easily
  3. Centurion

    Centurion Conference

    2 October 2013
    It seems a little faster sometimes and I'm having to grind out results a lot more. This is in ML. I haven't played much lately though.
  4. iancurtis

    iancurtis I love this game!

    29 August 2007
    Porto, Portugal / Paulo Afonso, Brasil
    F. C. Porto
    konami FU. u spoiled the game. bad gameplay with this shiiittt 1.03! more speed, more arcade more robot game more unrealistic game!
    Last edited: 19 February 2015
  5. Retrogott3

    Retrogott3 Conference

    9 October 2014
    is there a way to play on 1.02 again? i mostly play offline, so this 1.03 gameplay kills it for me..its so shaky...
  6. Topaz

    Topaz Programmer/TheAwesomeGem

    21 October 2011
    United States
    Chelsea, Spain
    Bad, really bad experience.
  7. iancurtis

    iancurtis I love this game!

    29 August 2007
    Porto, Portugal / Paulo Afonso, Brasil
    F. C. Porto
    yep. its bad playing with arcade robot speedest and unreallistic spacial, tiny and old gameplay, 1.03 exe.

    u can play with 1.02 and dlc 3.00, just copy 1.02 to your pes folder and enjoy the greatest gameplay!
  8. skickahit10

    skickahit10 League 2

    22 October 2011
    La Su├ęde
    AC Milan
    how do you reverse back to 1.02 - i.e. where can I find the exe? I play with Steam.
  9. iancurtis

    iancurtis I love this game!

    29 August 2007
    Porto, Portugal / Paulo Afonso, Brasil
    F. C. Porto
    Change only the dlls and EXE of 1.02

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